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The Bluebird Augury, also known as the 2020 "Unten" series, is a trilogy of games acting as a reimagining of both That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember (the Unten series) from the Fantendoverse, and the Prodigy series of the New Fantendoverse. Serving as the first fragment of the Fantendoverse τ, The Bluebird Augury was developed by a group of Fantendo users and directed by .peachfuz (tbc), who wanted to rework the concept of a "Zeon trilogy" of games as a baseline for the Fantendoverse τ.

The Bluebird Augury follows Unten Baraenion, an anxious nomadic Beorn, and his five-year journey on the planet of Zeon to defeat Doomulus Grime, a mechanical mastermind with an endless artillery of destruction, and prevent the Doomuli creature from robbing the planet of its resources and harming the people on it. Joined by a colorful cast of friends and foes, the three games follow Unten's countless rises and falls, as the begrudging hero tries to fulfill the intangibly-impossible prophecy of him vanquishing Grime, despite his lack of power and competency.

While The Bluebird Augury takes direct inspiration from Prodigy, the series adds, removes, and reimagines dozens of the original trilogy's elements, as a means of creating a fresh experience, although it stays true to the original idea in Prodigy that Unten is meant to be an unconfident, incompetent hero figure who doesn't win as much as he loses.


Series Summary

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In the year 2010, The Doomuli, an imperialistic race of creatures-turned-androids conquering planets across the galaxy, assign Doomulus Grime, an ex-Missyntile underling wielding a sentient sword named Imperium, his first ever mission; to conquer Zeon, a tropical, diversity-rich planet. Zeon is the only known habitat of the Beorns, a species of anthropomorphic bear-adjacent aliens with colorful abilities, and is home to species such as the feline Catoneans, the slender Siandralls, the robotic the Narobi-Trons, and tribes of Zeonian humans, among others.


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Notable Characters

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Unten Tau.png
Planet Zeon's favorite Beorn boy in blue, an anxious nomad nestled in the Zeonian wilderness. Once a traveler with nowhere to call home, Unten found a calling he didn't ask for in a Baraenion tribe prophecy, foretelling that he would be the one to vanquish the technological evils brought upon Zeon by Doomulus Grime. With the weight of his world's safety looming over him, Unten takes up the role as a reluctant hero figure, clashing with Grime despite his anxieties surrounding being seen as a hero.
A Catonean woman, the adoptive daughter of the Baraenion tribe's Chief. Zerita is the abrasive, sassy foil to Unten's reserved nature, as a much more hands-on fighter and warrior. Her competence in battle, coupled with her confidence as a leader and hero, makes her a much better leader figure than Unten, but she prefers to sit back and let him take the reins. Despite her brash nature, Zerita is a bundle of emotional withdrawal and insecurity, alleviated by the close relationship she forms with Unten and Abbaye.


  • "The Bluebird Augury" is named after the bluebird, a species of bird that is known for being a symbol of eternal prosperity and happiness, and the "augury" (prophecy) that tells of Unten's heroic actions.


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