Terror Terry
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Horror Adventure, RPG

Terror Terry is an upcoming video game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo. The game was first announced during the Spooky Scary Fantendo Showcase, and more information was revealed during the Fantendo Holiday Showcase. It is a role-playing and adventure game with some 'classic horror' themes to it.


Terror Terry is an exploring game with many puzzle elements and secret, and can be best compared to The Legend of Zelda series. The player takes control of Terry, but can switch out to any other character in the party at the start of a level. When playing a level for the first time the characters are pre-selected by the game itself, but if one replays the level they can select other characters, allowing for discovering secrets you couldn't get to before. You enter a level with two characters between who can be switched at any time.

Each character has their own special attributes to make them completely different. For example Terry has the ability to enter the shadows, which is often used to progress in levels. Some characters may have much more regular moves compared to special moves while others lack in regular moves and rely on their special moves. A good example is Tessa who has no regular attacks and can only use status attacks on opponents and allies.


The game takes place somewhere in Svarga. The main characters have been shrunken down there because of their puppet status as their original form are about the same size as Unten. The locations through the game are often based on the boss after that level. Melanie's level is a gigantic dollhouse, while Tragedy and Comedy have a theater as level. There are many layers in the building with the top floor being the lair of Avirl.

The original selves of Terry and the others seem to come from another planet which is located in the Threat's dimension, and aren't inhabitants of the Fantendoverse before the events of this game. Afterwards they seek shelter in the Fantendoverse and try to start a life there.


Read the full story here: Terror Terry/Plot

Terry wakes up in an unknown location, he questions where, who, what, how and is determined to find this out. Next to him in the chamber was Timonthy, another victim who can't remember anything. Unlike Terry he just wants to get the way out this place. Together they journey to find answers and a way out, meeting up with some other interesting toys along the way, and finding out more about themselves.


The cast of Terror Terry counts a wide amount of characters. There are six playable characters of which two are optional and have to be unlocked somewhere in the game. As of now there are eight bosses, but it has been hinted there are more to come.


Character Description Abilities
TerrorTerryTerry The main character of the game, as the title says. Terry is the character you follow around during the story along with his allies. He wakes up in a strange place with no memories of what happened and tries to figure out what has happened and what his meaning in life is. Terry is a fast character who comes with a sharp pair of claws to inflict quick combo's and various other things. He can learn new abilities when collecting a piece from a boss and seems to have a strange ability to walk and control the shadows, which sometimes requires him to do solo quests in the shadows.
TimonthyTimothy Timothy, often referred to as simply Tim, is the first companion Terry meets on his journey and who wakes up alongside Terry. He is indifferent about the situation and actually prefers to just leave the place, but somehow can't because of Terry. Tim is more a heavy hitter and has a berserk element to it, the more damage he takes the stronger he gets. He often uses his tail as scythe and can shoot the spikes on his head as boomerangs. He also wields the element of fire with which he enhances his tail and kunckles for stronger attacks.
TessaTessa The third member of the team, Tessa, is encountered somewhere trapped in the Dollhouse. She is a disturbingly cheerful girl who really wants to tag along because she is has been trapped for too long, but remains vague about how she ended up there in the first place. Tessa is more a support character with few offensive attacks. Most of her attacks rely on supporting her allies by boosting or healing. Her offensive attacks inflict bad status on her opponents most of the time. She however is the fastest character which allows her to perform an attack before the enemy at times.
TeddyTeddy A weird teddybear who bears a resemblance to Unten in some kind of way... somewhere. He claims himself to be a throwaway prototype and sees himself as useless, but finds new confidence when he joins Terry's group. Teddy has electric abilities, being able to channel lightning out of his fists. Aside from that he has a variety of wacky random moves/props that in some ways seem kinda depressing. Like Tessa he has some status moves that he can use on himself or others, but are very limited.
tTerrorTinaTina A lone and independant stuffed bunny. Tina is one of the optional characters in the game who originally was out on a quest to slay Avirl but with some talking got convinced it was better to work in a group to put him down. Tina is one of the stronger characters in the game, possibly with the best stats. She fights with a long and sharp needle that is stuck through her hand. She can throw smaller needles like darts and can control metal objects.
TerrorTakoTako The only plastic toy in the party, Tako is a plastic octopus with leaking ink and a mysterious tattoo on his cheek. He is an optional character that must be found in the game and joins immediately with no solid reason. Tako is the only character capable of levitation and can reach higher spots and float over gaps. He attacks by spinning around with his tentacles or slaying with his hair. He can also spit ink to confuse opponents, or make terrains slippery.


