One of the proffesors
Full Name Terraq
Current Age 41
Gender Male
Location Unknown (somewhere on Minerali)
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Robots
Ability/ies Robot circuits
First Appearance Robo Madness (2011)

Dr. Terraq, also simply known as Terraq, is one of sciencists that took part in Scyplo's creation. He is a person from the Slite race who are living on Mineralin planet. He is a master in creating robot's circuits and is interested in the old technology. He is always sitting in work, and spends his live to create the perfect robot and how to use old technology to improve new.


Dr. Terraq was born on planet Mineralin in a town near one of biggest mines. Most people of Slite race were usually strong and swift, but Terraq wasn't like they. Instead, he prefered to think and study. When he grew up, he studied in the Atlantica University, at Sylphiu, and befriended Elfain. He, later, got an invitation to work on one of biggest projects in universe: to help in creating Scyplo. He accepted and get to the planet Alienta to learn more from his fellow proffesors.

He later served as a guide for Scyplo on planet Mineralin.


Dr. Terraq is studious, intelligent and fairly formal. He takes things, always, as serious bussiness, and doesn't laugh at anything. Being happy by just working, he cannot be pleased easily. and is sort of a perfectionist, always searching for the perfect way to link circuits. He loves to excavate and search for minerals and ancient technology, being pretty much highly optimistic. He can be too centered in job sometimes, without even sleeping some nights. As such, he becomes highly tired most of the day, but always gets the jobs done without his own health mattering. He has some problems in his heart, which make him stressed some times.