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The case of the game.

The Adventures of Zimm is a puzzle/action/adventure game. It is also a Zelda-style RPG. It is a Wii and DS Ultra game. You play as Zimm, an unusual Zingy (his species), on an adventure to beat the evil Cring.


The puzzle part of the game is like the Zelda series. However, the action/adventure part is like the Mario series. There are no items in the game, either.


The opening begins with the screen looking at a night sky. Then, it goes to the Smarter Ones' temple. The 1st Smarter One says "Darkness has come. We need a hero." then, the 2nd 'Smarter One' says "But who is brave enough to fight the darkness?" then the 1st Smarter One says "Someone....who is great, but doesn't realize it." then, 2nd says "Who is that?" then, 1st says "....Zimm."

Then, the title screen is shown.

Then, Zimm is seen sleeping. His alarm clock then goes off. "Meeeaaaapppsss!" screams zimm in fear (Zimm cannot actually talk). Then, he walks out of his house.

Then, in his mind, he hears a voise that says, "Come to the Smarter Ones' temple...." Then, Zimm looks at the temple. He then walks into the temple. "Zimm. You have come." the 1st Smarter One says.

"I was the one who spoke in you're voice."  Says the 3rd Smarter One. "You must save us from the Dark Fog..You are strong, but you just don't know it." says the 1st Smarter One. "Weep?!?" (I'm strong?!?) asks Zimm.

"Yes, you are." says the 4th smarter one. "Bewwp, teep tree top! (but, but im not strong!)" says Zimm. "Yes, you are. You will find out that you are strong. Belive in yourself. Now, go save us from the darkness!" says the 1st Smarter One. "Reee'b yer teb keed! (I'll do my best!)" says Zimm. Then, the game starts.



Cring's appearance

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