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Tessellate: Bad Luck
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Developer(s) Illusion Works Sept 2016
Publisher(s) Illusion Works Sept 2016
Platform(s) Aquarius White Logo
Genre(s) Fighting
Open World
Series Tessellate
Predecessor Tessellate
Successor Tessellate: Mind Games
Release Date(s) Flag of the United States April 09, 2017
Flag of European Union April 09, 2017
25px-Flag of Japan2 April 09, 2017
Flag of Australia April 10, 2017
Age Rating(s) Trating2000px-PEGI 16.svg
Media Included Tessellate: Bad Luck game disc.
Any fool can have bad luck; the art consists in knowing how to exploit it
Tessellate: Bad Luck

Tessellate: Bad Luck is a 3D open world adventure/fighting video game created by Bleak Moonlight (tbc) and published by Bleak Industries to be released worldwide on the Aquarius on April 09, 2017. It is the second title in the 'Tessellate' series, following the predecessor Tessellate very soon after it ended. It is set to focus on a combination of characters, including Tiffany, Leire, Tess and the Predators.

The game takes inspiration from a variety of sources, the most obvious and evident being Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls, providing the basic game play mechanics. It also takes inspiration from a lot of First-Person Shooters, MOBA and MMORPG franchises and video games like Final Fantasy, Paragon, League of Legends, and DOOM. 

Continuing from the previous games, Bad Luck is rated a "T" rating by ESRB and a "16" by PEGI, however this is subject to change by the final commercial release of the game. While the release date has been expressed as early 2017, an April release is the most likely. It was finally released on April 09, 2017.


A sequel to Tessellate has been considered for a long time, even before the first game was completed. However, it would have to be much more heavily built in order to be seen as a worth while project. The first goal was to expand on the characters within the game as the previous game presented a more desolate atmosphere due to only four characters being present. The environments were also an issue in the previous game as it made the game seem very claustrophobic when you only had one variation of plain to discover and travel. 

Another attribute of the game which will be heavily changed is the cinematic story. The story of Bad Luck is planned to be more elaborate, twisted and extravagant with a lot more attention to detail. The main game play will be more integrated and interactive, while still retaining a somewhat relaxed open world experience.


Bad Luck returns to the post-apocalyptic town that the previous game briefly explored. The time frame of the game's aren't long apart whatsoever, as Bad Luck is set to take place around a week after the previous game. A mysterious new alliance commonly referred to as the "Predators", has emerged and is starting to wreak havoc on the town, supposedly wanting to end all forms of human life in the town possible. After Tiffany discovers the alliance, she begins her adventure to bring them down internally, and she soon discovers that she will have to change her tactics from the previous problem in order to combat this enemy.

You can read the transcript for the story here [Currently on hiatus].

The predators hold a meeting in their secret underground hideout, a.k.a. the sewers. They discuss ideas on how to take over Pader City before it starts to rebuild itself into a normal society, and Facade suggests that they use the weapon Tiffany has mastered against her somehow, therefore they decide to steal it. Meanwhile, a journalist is attacked by one of the remaining radioactive beasts until someone shoots the beast away, killing it instantly. A message is whispered through the wind: "Make a Difference".

During the night, Bravo manages to steal the weapon but wakes Tiffany in the process, making her panic and rush after him. Bravo becomes alarmed and ditches the gun and manages to get away, and the journalist from before recovers it. She gives it back to Tiffany, and introduces herself as Selene. Suddenly, a fish-looking creature swims through the air looking terrified, as a vulture like creature follows it looking fierce. The fish-looking creature cries for help, so Selene jumps into the air and holds it as the vulture lands. It shrieks menacingly, and the first mini-boss battle begins. 

Upon defeat, the vulture known as "Pigeon" retreats and the fish introduces itself as Pina. It decides to go with Selene and Tiffany to try and find out what happened to its species, as it has never met another Volifish. They decide to check out the sewer first, after briefly seeing Bravo flee into there. They advance pretty quickly through the sewers, until they come across Pell, and the second mini-boss battle begins. After defeating Pell, they advance more into the sewers until they come across a handwritten note, in very neat handwriting. Selene takes the note and immediately begins to analyse it, stating that the writer is definitely a hard worker just from the style of writing. They follow the trail until they come across Leire, who is standing on a metal pipe, above a toxic-looking river flowing through the sewers. After she's defeated, Leire decides to talk to Tiffany about what happened with Tess some time ago. She explains that after the building collapsed and Tiffany left, she saw somebody take Tess' body away from the building, but lost sight of them over the horizon. She also explains that she hasn't seen Tess since, and that she wants to help find her, even if it turns out she isn't alive anymore. Tiffany reluctantly agrees and Leire starts to travel with the group. After investigating the sewers further, they find a stairwell which is protected with a metal seal. Leire manages to break into the vault-looking barrier with her blowtorch, and they descend further into the deeper sewers.

Minutes later, they come across a room filled with pictures and images of people in Pader City, with the letter "X" drawn on some of their faces in a red marker pen. They find a door at the back of the room, and without hesitation, Tiffany kicks it down, revealing a very smoke-filled closet, where the first boss battle against Bravo begins. After being defeated, Bravo retreats back into the shadows within seconds, leaving Tiffany and co. without answers. They retreat back into the incriminating room with all the pictures, and decide to have a look around to find out more clues on what is happening, and what they should do next. Selene notices a locked drawer, and enlists Leire to loosen it so that she can look inside. Leire manages to blow open the drawer, revealing a dairy with the name "Sammie" written on the front in a fancy pink gel pen. Selene manages to read through the book with ease, and gathers that this Sammie was affiliated with the thing that tried to steal Tiffany's gun. It states that she often hangs around Vanity Coffee, so they decide to leave the sewers as fast as they can to follow this lead up properly.

