The Abulinov Party is a mostly Russian gang founded by ProxyCyanide, which is interesting since the group was known to be an extremely successful army, who runs their own senate, and is most importantly, special to the group, and this is the case, because the group has their own senate, and notable high ranking members might've included certain important positions in their army. They might also get involved in extremely risky challenges, like doing dangerous things, such as using very strong firearms, and most importantly, guns, and they often use plenty of weaponry. They often used assault rifles and machine guns.

Their challenges were also extremely violent, often involving live criminals, zombies, and even grunts, so and members often killed zombies as their surprises, and this is suprising, since you can tell from the group's origins in ROBLOX alone. They often operated in numerous challenges, such as many people being involved in certain things, although there are plenty of members which were most likely involved in certain stuff, there are in fact, notable members of this group, although ProxyCyanide chose to hide the links from the public, but they're still available on FANDOM after that time, so ZenUsha decided to not give the character's links, although you can technically search them up. Members originate from mostly Russian ancestry, although American and French people can sometimes be members of the group, sometimes holding high rank positions, and especially the importance of the group might've impressed the Harkonian Royal Family as Christian Harkonian V allied with them possibly earlier. They do run their own senate, with high ranking officials which are involved in certain things.


Membership is only accepted when the character is at least 17 years old, and they can be friendly as well, notable members of the group might include these people which were most certainly involved, such as Konstantin Novochelymov, and Andrey Andrikov. Most importantly, they can be involved in certain topics, such as politics, and certain members have been known to be extremely skilled in marksmanship.

This group is only dedicated to warfare only, since you can tell from their roots, since most people from the group have Russian ancestry. They have accepted American and French participants to join, and most importantly, granted people access to extra stuff, such as certain member's ideas, for certain paragraphs. 


The group was founded in 1940, when Sergey Aleksandrovich Bordorkov founded the group over fears of the USSR threatening to assassinate him. Ownership passed down from person to person, by elections. After the 2007 election, ProxyCyanide gained power of the group, simply renamed it after his surname, then the group appeared like that today. There were 5 predecessors to ProxyCyanide himself, and they are listed right here.

  • Sergey Aleksandrovich Bordorkov (1940-1967)
  • Andrey Yuryevich Shadansky (1967 - 1980)
  • Nikolay Timofeyevich Medylenyev (1980 - 1991)
  • Aleksandr Anatolyevich Poldenkov (1991 - 2007)
  • Mikhail Fedorovich Hadorokov (2001 - 2007)
  • Nikolay Tragilovich Abulinov (incumbent)

Elections were held recently, but ProxyCyanide was granted unlimited terms as leader of the group after the 2011 election for the group itself.


Role Name
Main High Ranks

ProxyCyanide, Avgustin Stalzhorev, Dmitry Svaletsky, Nikolai Sovkhariyenko

Chairman of the Warfield Lev Cheyshantyev
Chairman of the Storodum Nikolai Vrekaminov
Communist Assistant Anatoly Chenidoyan
Revivor of Romanov Nikolai Soduchenko, Andrey Stalazhnikov
Minister of Industry Vyacheslav Delyurenko
Minister of Pokemon Anatoly Aparkov
Associate of the Duma Ruslan Vyudashmin-Sherebryenko
General Secretary of the party Nikolai Metkhanilensky

Political roles


They have their own regions, but the Kalashnikovsky oblast, the Pavloviktorovsky oblast, and the Poldenkovsky oblast are governed by ProxyCyanide himself. Each other region has an ambassador, (only to act a relationship between the other region as well)

List of Oblasts that are controlled
Name Governor
Khrushchev Oblast Aleksey Maldezhka
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