Character Description Abilities
Mario-NetteMario-Nette A classic wooden marionette that also goes by the name Mario-Nette. It bears a striking resemblance to the mascot of a popular gaming company. It is hollow and has no personality whatsoever and only talks with soft gasps. Who exactly is pulling his strings is unknown. Mario-nette is completely controlled by another being from a distance with some kind of psychokinesis. His attacks mainly center around slapping and spinning around.
Melanie DollCute Melanie Doll A cute China doll who by most people would be seen as fragile. However her skin is as hard as steel but can be cracked with her own knives. She lusts on other living creatures whether they have blood or not. She talks with a cute voice hiding her true intentions. Melanie has a set of bloody knives that she uses for attacking. She can do several combinations with them and sometimes will spin around like a wild animal. She may also lunge at the player for a taste.
RoboToyX-6Robin X-6 A broken wind-up robot toy. It thinks that it is human and wants to learn more about the heroes, despite them not being human. The wind-up got stuck so he can function for as long as he wants to. Robot X-6 is a very fast boss that is hard to hit, but has a weak defense. The goal is to hit the wind-up key so it stops and breaks. He has magnets to pull and repulse and buttons to launch (homing) missiles.
Tragic & ComedyTragedy & Comedy Two 'brothers' who's spirit reside in their mask. One represents Tragedy and the other Comedy. Tragedy is always very realistic but a pessimist, while Comedy on the other hand likes to crack jokes and is very positive, and so they balance each other. They each have a set of magical abilities. While Tragedy has hydrokinesis, Comedy has pyrokinesis. They can use many variations on these elemental abilities to make themselves hard opponents.
Jack-in-a-BoxJack-in-a-Box A jester that resides in a square box with four different symbols on it that each have a different function. He likes to mock his opponents and provoke them, but is a real coward and quickly hides in his box when others approach him. As said he has four sides on his box which each have a different ability. The pentagram causes a pentagram to appear and summon devil-like wind-up toys. The eye blasts out a giant laser of blinding light. The scythe sends out a reaper that can attach itself to someone and deliver a devastating blow. The cross let's it rain down daggers from the sky.
MatryoshkaMatryoshka A strange toy who seems to suffer from multiple personality disorder. She has a total of 4 personalities her apparent true one being sweet and loving, the other one being seductive and maleficent, one where she thinks she is male and her true form deep inside that is just pure evil. In her first form she doesn't attack and just takes it asking if they can stop. When getting through the thick layer she starts using kitchen projectiles, her next form uses office supplies and her last one uses demonic spirits and summonings. Her shell has to be severed in half in order to defeat her.
TerrorKittyKitty A doll that may be familiar to some people. It is a super deluxe edition of Kitty! Only one copy has ever been made of her. She acts as the right hand... or lap animal, of Avirl and is the strongest from his toys. Kitty is a huge in size, towering over Terry. Kitty has long sharp claws that can cut through anything and one hit of it can be letal. She is fast and agile. She has apparent laser eyes and can create shockwaves.
TerrorAvirlAvirl The mysterious villain pulling the strings. Avirl. What his real motive as villain is, is unknown. What we do know is that he is trying to make the perfect Unten voodoo doll but keeps failing at doing so. He owns many toys and plushies but also experiments of them. TBA




Puppet Basement

A dark and creepy basement that is filled with wooden structures and lots of wooden dolls. Some are still being made while others are complete yet others are broken. There are broken lamps which only give dim lighting and there is a lot of parts where Terry must travel through the shadows to activate levers. The boss of this level is Mario-nette who guards the keys of the basement door.


Despite it being called Dollhouse it is actually a giant room which contains several dollhouses. Most of them look bright and colorful on the outside, with the exception of a few but on the inside there may be some disturbing rooms that really don't seem to fit in. Tessa is found at the beginning of this level and Melanie Doll is fought at the end of the level.


A place made completely out of Lego's. There are several areas in this room varying from a Lego forest to a Lego castle. Only when getting through this level one will encounter a de-activated Robin X-6. They see the key leading to the next level in its insides and have to find its wind-up key to open it. When they go back they encounter Teddy who joins them. They wind-up Robin and have to battle them in order to get the key.


Literally a big theater where the players will have to navigate through the level without getting spotting by either Tragedy and Comedy. There are many snacks on the ground which can be used to hide themselves and secret passages to get through as some paths are completely blocked. When on the stage they are spotted and fall into a trap-door and have to figure their way out from underneath the stage and battle Tragedy and Comedy once they find the ending, as they are stalking them even more in the second part.

Play Room

Possibly one of the biggest areas in the game. It is huge and filled with various toys that are just scattered all over the ground. Unlike the other levels there are actual NPC's here that you can interact with who tell that another toy is keeping them here. The area is seperated in different sections based on the primary colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple. After completing a quest in each section the player gets puzzle pieces that they can fit together and actually summons Jack.


A room which is filled with classic toys that were from an older time. Each time one has to follow the music of the music boxes which leads them to Matryoshka who has to be battled each time until her final form is defeated. Because the room is very old there are also lots of spider webs and insects.


Avirl's laboratory where he makes the 'voodoo' dolls. This place is filled with Unten dolls which they have to defeat and eventually reach Kitty who is the last one standing before Avirl.

Avirl's Room

The final area which is just a regular room where Avirl sleeps. This place cannot be explored and is for the sole purpose of defeating Avirl.


  • In the first draft of the game from a few years back included a slime-like monster that was revealed to be a molten plastic toy, however he was scrapped duo to his similar appearance to Smile in the Fantendoverse.
  • The game initially wouldn't have anything to do with the Fantendoverse. But after many pointed out the resemblance between Teddy in Unten when the character was revealed there was a change of plan.
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