Teun and Hera are a pair of criminals that escaped from the European Iron Gate Asylum and took over the Iron Gate Asylum for themselves. They are a criminal couple that have a famed handcuffed fighting style. The characters were created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a mirror of Unten and Rachel's relationship and to add more lower-end villainous characters.

Teun and Hera are a criminal couple that formerly were part of the Iron Gate Asylum, with Hera being a former warden there before becoming convicted herself after attempting to free Teun from the asylum.


Teun's Appearance

Teun is a black Beorn with grey fur highlights on his hands, feet, and stomach. He wears a red chain around his neck, usually connected to Hera's wrist or a 15 pound weight. He has crimson red teeth and red star eyes. His ears are pointed. Despite being a Terran Beorn, Teun shows no sign of excess Spewage. He has red bandages wrapped around his stomach, arms, and legs.

Hera's Appearance

Hera is a white woman with black hair and green eyes. She is notably very large compared to Teun and is generally heavier in her build compared to Rachel Harel. She is usually wearing prison clothes, with either her white tank showing with her prison uniform tied around her waist, or a white coat and black pants from her warden days. She has a red cuff around her wrist that connects to Teun.


Teun's Personality

Teun is generally pretty wild compared to other Beorns. He is impulsive and usually bites or scratches at anything that catches his interest. He has little sympathy except for his girlfriend Hera, although he is willing to defeat greater evils like The Threat if asked to do so. Teun has a fascination with being chained up, usually being seen chained to Hera or chained to a 15 pound weight if Hera is detached from him. He likes having that weight around his neck, and he likes the feeling of constraints. He finds being in tight spaces extremely fun.

Hera's Personality

Hera's more normal personality is usually a mask put on for those unaware of her criminal nature, and will usually act on her own impulses to rob banks or to beat up police that know they're in the area and are attempting to arrest them. Hera loves to stay around her boyfriend and keeps themselves chained together at almost all times, unless it gets too inconvenient. She likes the dominating power she has over Teun and she is generally the one that makes purchases or talks for them.


Hera was the lead security guard at the European Iron Gate Asylum and guarded several insane patients. Among them was a bizarre "Beorn" named Teun who they found in the sewers of London. Although the two did not initially like each other, it eventually blossomed into a friendship... and then a relationship. Teun won her heart over and the two took over the asylum and freed many of the prisoners in there. They kept dominion of the asylum until Unten showed up and defeated them, sending them to the snowy headquarters The Fan and The Enemy had created.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Teun and Hera were confirmed as playable characters on 2/24/16, being a duo character similar to Mike and Jay, except focusing on brute forcing with biting attacks. Hera acts as the primary character, with Teun being flung around and used for many of her attacks. The chain is also used in their moveset.

Teun is referenced in the Beornstool enemy like all the playable Beorn characters, as well as appearing as a variant of the Untencake item.

Days of Victory

Unten is led by Fenne and Litwick into the Iron Gate Asylum, where the two have taken over as it started to fall apart. The place is empty with the exception of the two, who battle Unten. Unten defeats them and takes them back to the snow base for the resistance against The Threat. They are later convinced into fighting against The Threat by Unten after explaining themselves a bit- they believed that Unten was attempting to take Teun for being part of the London Beorn Hallow.

Just Like Old Friends

Teun and Hera make a minor appearance in Just Like Old Friends, buying two mining lasers from Nycho and Obena's business and using them to rob a bank, which is reported later on by Vicky Victorious, who notes that the two are heading to Vegas with the stolen money.

Powers and Abilities

Teun and Hera generally don't have special abilities, with Hera having slightly more strength than the average human and Teun having the ability to heal via Spewage like all Terran Beorns. Teun later would discover the ability to use blood to unleash devastating Red Energy attacks, although he is fairly inexperienced with this. Hera and Teun are primarily known for their handcuffed fighting style, where Hera throws and uses Teun as a weapon, using his teeth to bite at opponents or swinging him around. The two are incredibly coordinated and can pose a serious threat.

Specific Abilities

  • Chain Combat - Teun and Hera are connected via handcuffs, which allows Hera to toss around Teun and use him as a weapon. They have a remarkable amount of skill and it makes them incredibly interesting and dangerous fighters as a result.
  • Spewage Healing (Teun Only) - Teun can heal via Spewage, which can be found in Beorn Hallows. Teun seems entirely stable, and doesn't seem to have any problems accepting it in his body.
  • Psychosis Jar - Hera throws a jar filled with deadly toxic gas that will seriously damage those who get hit with the jar or breathe in the fumes.
  • Teun Toss - Hera grabs and throws Teun. If it successfully hits an opponent, Teun grabs onto them by sinking into them with his teeth while pulling the chains so that Hera can follow up with a series of punches.
  • Reel Her In - Hera tosses Teun up and he can grab the ledge or wall and pull her up with the chains.
  • Ferris Chainwheel - Hera does a cartwheel as Teun spins around, biting at opponents in her path.
  • Straitjacket Fever - Hera and Teun strap in opponents into straitjackets, making them unable to use their arms. Out of everyone they have tried this on, only Doomulus Thai was able to still pose a serious threat to the two.



Unten approached the two for their help as Teun was the only other usable Beorn from a Beorn Hallow, although the two believed he was coming to take Teun away and attacked him. Unten is admittedly jealous of their relationship as it seems very close to what he could have had with Rachel, but upon learning more specifics he seems to be more okay with their relationship and more concerned with their crimes.



  • Hera and Teun are anagrams of "Rachel" and "Unten" with letters removed.
  • Helena has described the two as "Warachel" and "Waunten", in reference to Wario and Waluigi, who are seen as warped clones of Mario and Luigi.
    • Like their inspirations, they warp and twist the mythology these two characters have; having a loving relationship instead of a increasingly strained relationship due to Unten wanting more out of their relationship.
    • It also can also be read as a reading of Leah and Unten's relationship: Leah uses Unten as more of a tool to further her own agendas and constantly berates him with nicknames. While Hera uses Teun as a weapon, their relationship is more healthy and the two supplement themselves with endearing nicknames.
  • Despite Hera's similarities to Leah Needlenam, she is actually more based off Rachel in terms of her relationship with Teun.

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