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With the world in peril, four teens make the situation worse.
The Chosen Few, Tagline

The Chosen Few is a Beat ‘em up, RPG, being developed by BitGears and distributed by Nintendo, Sony and Steam for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC.

The Chosen Few chronicles the journey of a young teenager known as Basil, who with his friends being Lane, Tyler and Lloyd must attempt to save the world by trying to track down the source of all of the monster’s tomfoolery and destroy it for good. A teenager can be controlled by one player with multiple players allowing up to 4 to control each teenager to beat up enemies and solve problems in every town that they visit.


The Chosen Few is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up, that has elements of Role Playing Games incorporated into the gameplay. Rather than a level select menu, an open hub world is used instead which is a small survivor camp that the boys reside in, differing for each town and location. The hub world features shops that the player can enter to buy items from the money earned from completing tasks and defeating enemies. A small gamemode known as Chosen Royale allows players to battle each other in a small arena until there is only one group or player remaining, which unlocks special weapons and character cosmetics. The Chosen Few allows up to four players to join at anytime locally, however online requires every player to be ready before starting a journey. Progression usually works through how far the player has progressed through the game and where the main party leader is in the story is where all the players play. Experience is gained through defeating enemies and bosses, which allow the player to level up their certain teenagers abilities; cash is earned by the same way as experience and allows the player to buy certain weapons, support items and cosmetic appearances. In game, the teenagers have a health bar that if drained, downs the teenager, ending the game in single player but in multiplayer, allows the player to either pick up their unconscious body and use them as a weapon to wake them up or revive them. Underneath the health bar is a special ability bar, which shows how many times the teenagers can use their last resort ability.


Introducing the four main characters, a tired but ready-looking Basil can be seen in his school uniform playing his guitar whilst not eating breakfast, but chewing a piece of gum. A confident, proud Lane can be seen combing his hair and sorting out his uniform, while tapping his foot to music that he’s listening to, a gloomy Lloyd sloppily just gets out of bed before huffing and Tyler, singing in the shower in the midst of smoke coming from his kitchen, because he burnt his toast. Each of these teens then meet up by the local shops, each standing in their own position before they head off to school. While snacking on their sweets and drinks they bought from the shops, a massive beacon is lit a few towns away that is easily spottable, each of them get an emergency message about evacuating major cities and hiding in smaller places. Despite this, the boys ignore the beacon and their phones, and carry on walking towards school. Whilst walking, the boys realise that they're lost and in the woods as the pavement was somehow forcefully moved into the woods.


Basil is the leader of his own little group, who tends to be more aggressive than the others. After accidentally getting one of the people that know about the monsters killed, he is tasked with a big objective, being to take down all of the monsters by going to the source of the evil. How to get there, no one knows, therefore Basil must drag his friends along for a journey of a lifetime. Basil is rather careless in how he acts, usually always ending himself up in trouble which led to even more, which made Basil a bit quiet in some situations but still didn’t stop him from being a bit cocky. Although being a bit unlikeable, he still is given company by his friends that can deal with his idiocy. Being a person that always plans ahead and thinks about every situation, Basil always for some reason has a way out of a situation. In combat, Basil always uses his own guitar that even after being absolutely hammered, is still able to be played. In dire situations, he unleashes a quick swift throw of spit which usually does nothing but agitates the enemy.

Lane is one of Basil’s friends and their little first-aider in the small group. Rather than aggressive, he is relatively calm and understanding and tends to act more aware of his surroundings and attempts to stop Basil from messing it all up, which makes Lane careful. Being considered to ladies a charmer, Lane can talk his way out of situations (or just bribe them). When in combat, Lane uses his own bass guitar that he cherishes so he takes care of it when attacking. In dire situations when it does break, he uses his shoe.

Tyler is a friend of Basil, and is one of the most stealthiest out of all four of them. Ironically, he is rather loud and cocky towards everyone however that doesn’t stop him from actually knowing what’s going on. Considered the smart one out of the group, he usually points out all of the mistakes in any plan. In combat, similarly to Basil he also, uses a guitar to attack everyone else but prefers to use anything he can find ranging from a glass bottle to a brick. In desperate situations where Tyler has nothing and can find nothing, he’ll attack with his blazer inside his backpack.

Lloyd is an aquantise of Basil, where usually he is seen as the mopey one. He usually is the most manipulatable and usually has a short temper. Being rather separate to the others, Lloyd tends to keep to himself however can be loud mouthed goofball now and then. In combat, Lloyd uses drumsticks that he keeps in his bag and also can also pick up small objects and throw them. In desperate situations where there is nothing, Lloyd rushes and headbutts the opponents.

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