They arrive in the now abandoned Piazza Avenue, with cars sprawled everywhere and windows smashed beyond repair. They see a girl in the distance facing away from them, on top of a pile of random metals from the cars that crashed in the avenue. They approach her with caution, and she turns around after hearing the whispers between the group. She introduces herself as Kiera, the sister of Dread, and she explains that Tiffany's becoming too big of a problem to not be dealt with, and she proclaims that she will be the one to defeat her, thus beginning the battle. After defeating her, Tiffany finds the Vanity Coffee shop on Piazza Avenue, and decides to check it out. The shop is completely ruined inside, with coffee stains being splattered across all of the walls, signs being torn and stained, and glass being shattered all over the place. They walk around cautiously, until being startled by a glass being thrown, just missing Tiffany's head. They turn around to face the counter, and a girl is carelessly sat on the counter. She introduces herself as Sammie, and without giving anymore information, the next fight breaks out. After being defeated, Sammie informs the gang that they're about to cross the point of no return, and they need to be sure that they can handle what they're delving into. She leaves the coffee shop, leaving Tiffany to continue her investigation. In the back room of the coffee shop, a lot of robotic parts can be found, leading Leire to believe that whoever was behind the beasts that ran around killing everyone, were built from the coffee shop. Annoyed, Selene kicks a drawer, which falls over to reveal a hole, with a USB stick hidden among the dust and rubble. They plug it into the vanity computer in the front of the shop, however the monitor is barely working properly. The only thing on it is a video, showing a strange man with blonde hair talking about the robots as if he created them. The monitor shuts off unexpectedly, and the gang leave the coffee shop. They look into the distance and notice something strange about one of the barely working billboards in the distance, as it appears the same man is present on a billboard on the Bude Corp. building.

They arrive at the face of the Bude Corp. building, and enter with caution as always. Many strange-looking robotic creatures surround the bottom floor of the building. After climbing several floors crawling with robots, they manage to reach the top floor where Lowell operates from, and the next mini-boss battle begins. Upon defeat, he reveals that he did finance the creator of the robotic creatures that destroyed the city, however he emphasises that he didn't manufacture them himself, and that someone unknown by name manipulated him into financing the robots himself. Suddenly, a helicopter taken from Bude Corp. begins to shoot into the glass-panned room near the top of the tower, before showing the entire tower in bullets. The building begins to shake, and the group decide to make a run for it. After dodging more bullets and falling rubble, they manage to escape the building, only to barely miss the helicopter as it lowers, and ultimately crashes into another nearby building, creating a massive flame storm. A man jumps from the helicopter beforehand, revealing himself as Dread, beginning the second official boss battle. After defeat, Dread flees into the distance. The group pander on what to do next, and decide that Tess should be there priority. Selene finds a newspaper stand near the building and decides to get one of the papers, which details a story about a farmer named Tyrese, who is apparently hiding a secret. Selene suggests, as broad as it seems, maybe they should investigate Pader Farm next, to which Tiffany, Pina and Leire agree. 

To get to Pader Farm, you must pass through Duke Street, a previously bustling suburb. Upon entry, the group is greeted by Alix, who immediately challenges them to a fight. Upon defeat, they continue to travel through the street and eventually turn up at Pader Farm. They are greeted by the farmer, Tyrese, who humbly greets them, until he sees Pina. Without a hesitation, he snatches Pina and charges in the opposing direction, disappearing into the fog. Tiffany and co. chase him as much as they can, but fall flat. In a fit, Selene runs through the fog like a steam train, and runs straight into a barn door at full force. Tiffany ultimately finds her, and tries to help her up, but decides to explore the barn by herself due to Selene's condition. Tiffany enters the barn, but it's too dark to see anything specific. She shoots a light bullet into the distance, and manages to see Tyrese. Knowing she's now in the barn, Tyrese explains his darkest secret, that he captures and trades rare animals in order to fund the farm, the Volifish being one of his main sources of income. The next boss fight begins, and upon defeat, Tiffany manages to release Pina from the rope. Pina begins to gesture to the top of the barn, making Tiffany climb a ladder to see what Pina wants, and then it's revealed that Tyrese had trapped another Volifish at the top of the barn, who she also releases. It introduces itself as Lada, and decides to join the group with Pina which makes it ecstatic.

They hear screaming from outside, and notice Tyrese is gone from their sight. They leave and notice Selene being carried away by Tyrese into the smoke once again, and follow him with a quick pace. Suddenly, a figure appears out of nowhere and swings a hard kick to Tyrese's chest, knocking him to the ground immediately. Tiffany stands in shock, as the figure is revealed to be Tess, until she runs to her and hugs her in a tender moment, catching Tess off guard. Tiffany explains that she's lost her hatred for her mother after not having her around anymore, when she thought that she was dead. Tess remains shocked, before introducing herself to those who didn't know her previously. Arrogantly, Tess challenges Tiffany to a fight while her guard is down. After defeating Tess, Tiffany begins to question everything about her supposed death. Tess explains that she was helped by an apparent friend she had, who helped her to become fit and healthy again after the damage she sustained. However, Tess then explains now that they're all together, they should really leave the city as quick as possible, and since everyone is currently happy and safe, they agree.

They head for the bridge, however they are stopped by a smug Facade, who explains that they will never be able to leave the city while under her watch while holding a remote with a red button on, ultimately starting the boss battle. After defeat, the remote flies out of her hand, and she chases it with Selene on her tail. Mistakenly, Selene trips, and falls on the remote, detonating a bomb which manages to blow up most of the bridge. Leire runs to Selene and holds her over one shoulder, before the group run back to safety as more and more of the bridge blows up. Tiffany looks back and sees Facade sit calmly on the bridge as the explosions begin to catch up to Facade, until she begins to fade into thin air, and the part of the bridge below her explodes. The group manage to escape unharmed, however Tess suggests that they still try to find a way to escape the city as quick as possible, especially with a group of chaos-inducing psychopaths on the loose. 

