It was a stormy night, worst time to be about. There once was a sword that could handle time itself- It was the Sword of Time. Many went out looking for it, and none returned. Anyone that used it could rewind time, fast forward it, or even destroy it. No one knew where it was. Theories believed that the Sword of Time was hidden, in a cave. Others conclude that It's invisible, to prevent anyone from using it. This sword, which controls time, has many counterparts. There's a Sword of Darkness, which turns anything it touches to darkness. There's also a Sword of Light.

It can reverse the effect that the Sword of Darkness can cause. These 3 swords are all hidden around the world. If someone was to claim them, they would have the power to rewrite worlds. When all three swords are placed together, the unit holding it would be invincible. Not a single body could find a single sword, so the planet thought it would never happen. They were wrong. The Sword of Time was found by Metal Flame, one of Metak Mairu's assistants. It was all over the news. No one could believe it. The sword's powers were given to Metal Flame. He could now control time with just one slice of the sword. With it, he could revised the world. All the persons on the planet knew about it. They couldn't do anything about it. Metal Flame went to the highest building he could find. There, he started forming a Time Hole. A hole that was vast in size formed. The portal was very unstable, making only users of the sword pass it. A bright beam of light surged through the sky, and ended up hitting the sword itself. The portal could not stay stable due to the sword being attacked and collapsed on itself.

Metal Flame was furious. He sent out a large metal ball right in the path of the attacker. The attacker was Diamond, the dimension-bending hero. Diamond and Metal Flame could not stand each other. Without notice, Diamond sent out yet another beam of light that was in Metal Flame's path. He shielded himself with the sword, which began to crack from the tremendous amount of energy that was brought to it. From the sword leaked a black fluid. That black fluid began to melt the building it was laying on. The fluid melted through anything it touched. At this rate, it will cause the Earth to implode. Diamond could not let this happen. The only thing that could deactivate the dark fluid's melting abilities would be the fluids from another sword, perhaps the Sword of Light. Diamond went in search of the sword. Metal Flame wasn't that surprised, in the past he screwed things up beyond fixing capabilities. He once blew up an entire galaxy. Metal Flame returned to his boss, Metak Mairu. He was not amused. "Be gone, young fighter, you couldn't even follow your orders. I bring pity on you." Metak said in a deep voice. "I knew this would be too much for a weak Metallic Member. I shall bring up one of my trained members, perhaps Metal Madness could do a better job." Metal Madness woke after hearing his name. Metak explained what he had to do. Metal Madness accepted his task, and left. Meanwhile, Diamond could not believe her eyes. She finally found the Sword of Light.

It's brightness was blinding. When Diamond touched it, the sword grew to a brighter light. She pulled it out of the rock. She then ran back to where the spill happened. When she was half way there, Metal Madness approached her. It's feet was the size of a car. Diamond tried out the sword by slicing the machine in half. There was a beam of brightness, which then dimmed down. The machine was not responding. It was game over for Metal Madness. When Metak got the report of his robot pet being destroyed, he was furious. Diamond stopped the dark fluid from going any further. The world was saved, or so they thought. They had no idea that the Sword of Darkness was in the hands of the Golden Gang, which was currently planning something. The leader was Raichu, or sometimes known as Deadly Red, and no, he was not the cute Pokemon, he was the destroyer of worlds. He has been waiting with great patience, until now. He decided to unleash the wrath of the Sword of Darkness today, then he sliced waves of darkness towards cities and towns, causing them to get sucked up in voids. This awoke a new hero, which was named Hero 64, a evil fighting robot that has been sleeping under the Earth for a thousand years, waiting for the next user of the Sword of Darkness. At that moment, a beam of light shot from the ground. The robot rose from the ground.

It located the sword with it's GPS. Raichu, which was busy slicing dark voids into towns, did not know that the robot was looking for him. Diamond sensed the strong cut in the dimension that our galaxy was in. She traveled back, and noticed the Sword of Darkness in the hands of the leader of the Golden Gang. Raichu spotted her, and used shock. The shock missed by a long shot, instead, it bounced of a window, returning to Raichu. He shielded himself with the sword, which did not break. Instead it did something no one thought it could, it revived the other two swords. Each sword connected to the other, making the most powerful sword ever, the Sword of Chaos. That sword was in the hands of Raichu, who became invincible, as long as he has his sword. "No one can stop me from finishing my plans!" He said in a very powerful voice. His gang came to his side. They were named the Gold Smasher and the Golden Gem. Diamond was surprised. She went up to Raichu, and tried to blast him down. Raichu was not effected, and shot her down with his Power Cannon. She fell to the ground with great speed. Hero 64 saved her right before she crashed. They decided to team up. The robot's chest opened, reveling a Control Panel. Diamond jumped in the robot, doubling it's powers. Diamond took control of Hero 64. Raichu was full of joy until the robot shot at him with his cannon. He dropped the sword, and became mortal again. Hero 64 captured the sword, which was shining with greatness. He split it apart again, making separate swords. He then shot them into space. Diamond jumped out of the robot and punched Raichu! After he was defeated, he was brought to justice. Diamond returned to her dimension, and Hero 64 powered off. Life was like how it was before.

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