The All-Star's

The All-Stars is a fan-fiction and (soon to be) comic book series featuring many well known characters from video-games, TV shows & Anime, ect.


The chain of balance is disturbed in the Multiverse and causes a Dimension known as Dimension 0000 to be created, many universes become involved in this conflict and are unwillingly transported to the dimension, where a huge galactic brawl issues.

Chapters / Acts

Act Title Description Writer
Act 01 Chain of Balance is Broken

The Sage that keeps the Multiverse safe witnesses the Chain of Balance destroyed, and is confronted by a warped force that causes an intergalactic war.

Introducing Characters: The Old Sage

RushingZ (tbc)
Act 02 Beginning of a War

The intergalactic war has begun and many Universes become involved, starting with Universe 0616. The Civil War in the Universe of Marvels only fuels up the power of the Dark force, causing it to create a collision of various Universes.

Introducing Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark

RushingZ (tbc)
Act 03

The Conflict Begins now

TBA RushingZ (tbc)
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