The Tetraforce is a mystical artifact that was created by an unknown entity. It is considered to be the exact opposite of the Triforce, and is the only known artifact that can render the sacred triangles utterly useless. When in the presence of the Tetraforce, the pieces of the Triforce will become dull and turn a golden-brown or bronze color. When this occurs wishes cannot be granted, the complete Triforce will not split when touched, and the holders of any pieces will lose any powers they may have gained. The Tetraforce can also nullify the power of the Three Goddesses, making them mortal. Although the goddesses will be stronger than the average mortal, they can be killed with enough force. As such, it appears the Tetraforce was created out of a desire for chaos, as elimination of even one goddess would create disharmony in the universe. Unlike the Triforce, which is hidden in the mystical Sacred Realm, the Tetraforce is hidden deep in physical Hyrule itself. The Tetraforce resembles an upside down golden triangle, and is the same size as a single sacred triangle of the Triforce. As such, the Tetraforce fits perfectly in the middle of the Triforce. When this occurs, the Triforce is neutralized for the remainder of time. In the upcoming fanon game, Zelda: The Cheese Maker, Link needs a computer, a bottle of Cheez Whiz™, a zombie, Zelda's tiara, and the tetraforce to make the SupEr sICkY chEESE for him to go into the Cheez World™ and defeat the evil Flying Spaghetti Monster™™.