Teriodin Male
10'10 ft
101,010 lbs
??? years old Galaxy Ender
Teriodin, the ender at the end
FULL NAME Teriodin
POWERS Power Chaotic

Galaxy Rend

OCCUPATION(S) Galaxy Ender
BIRTH LOCATION Neighboring Husk

Ending universes, Jazz music


Being under anyone's control, Aura powers


Teriodin is the most fierce enemy of Laverne Echo, having been locked into a 15 year war to prevent his entrance into the New Fantendoverse. He is a ancient creature that only wishes to destroy the universes he flies into, having destroyed a neighboring universe next to the New Fantendoverse and leaving it a desolate husk. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as the reason why Laverne Echo had been busy for so long and why her power was not around in earlier stories.

Teriodin is a Galaxy Ender, a class of characters that fit between the Heralds and something like the Shattering, with his mere presence being able to destroy planets nearby. However, he is weakest between universes and has stayed captive under Laverne Echo's Aura powers. He is possibly one of the strongest characters to be introduced in the New Fantendoverse so far, being only rivaled by Remaka in terms of universal destruction.


Teriodin is a skeletal dragon with a cosmic goop that seeps out from his eye sockets, the tips of his horns, and make up his giant wings. He is absolutely massive, being a total of 10 feet and 10 inches tall and being one hundred one thousand and ten pounds. Teriodin's skeleton turns black when using the Power Chaotic, which transforms his cosmic goop a purple color with the star matter becoming black and cold.


An pure evil presence, Teriodin seeks only to destroy and has no qualms of what or who gets in his way. Never having met an opponent that can even dare match his strength, Teriodin is very confident in his abilities and it angers him to know that Laverne Echo has been able to keep him down as long as she has. Teriodin however, refuses to work with anyone to break himself free and will actually kill anyone that tries to give him an upper hand, as he is very eager to finally prove he can overpower Laverne Echo.

Teriodin has also expressed an interest in jazz music, as well setting down his eggs and having Teriodin Jrs to aid him in his mission to wipe out the multiverse.


Truth and Train

Teriodin makes his debut in Truth and Train.

Powers and Abilities

Teriodin is one of the most powerful characters in the New Fantendoverse, able to use the Power Chaotic and emit galactic energy comparable to black holes and red dwarfs in terms of energy output. Additionally, Teriodin is able to lay eggs and create Teriodin Jrs in a matter of hours, giving him allies equal in power to him.

Specific Abilities

Innate Combat Abilities

  • Galaxy Rend - Galaxy Rend is Teriodin's main power, able to destroy planets by merely stretching out his wings and he can shoot out cosmic fireballs that explode stars. However, Galaxy Rend is limited by it's huge scope and is not a combat ability.
  • Power Chaotic - Teriodin has access to the Power Chaotic, although he can not fully draw from it until he goes into his Chaotic Form. This can be used with Galaxy Rend to bring back things he's destroyed and use them as power for these abilities.
    • Chaotic Form - Allows him to focus his Power Chaotic abilities at the cost of his Galaxy Rend abilities. See his form section for more info.
  • Gigantification - Teriodin grows vastly bigger in size, although this doesn't actually effect his power output since it's already so large.
  • Egg Lay - Teriodin can lay eggs to hatch small Teriodin-like creatures known as Teriodin Jrs. These are his sons and daughters, who can assist him in battle. They generally have 75% less power than the original.
    • Terodin Jr. - Can be male or female, they are all named after their father. They have access to the Galaxy Rend abilities he has, as well as limited use of Power Chaotic, allowing them to spit purple fireballs that distort body parts and the arena.


Chaotic Form

Teriodin has access to a powered form that uses Power Chaotic known as Chaotic Teriodin. This allows him to use the Power Chaotic to use planet shards from planet he's destroyed as projectiles and constructs, as well as attacking with dark energy. This changes his appearance as well, making his skeletal frame black and making his cosmic goop a purple color. This completely shuts off his Galaxy Rend powers, which can be a drawback, although this allows him to fight against opponents that are immune to his Galaxy Rend powers.

Chaotic Teriodin is even more arrogant and for a good reason; he has yet to be defeated within this form. After defeating his opponent, he converts their body into a new star into his empty universe, usually using it as a reading light before blowing it out for the "night". Teriodin can only use this form for an hour, but that is actually well enough time for him. Teriodin may also shrink himself down to his opponent's height for a more "fair" fight, although this does not cut down his power at all.

This form has yet to appear within Fantendoverse canon. This form would appear if someone either challenged Teriodin in the empty husk universe he is caught between in or if he were to be set free from Laverne's grasp.


Laverne Echo

A creature from another universe that she swears to defend the New Fantendoverse against. Teriodin often taunts Laverne and is waiting for the day she finally wears herself out to wreck havoc. Laverne seems to hardly care about him at this point, able to keep him temporarily at bay with a simple magic barrier spell due to the fact he has been worn out as well by their battle.


Prin despises Teriodin for basically trapping them at The Edge for about 15 years, and throws out the garbage on his face, which doesn't even really reach him due to Teriodin's cosmic shielding disintegrating it before it even touches him.



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