They decide to head to the railways next, accessible through Lychee Street. After spending a long time traversing through the confusing Lychee Street, they arrive at the railway road. They decide to follow the railway track in hopes of leaving the city, until they are stopped by Cosima. Upon defeat, the tunnel begins to cave in, and the group have no choice but to escape through the way they came. As their final means of escape, they travel to the pier. At the docks, they try to find a boat frantically but all they find is an inflatable raft. They ride the raft into the water, until they are stopped by a huge sea creature in the water, called "Dream". Upon defeat, the monster creates a tidal wave which sends the group back to the docks. Frustrated, Selene suggests that they try to defeat the predators instead of running away, which the others reluctantly agree to. Tess suggests that they check out the Army Base, as it may hold some answers on what to do, or worst case scenario, they can prepare for a war against the predators, and score some pretty high tech weapons.

They are greeted by Pictor at the entrance of the Army Base, and another fight begins. Upon defeat, they enter the base, which is covered in a radioactive or toxic looking goo. After travelling through the base, they come across a chamber where two creatures are talking amongst themselves. One of them turns around after hearing a startling noise, and they look shocked. Eden asks Dion if she's the one they've been looking for, and he nods, before they aggressively begin a boss fight. Once defeated, Eden begins to freak out that they couldn't beat Tess. Dion asks Tess if she happens to be a martian, to which she agrees reluctantly. They then realise she isn't the one they're looking for, however they explain that they do know who she is. With hesitation, Eden explains that they knew of her because of her parents. Tess is devastated, and she falls to the floor, nearly in tears. Leire comforts her, as Eden proceeds to explain that there is a lot of Tess' past which is hidden, and she suggests that she should explore it more sometime soon. Tiffany finds a tracking device on a table in the chamber, and she notices three dots. Dion explains that the device shows beings with connections to aliens on the planet, with those three being from the Army Base solely. Selene looks around, and she notices that Leire isn't around. With no warning, the building explodes, knocking everyone out cold.

Tiffany wakes up in a hospital bed. She tries to get up, but notices that her arms are tied to the bed. She barely sees a girl on the other side of the room, who turns around and then places tape over Tiffany's mouth, the girl is then revealed to be Leire. Leire walks around the room, pondering thoughts. She then takes a deep breath. She tells Tiffany that she's known her for her entire life, from a little girl to the person she is now. Leire grew up in the orphanage, but due to her pyromaniac ways, she was arrested from the orphanage on the same day that Tiffany came to the orphanage, in a white gown looking sad and tired. Leire then explains that she was admitted to an insane asylum not long afterwards, due to her love of burning things. Meanwhile, Tiffany was able to live a happy and safe life in the orphanage, until one day, Leire escaped from the asylum miraculously, and developed the robotic nightmare that destroyed the city. She deliberately sent one to Tiffany's orphanage in an attempt to kill her, but of course, she managed to outlive the massacre and ultimately stop it. Leire explains that the entire thing was her doing, including the explosions of Tess' hideout and the Army Base, in more attempts to kill Tiffany, until her plan backfired and harmed Tess. She then had to help her recover, and whilst doing so they plotted a revenge plot against her for ruining all of the plans Tess had set to test her daughter. Leire then gets up to lock the door, and she then unties Tiffany from the bed, and explains she wants a rematch for the fight earlier. After Leire's defeated again, she pretends to be more weak than she is, and when Tiffany approaches her, she smashes a lamp into Tiffany's head, knocking her unconscious again. 

Tiffany wakes up once more, this time in a different bed in what seems like a different hospital. She gets up from the bed, feeling rough, before being greeted by Tess with a bouquet of flowers. She goes out to grab the flowers with a smile on her face, but when she touches them they disappear. She looks up at Tess' face, which has suddenly turned menacing and scary. A boss battle occurs between the two, with Tiffany managing to defeat her. Tess explains that she has big news for her, but only when she can handle it. Tiffany becomes more confused, but then Tess fades away into thin air. She then leaves the hospital room, however the door seems to lead to a place of complete darkness, where Grieve emerges from the darkness, and another boss fight begins. Upon defeat, Grieve leaves her a message in smoke, saying 'Don't trust the two-faced Tess'. With even more confusion filling her head, Tiffany continues to walk through the plain of darkness, until another figure rises from the darkness, a person she recognises in a heart beat. A girl in a yellow sweater, a black plain skirt, and sneakers, transforms into a demonic creature with a crown of shadows, black knee-high boots, and a cloak made of the darkness. Kimiko stands before her. 

Kimiko lets out a shriek, before coughing and laughing maniacally. Tiffany explains her confusion with the entire situation, and Kimiko replies saying it's complicated, but she will eventually know all the answers. Kimiko explains that she's here to knock some sense into Tiffany, as she's not been herself lately. Tiffany remains confused, as Kimiko continues to talk nonsense. Kimiko then demands that Tiffany fights her irrationally, and the final boss battle commences. After a long fight, Tiffany is struggling to beat her, until she somehow manages to combine a bunch of random bullets, to ultimately create the "LUCK"  bullet, which manages to defeat Kimiko in her ghostly form. Kimiko sighs, and states that she thought Tiff would've been more fun at this sort of time, before changing to a more serious tone. Kimiko explains to Tiffany that there is no such thing as Kimiko, and that she's just been a figment of her imagination ever since the beginning, devastating Tiffany. Kimiko has just been a person inside her head that she's relied on for advice as she's never had anyone else in her life to depend on. She takes Tiffany back to her as a kid in the orphanage, and she explains that even back then Kimiko was around, just in a different form. Kimiko gestures to one of the kids who is playing Jenga with her. Kimiko then takes her to another time in her life, when she was first learning to ride a bike, and the kid she was with then was also just another person inside her head to boost her confidence. She then finally takes Tiffany to when she met Kimiko, and then explains that the person who gave her that gun wasn't in fact real. They then return to the dark plain, where Kimiko hugs Tiffany, before wiping away a tear on her cheek. Kimiko then admits to Tiffany, that the reason she existed was to represent the darkness brewing inside of Tiffany, throughout her life, and now that Tiffany defeated her, she could now leave and the darkness would vanish. Kimiko then turns away from her, and Tiffany follows her and hugs her, as Kimiko waves one final goodbye to Tiffany as she continues to slightly cry. Kimiko leaves a final message for her in her dust, "Wake Up".

