The Terralings, a.k.a The Antilings, are a group of Koopalings, created by Dark Ludwig in The Super Koopaling Channel. They appear only in four episodes, just like Dark Ludwig: Dark Ludwig's Entrance, Dark Dive, Dark Shadows and The Dark Ludwig Finale. They were created by mixing the DNA he stole from the Koopalings, and are not truly malicious, just puckish, mischievious and naughty, though they are still prone to harming someone else. 


From young to old.

  • Tommy Koopa: A very playful Terraling. In the very beginning of Dark Dive, he turns against Dark Ludwig and lives with Lemmy. Later in the same episode, Dark Ludwig killed him with a sword as punishment for betraying him. He was 9 years old upon death.
  • James van Koopa: One of the more violent Terralings. He likes playing video games and is addicted to reading comics. He's 10.5 years old.
  • Finn von Kooppstein: This 11-year old bratty Terraling is completely addicted to games. Sadly though, he's not that nice to talk to and he mostly ignores his siblings.
  • Robin Koopa: A 12-year old Terraling that's really smart and reads a lot. A lot. A LOT. You barely see him outside the library, and if he does, then it's just to doze off.
  • Amy L. Koopa: The only feminine. She's 13 years old and a "I WANT EVERYTHING"-eqsue spoiled brat. Amy accidentally killed herself in Dark Shadows; she tried throwing Wendy in the lava but was grabbed by a Blargg and dragged in the lava.
  • Jack Koopa: 15 years and a huge bully to everyone else. He left the group after Theodore's death to live on his own.
  • †Theodore Koopa: The oldest of the Terralings, at the age of 17. He likes bossing everyone around. Theodore died due to fall damage after Bowser knocks him off the roof of Kastle Koopa.


  • The name "Terralings" comes from "terrapin" and "siblings", much like how Koopalings comes from "koopa" and "siblings".
  • Certain members of the Terralings are some of the only characters in the entire TSKC series to die on screen, the other ones being Dark Ludwig and Troopakins.
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