The Alternate Fantendoverse is an alternative timeline of the Fantendoverse. The timeline begins immediately after the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered in which the Fantendoverse was reconstructed. Due to the circumstances, a branched timeline occurs and either the events within the New Fantendoverse or the Alternate Fantendoverse take place.

The concept was originally proposed by JakeBrock, Jasper, and Marina.

Main Writers

Anyone may become a writer to the Alternate Fantendoverse given that they are willing to comply to the already established canon and are generally approved of by the rest of the crew.



A dictator on a developing planet is having a large-scale war against surrounding countries on the planet. His objective subject neighboring countries to his corrupt agenda. There is a resistance, made up of many heroes from the Fantendo canon, who attempts to stop his plan. In the end, much of the world is victim to a nuclear apocalypse. There are many survivors across the land which bloom into civilizations, attempting to recover over a few years.

Similarly, there is an apocalypse on the planet of Zeon. Unten is one of few survivors, and ends up on the planet recently victim to the great war. Plots from the survivors of the late dictator's military begin to brew and familiar Fantendoverse characters begin to appear.


All of the characters listed below have significance or make appearances to the Alternate Fantendoverse at some point in some way. Inclusion usually is not canon to their series themselves.


Listed below are all of the planets which important events take place on in the Alternate Fantendoverse.
  • (Unnamed Planet) ~ A planet which a very large-scale and merciless war, which eventually ends in a nuclear fallout. Unten lands on this planet.
  • Zeon ~ The planet was destroyed before the first game in the original timeline of the Fantendoverse, thus it can be inferred that the same thing happened to it as in other alterations of the Fantendoverse.
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