Tiffany then wakes up in yet another hospital bed, with Leire sitting at her side. Leire calls the others, to see Tiffany as she properly wakes up. Everyone appears relived that Tiffany has woken up. Tess explains to her that she's been in a coma over the past few weeks, and they were all very worried about her condition. Tiffany asks why they're still looking worried, and Leire breaks the news. After running some tests while she was in her coma, the doctors have concluded that Tiffany has a rare case of Schizophrenia. Tess pulls Leire aside for a moment, and asks her if she was going to tell her the 'other' thing, to which Leire states that she doesn't want to overwhelm Tiffany, and that she'll tell her at a later date. Suddenly, Tess receives a phone call, and she leaves the room completely and fills into the hallway. She accepts the call, where someone on the other side of the call states that 'she's been found'; making Tess gasp in pure excitement. 

Later that night, as the moon and the stars fill the night sky and mixed emotions fill the air, Leire and Tiffany sit on the orphanage step. Tiffany breaks the silence between them, and explains what happened in her dream. Leire explains that she wouldn't ever do anything that horrible to Tiffany, and Tiffany states that she feels an unexplained emotional bond between them both. Leire's eyes shift, and then she hugs Tiffany. Leire announces that she'll always protect Tiffany, and that she wants her to feel happy. Tiffany smiles and reciprocates the hug. It is clear that Leire loves her like a sister.


Using a more advanced engine than the previous instalment, Tessellate: Bad Luck continues the action adventure fighting genres with more developed mechanics to enhance game play. For example, the fighting system is a lot more dramatic in graphical presentation and the overall environments are a lot more detailed and styled. Characters in the game can now learn a wider range of melee attacks and can also interact with the environment to attack, for example a character could use thick logs to swing at enemies or use mirrors to ricochet attacks. 

However, the original aim is still the same. You play as one of many of the cast of the title in an open 3D environment as the now desolate wasteland of Pader City is being threatened by a new deadly alliance, which hopes to bring even more terror after the previous tragedy allegedly caused by Tess. The game is completely free-form and immersive, which allows you to have full depth control on how much, or how little, you decide to explore. The environments are heavily differentiated in Bad Luck to add more variety to the game. 

Lucky Break

Every character in the game has a special ability which is unleashed upon filling the "Luck Bar" which always resides at the left side of the screen. A Lucky Break will unleash a frenzy of attacks exclusive to whichever character you are playing as, some of which will prove to be more appropriate and successful depending on the situation in the game. 

Some of the Lucky Break attacks below may change as development continues, and more ideas comes to mind.

A random group of six personalities are summoned to the battlefield. One by one, the seven characters surround the intended target(s) and fiercely attack, in total dealing immense damage to the enemy. All of the personalities then jump in the air and stomp on the enemy together in one final attack. 
Tiffany's revolvise begins to glow a heavenly shade of yellow, with energy spewing from the seems. All of her bullets have been powered up for five minutes of game play, which allows her to defeat enemies quicker and leaves longer lasting effects. 
Pina begins to spin around the target at increasingly high speeds, eventually turning the air into water around it. After spinning more and more, the water begins to amount up and create a water vortex around the enemy, drowning them and confusing them. 
A very cinematic attack, Selene traps the enemy inside her heart, and over time it begins to rot away and become more fragile. More and more poison is fed into the heart poisoning the enemy more and more until they can't function. Suddenly, the heart rips in half and the enemy falls before landing on a plain of glass, injuring them even more. 
Bravo creates a smoke filled atmosphere, making it harder for anybody to see. Then gradually, he deals slight damage to the enemy, slashing their legs and arms. The enemy becomes really bloody and exhausted from all the walking, until their vision is starting to become more clear. However, when the smoke disappears Bravo stares at the enemy with a wicked grin and decapitates them.
Dread quickly draws up a mathematical plan and quickly produces an ensable of soldiers. Without a hesitation, they charge ahead and flatten any enemies in range. He then cuts a massive chunk of brick and slams it on the flattened enemy, before blowing it up to smithereens with some carefully placed TNT on the trimmings of the brick. 
Facade blows a kiss to an enemy, attracting their attention. The enemy begins to approach her with a grin on their face, and she blushes. Without another second passing, she strikes them with a forceful uppercut to their jaw, probably smashing it, before acting all innocent and glee with herself.
Everything turns into a pixel-based 2D fighting looking video game. Kimiko grabs the enemy from their shoulders, and turns them around. She kicks them repeatedly in the back of the legs and punches them in the back, causing a lot of bruising. She then spins them around again and slams her elbow into their stomach, slaps them twice in the face and kicks them in the neck, making them fall on the floor. K.O. then flashes on the screen, as Kimiko celebrates.
Leire pretends to make friends with the enemy, and learns their secrets. After telling other enemies in a close radius about these secrets, a riot begins with all the angry beings. Leire then sets up fireworks inside the enemy's house, and then welds the door shut, before setting the house on fire. The crowd watch as the house burns down in a fiery rage, and as the enemy burns the fireworks go off in a fit of glory, to the pleasure of the riot, until a bomb goes off, killing everything in its path.
Lowell visits the stock exchange and notices the enemy. He walks up to them and suggests investing in a specific stock, to which they agree and do so. The company the enemy invested in crashes, and the enemy is rendered broke. Lowell then hires a hit man on the enemy, who after a long chase shoots the enemy on top of a building, making them fall off the building into a car parked directly underneath.
Dion pulls out many sharp knives and blades, before spinning around cutting up anything in his path. He then images the main enemy that was targeted as an alien, before swiftly running up to them and beheading them. He then throws the head with force in a random direction, hurting any random enemy it may hit, before throwing a blade in the same direction, stabbing the head against a tree.
Eden confidently jumps into the night sky and jumps onto a meteor, before steering and riding it back down to the planet and crashing it into the ground, smothering all enemies beneath it. With a lot of force, she kicks the main enemy into the sky. Leo roars at the target, and Sagittarius shoots an arrow into them heavily, forcing the target to fall back down to the planet ultimately leaving them impaled in the middle of  a zoo where all of the constellation animals reside.

Revolvise Remixed

Tiffany's signature gun, the Revolvise has also been completely reworked, and is now referred to as a "Remixed" version of itself. Due to this, bullets in the gun and now be mixed and merged at will, opening up a lot of new powers for Tiffany. It has many more powers which can be found in the over world of the game, too, aside from the ones available in the previous game.. It is still undetermined how many different functions of the gun will be available in the game, however there will be more than the previous game.

Every bullet has a specific function against enemies in the game. Some will be more effective on specific enemies depending on the behaviour and traits of the enemy. Some bullets also have functions in the over world to change up the environment, as well as to help you progress through the game.

~ Normal Bullets ~
FIRE Fire Bullets will deal fire-based attacks. They can be used to burn things in the over world as well.
WATER Water Bullets will deal water-based attacks. They can be used to soak things in the over world as well.
WIND Wind Bullets will deal wind-based attacks. They can be used to blow things in the over world as well.
LIGHTNING Lightning Bullets will deal lightning-based attacks. They can be used to power things in the over world as well.
ICE Ice Bullets will deal ice-based attacks. They can be used to freeze things in the over world as well.
EARTH Earth Bullets will deal earth-based attacks. 
GOLD Gold Bullets will deal gold-based attacks. 
PAINT Paint Bullets will deal paint-based attacks.
METAL Metal Bullets will deal metal-based attacks.
CLAY Clay Bullets will deal clay-based attacks.
IVY Ivy Bullets will deal ivy-based attacks.
BOMB Bomb Bullets will deal bomb-based attacks.
MONEY Money Bullets will deal money-based attacks. They can be used to make enemies drop more gold when defeated in the over world as well.
POISON Poison Bullets will deal poison-based attacks.
MIND Mind Bullets will deal mind-based attacks. They have a very small chance to make an enemy attack another enemy instead of you, however this doesn't work against bosses.
SPACE Space bullets will deal space-based attacks
~ Remixed Bullets ~
(Fire + Water)
Smoke Bullets will create a smokescreen around the enemies, rendering them blind for a small time, in which you can repeatedly attack them without them being able to see you.
(Fire + Earth)
Lava Bullets will deal hotter fire-based attacks. They also have a chance to leave a burning status effect on the target when used against normal enemies.
(Wind + Lightning)
Storm Bullets will create a large storm, which will rip enemies in a specific radius to shreds.
(Lightning + Poison)
Light Bullets will create a burst of light, which will illuminate areas. If used against ghost or spiritual enemies it will kill them instantly.
(Earth + Clay)
Concrete Bullets will create a really heavy tonne of concrete, which is dropped on an enemy.
(Ice + Metal)
Mirror Bullets will create a mirror which will reflect the enemy back towards itself, and could thus shield you from attacks. It can also make these attacks bounce off of it if the enemy does attack you, however the mirror can only withstand two attacks.
(Poison + Mind)
Infection Bullets will make an enemy feel ill and sick, slowing them down significantly. It can also make them slowly lose health unless they cure themselves.
LUCK Luck Bullets are the ultimate bullet, which will defeat any enemy instantly. But you only get one of these, ever.

Side Quests

Side Quests are another aspect of the game which will heavily expand the game's depth. Many quests are set to be included from NPCs and playable characters, to add another element to the game play. Many quests will result in you receiving in game currencies, or possibly new characters depending on the quest. 

Pader Marks

Named after the main city of the game, Pader Marks are the currency used in the game, which can help you unlock new skills or upgrade existing ones for boosted power. You can collect them in the over world, or receive them as rewards from killing enemies or from completing side quests. 

Game Modes

Story Mode


The main mode of Bad Luck, story mode takes place within the same post-apocalyptic time frame the previous game ended on. It is set to continue not long after where the game left off previously, with Tess being miraculously saved by a mysterious being, and Tiffany escaping the warehouse. Not longer than a week later, a newly formed alliance threats to wipe out all human life forms in the town, and once Tiffany finds out she feels compelled to help the town out once again with their newly found problem, however as you can expect it isn't that simple.

You can play with up to four players online in the story, or locally if you prefer. However, the more players that are connected the more enemies will be generated to increase the difficulty of the game. You can also choose a difficulty for the story, either Easy, Medium or Hard. After completion of the game, an Extra Hard mode is unlocked. 

Chapter summaries for the game will be located under the "Plot" heading. Please redirect there for the respective content.



The Online version of Bad Luck is a lot more advanced and complex than the main game. Every character comes with a difficulty rating, stats, categorisation based on their programmed styles (i.e. ranged attacker, melee fighter, etc.), and more detailed statistics in general, making character choices in the online space more important than the main game. 

Characters can also be levelled up in two ways in online. They are levelled up outside based on your game performance which unlocks new moves for them to use as well in combat, and they are levelled up during battle which will increase your stats for the time that the game lasts for. This system can be referred to as "Limited Experience", and "Unlimited Experience". You can equip a move to each button in the game, totalling six moves alongside a basic attack which the characters can use. 

There are many sub-games which can be hosted locally and online by players. New games are constantly being added for free via game patches and updates. 

  • Capture the Flag: In a 5 on 5 format, your goal is to capture the majority of five flags placed around the map and bring them back to your home territory. The team which captures the majority of at least 3 flags, wins the game and receive rewards relating to their performance during the game.
  • Statue Defence: With up to 8 players, your goal is to defend your own statue of your character by attacking any enemies which enter your territory. The winning conditions can be changed to either a time limit, where everyone who survives wins the game, or a last man standing format where the last person to have an intact statue is declared the winner.
  • Wave Ambush: With up to 4 players, your goal is to fend of waves of enemies as they come and attack you, and to stay alive for the longest period of time that you can. There is no outright winner, and instead you receive rewards based on your performance within the game itself (i.e. kills, waves survived, etc.)


Improving from the last title, Bad Luck is set to introduce more characters. While the story is played exclusively through the eyes of Tiffany, every character in the game will be playable somehow, allowing for a really mixed roster. Twelve characters are confirmed to be playable in the game. 

TessBadLuckIcon Tess is a psychopathic mother who is conflicted about her genetically created daughter, Tiffany, and what to do about her. Her motives behind creating her daughter and wanting to be in her daughter's life are still unknown and highly questionable, making Tess a very difficult ally to put trust in. TiffanyBadLuckIcon
The genetically created daughter of Tess, Tiffany is on the search for some more in depth answers about herself, and decides to do some travelling to try and find herself and see if the answers she desires can be found through some soul searching, until another problem arises in Pader City...
BadLuckPlaceholder Piña is a member one of the first airborne fish species in the world, the "Volifish", which are scientifically created. Due to a genetic mutation, Piña can speak and interact with humans. Piña acts as a guide in the game to help you on your journey when you may become stuck or unsure with what to do. BadLuckPlaceholder
Selene is a kleptomaniac who really struggles with organisation and executive functioning despite being a journalist. She wants to change and become a more independent person but often finds it hard to take advice seriously without interpreting it as a patronising remark. Also, she also finds it hard to trust others.
BravoBadLuckIcon Bravo is one of the three Predators determined to end as many lives as possible to limit the chances of the grand plan being haulted. Bravo servers as the brains in the triad, and uses his smarts to ensure plans of mass destruction.  DreadBadLuckIcon
Dread is the second of the three Predators, and like Bravo he is hellbent on causing massive chaos and destruction. Dread is often used as a soldier, usually at the front line calling the shots and executing them perfectly. He is known for being extremely efficiently and quick with his actions.
FacadeBadLuckIcon Facade is the third and final member of the Predators, however her motives are highly questionable. She is very devious and manipulative, and acts increasingly idiotic in order to make others lower their guard when she's around. She uses her toned slim body to her advantage, to get the things she desires. KimikoBadLuckIcon
Kimiko is one of Tiffany's most trusted allies who helped her out when she was in a tight spot in the last game. Kimiko is very agile and she is skilled with melee weapons, such as staffs and everyday objects which she can use to her advantage. She is very cheerful and always proves to show up at the right times..
LeireBadLuckIcon Leire was a former ally of Tess' who's now trying to look for a new lease of life in Pader City. Leire is very conflicted on what to do now, should she find someone else to work for privately or find a mainstream job? Leire is very malicious and mysterious, and has little to no care for anybody else that she has met before. BadLuckPlaceholder
Lowell was a businessman in Pader City who made a fortune from buying and selling properties in the area, until the attack rendered his business useless and he went broke in a matter of hours. He is elitist and thinks very highly of himself, which makes it difficult for him to work with other people.
DionBadLuckIcon Dion is Eden's partner in alien hunting. After hearing word about Tess' existence on the planet, they have tried to find her with no luck, until they heard word about her presence in Pader City. They managed to gain access to the city and are the closest they have ever been to finding out who Tess really is. EdenBadLuckIcon
Eden is Dion's partner in alien hunting. She met him when they were in nursery together, and have had a strong friendship ever since, however she has always wondered if there could be something more. She is very charming and peaceful, but she is also determined and motivated to do a good job as an alien hunter.


Bosses are the main villains in the game, which are encounted at different stages in the story. Bosses work a little differently in Tessellate: Bad Luck compared to other games. Three sub-bosses called Mini Bosses must be beaten before you may fight against the bigger boss. 

Bravo is the first main boss in the game. He is weak to fire and bomb bullets, however, in order to be defeated Tiffany must use Light bullets as the final blow to completely defeat him. MINI-BOSS
Pigeon is the first mini-boss of Bravo. Being themed around birds and the like, the key to defeating Pigeon is using the Fire and Lightning bullets. 
Pell is the second mini-boss of Bravo. He is weak to Clay and Wind bullets.
Leire is the final mini-boss of Bravo. The key to defeating her is using Water bullets to stop her fire-based attacks.
Dread is the second main boss in the game. He is weak to earth and metal bullets, however, in order for him to be defeated Tiffany must use Concrete bullets as a final blow to completely defeat him. MINI-BOSS
Kiera is the first mini-boss of Dread, and is his little sister. They key to defeating her is using Ivy and Poison bullets to stop her psychic-based attacks.
Sammie is the second mini-boss of Dread. She is weak to Fire and Water bullets.
Lowell is the final mini-boss of Dread. He is weak to Money and Gold bullets.
Facade is the third main boss in the game. She is weak to poison and money bullets, however, in order for her to be defeated Tiffany must use Mirror bullets as a final blow to completely defeat her. MINI-BOSS
Alix is the first mini-boss of Facade. The key to defeating her is using the Ice bullet when she swings her bat, causing her to fall over and the bat to crush her.
Tyrese is the second mini-boss of Facade. He is weak to Paint and Lightning bullets.
Tess is the final mini-boss of Facade. She requires you to use Mind bullets in order to defeat her, and nothing else is weak against her.
Dion and Eden are the fourth main bosses in the game. Dion is weak to earth and bomb bullets, but must be defeated with Infection bullets. Eden is weak to mind and paint bullets, and must also be defeated using Infection bullets. MINI-BOSS
Cosima is the first mini-boss of Dion and Eden. She is weak to Water and Wind bullets.
"Dream" is the second mini-boss of Dion and Eden. They are weak to Space and Fire bullets.
Pictor is the final mini-boss of Dion and Eden. They are weak to Earth and Paint bullets.

Kimiko is the final main boss in the game. Kimiko isn't weak to any specific bullet, and can only be defeated properly through the use of the Luck bullet.  MINI-BOSS
Leire is the first mini-boss of Kimiko. She is weak to Water bullets especially, and also Mind bullets.
Tess is the second mini-boss of Kimiko. She is weak to Mind bullets especially, and also Space bullets.
Grieve is the third mini-boss of Kimiko. He is weak to Space bullets especially, and also Light bullets.


There are many locations in the game, many of which will be detailed here.

BAD LUCK AVENUE Bad Luck Avenue is Tiffany's street in Pader City. Self-titled by the residents, Bad Luck Avenue is one of the worst streets in Pader City, and is known for high levels of crime and gang activity. It's considered a miracle if you make it out alive if you live in Bad Luck Avenue, especially if you're a member of the orphanage. BOSSES


THE SEWERS The Sewers are known as a no-go in Pader City, with many creatures lurking in the dark it's too unpredictable to risk your life down there. It is rumoured that a radioactive creature can be found lurking in the deepest, darkest part of the sewers, however no one has dared venture into that territory down there. BOSSES


SEWER DEPTHS The Sewer Depths have never been fully explored before, due to all the dangers and warnings it presents to people with a common sense.  BOSSES


PIAZZA AVENUE Piazza Avenue was known as the Food District in Pader City, where many people would go to eat as it had pretty much every restaurant trade imaginable. It was known as one of the most popular places in the city, with as many as 3,000 people visiting during peak hours. Some people even visited the island solely to go to Piazza Avenue! BOSSES


VANITY COFFEE Vanity Coffee was the most popular coffee place in Pader City, located in the highly respected Piazza Avenue. There was one girl who was known throughout the town for being a very big contributor to the profits of Vanity Coffee, as she would buy gallons of coffee from them throughout the day, she become a minor celebrity over night! BOSSES


BUDE CORP. Bude Corporation was one of the largest monopolies in Pader City. They were responsible for creating a lot of the technological advances that have happened in the world, such as teleportation. They were also the mass producers of most of the devices in Pader City, making the owner, Lowell, one of the richest men alive. He was also responsible for the transformation of Pader City into a peninsula, including the construction of the huge Pader Bridge, which is the main exit for people wanting to leave Pader City. BOSSES


DUKE STREET Duke Street was one of the most popular living areas in Pader City. Many people would have a strong desire to live there, due to the wholesome community and expansive living ideology. It was scientifically proven that people who lived in Duke Street would end up being more successful in life, and they would also be happier than the average person. People who lived in Duke Street were either rich or lucky, as every year one of the houses on the estate would be given away to one lucky resident in Pader City that didn't already have a property there. BOSSES


PADER FARM Pader Farm was the mainly supplier of food products in Pader City, which often made a lot of money through providing the products for Piazza Avenue's food district. Is it stated that the farmer in charge, Tyrese, held a huge secret relating to his produce and livestock, which many people have tried to figure out to no success. BOSSES


PADER BRIDGE Pader Bridge is a massive bridge that spans over from Pader City to a neighbouring city, due to Pader City becoming a peninsula. It's the main exit for anybody wanting to leave the island, however it can take a while to actually travel across, due to the shear size of it. It was funded by Bude Corp.'s leader, Lowell. BOSSES


LYCHEE STREET Lychee Street is a common estate which homes hundreds of people in Pader City, due to its cheap and affordable housing. It's not the most luscious of estates, however it does serve its purpose with the middle class people. However, it is really hard to navigate through Lychee Street due to all the houses, making the roads really randomly designed. Most of the houses look identical too, so it's easy to get lost in it. BOSSES


THE RAILWAY The Railway is another exit point out of the city, however due to how unreliable it is, residents don't usually travel through the rails. Due to how technologically advance the city is, the Railway is often ignored and seen as a poor way to travel around, therefore people become apprehensive about using it, and tend to not bother. The Railway is very underdeveloped and old fashioned, not to mention riddled with homeless people and society's undesirables, who are always looking to fight and rob the people dumb enough to go there. BOSSES


THE DOCKS The Docks are populated with the boat owners in Pader City. It is home to a lot of rich people once again, who own boats or who possibly live in house-boats. Occasionally, the docks will be used for cruises to the city, or for when people are leaving to go on cruises, therefore it is home to a lot of tourism. It's rumoured that in the waters near the docks, treasure can be found, however this rumour is believed to be false by the locals, and purely exists to boost tourism. BOSSES


ARMY BASE The Army Base is an desolate, dilapidated army base which used to be used to train up troops in the past, however it isn't used at all anymore. It has been stated for years that the army base will eventually be turned into a museum to honour the soldiers in Pader City, however those plans have been delayed time and time again.  BOSSES


THE HOSPITAL The Hospital is the main place to get treatment in Pader City. The hospital services are incredible, and are one of the proudest accomplishments in Pader City's history. The hospital is absolutely huge, being one of the biggest buildings in the entire city, with thousands of elite staff members.  BOSSES


Fortune Cards

Fortune Cards are a mechanic in the game where additional effects are applied to characters based on cards which you have collected throughout the game. Fortune Cards exist for all characters in the game, and upon collection, they will add stats to the character that they represent.

The majority of Fortune Cards are available in the story mode of the game, however, some rare ones can be found exclusively in the online version of the game too. There are quite a lot of fortune cards to be collected in the game, all with varying abilities and skills. Fortune Cards have three levels, which can also be found in the world. However, you cannot collect a card if the level isn't the next stage up. For example, you cannot collect a level three Tess fortune card if you haven't got the level two Tess fortune card.

Location: The Sewers (after defeating Leire)
Location: Pader Bridge
Location: The Hospital (after defeating Tess)
Level One
Stat Boost by 5%
Level Two
Stat Boost by 10%
Level Three
Stat Boost by 20%
Location: Sewer Depths
Location: Pader Bridge
Location: Bad Luck Avenue (after completion)
Level One
Stat Boost by 5%
Level Two
Stat Boost by 10%
Level Three
Stat Boost by 20%
Pina Pina Pina Location: Bad Luck Avenue
Location: Piazza Avenue
Location: Pader Farm
Level One
Stat Boost by 5%
Level Two
Stat Boost by 10%
Level Three
Stat Boost by 20%
Selene Selene Selene Location: Piazza Avenue
Location: Duke Street
Location: Lychee Avenue
Level One
Stat Boost by 5%
Level Two
Stat Boost by 10%
Level Three
Stat Boost by 20%
Location: Sewer Depths (after defeating Bravo)
Location: Vanity Coffee
Location: Lychee Street
Level One
Stat Boost by 5%
Level Two
Stat Boost by 10%
Level Three
Stat Boost by 20%
Location: Piazza Street (after defeating Kiera)
Location: Bude Corp. (after defeating Dread)
Location: The Docks
Level One
Stat Boost by 5%
Level Two
Stat Boost by 10%
Level Three
Stat Boost by 20%
Location: Pader Bridge
Location: The Hospital
Location: The Sewers (after game completion)
Level One
Stat Boost by 5%
Level Two
Stat Boost by 10%
Level Three
Stat Boost by 20%
Kimiko Kimiko Kimiko Location: Piazza Avenue
Location: The Hospital (after game completion)
Location: Bad Luck Avenue (after game completion)
Level One
Stat Boost by 5%
Level Two
Stat Boost by 10%
Level Three
Stat Boost by 20%
Location: The Sewers (after defeating Leire)
Location: Bad Luck Avenue
Location: The Hospital (after defeating Leire)
Level One
Stat Boost by 5%
Level Two
Stat Boost by 10%
Level Three
Stat Boost by 20%
Lowell Lowell Lowell Location: Bude Corp.
Location: Pader Bridge
Location: Army Base
Level One
Stat Boost by 5%
Level Two
Stat Boost by 10%
Level Three
Stat Boost by 20%
Location: The Docks
Location: Duke Street (after game completion)
Location: Army Base (after game completion)
Level One
Stat Boost by 5%
Level Two
Stat Boost by 10%
Level Three
Stat Boost by 20%
Location: The Railway
Location: Vanity Coffee (after game completion)
Location: Army Base (after game completion)
Level One
Stat Boost by 5%
Level Two
Stat Boost by 10%
Level Three
Stat Boost by 20%


Several real world Vinyls can be collected throughout the duration of the game, which will unlock songs which can play in the background of the game. You can see your collection of Vinyls in the options menu, and pick which will play in the background while you play the game. 

Appetite for Destruction AM American Idiot Riot Take Control Starboy
Appetite for Destruction
Guns 'N' Roses
Arctic Monkeys
American Idiot
Green Day
Take Control
The Weeknd
Going To Hell Abbey Road Dark Side of the Moon Exile on Main St. Mothership TwentyOnePilots Blurryface
Going to Hell
The Pretty Reckless
Abbey Road
The Beatles
Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd
Exile on Main St.
The Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin
Twenty One Pilots
A Head Full of Dreams Ultraviolence Divide More Life I Remember So Good
A Head Full of Dreams
Lana Del Rey
Ed Sheeran
More Life
I Remember
So Good
Zara Larsson
Light Me Up KendrickLamar Camp Demon Days Ransom 2 The Life of Pablo
Light Me Up
The Pretty Reckless
To Pimp a Butterfly
Kendrick Lamar
Childish Gambino
Demon Days
Ransom 2
Mike Will Made It
The Life of Pablo
Kanye West
Kicker Gang Signs and Prayer Ammunition Marshall Mathers LP2 A Moon Shaped Pool Toxicity
Zella Day
Gang Signs and Prayer
Marshall Mathers LP2
A Moon Shaped Pool
System of a Down
Tragic Kingdom The Black Album The Final Frontier A Night at the Opera Only by the Night
Tragic Kingdom
No Doubt
The Black Album
The Final Frontier
Iron Maiden
A Night at the Opera
Only by the Night
Kings of Leon


Tessellate: Bad Luck was officially revealed unexpectedly on February 17, 2017, and has since received many updates to create the final game. It initially received a mixed reception with the audience, however as more updates were revealed, anticipation for the project grew, especially when more content was present than the previous instalment. It has been specifically praised for the graphics on the article, like the character icons, and it's also been praised for the layout of the general article. It received sysop approval on March 20, 2017, just over a month after being created.

It has since applied for Featured Article, and is waiting for approval.


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  • Another game was planned to be released in tandem with this, but it won't be worked on until this is complete.
  • The shape of Tiffany's Revolvise has changed shape since the previous game, and now looks more like a Ruger Alaskan revolver, coloured a dark shade of purple.
  • Piña's design is based on a Pinnatus Batfish, and its name is also taken from the name of the species.
  • Bravo, Dread and Facade represent the trope triad of Brains, Brawn and Beauty. 
  • A soundtrack is not included with the game due to the Vinyl collectables being included.
  • The Lucky Break moves are very Danganronpa-esque and are heavily inspired by the executions.
  • The character "Cosima" is inspired by a character of the same name in the Television Show, Orphan Black.
    • Simiarly, the character "Pell" was inspired by the rap artist of the same name.
  • The idea of Remixed Bullets was inspired by the mobile game, Doodle God.
  • The ideas behind "Piazza Avenue" and "Duke Street" are taken from real life locations near myself.


I will detail all progress on anything related to the article here, on a day-to-day basis.

  • February 17, 2017: Created the page, added some basic information.
  • February 18, 2017: Created templates for the game, and created more design-oriented elements of the article.
  • February 19, 2017: Revealed three new characters.
  • February 20, 2017: Expanded on Lucky Breaks, added a brief Reception section, expanded on the Revolvise, added the Game Modes section, briefly outlined Fortune Cards, added a brief Plot section.
  • March 02, 2017: Added Side Quests and Pader Marks to the game.
  • March 06, 2017: Briefly introduced Collectables and further developed the game's sections.
  • March 12, 2017: Added a few Vinyls, confirmed Kimiko as a playable character in the game.
  • March 18, 2017: Revolvise bullets added, bosses added, more smaller edits and changes.
  • March 19, 2017: A lot of small tweaks.
  • April 02, 2017: Added more vinyls, added boss icons, added areas.
  • April 08, 2017: Expanded the story and reception sections. Focusing on finishing the story from now on.
  • April 09, 2017: Finished writing up the story, and added the box art. Game is pretty much done.
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