Terinies, the High Priestess of the Order of Healing
Terinies' Appearance
SPECIES Synthesis Fairy
AGE 108

Terinies is a prisoner of the LPF, prior to her arrest she was a notable figure head in a multitude of controversial debates on the truth behind her religious beliefs. She is regarded by almost all individuals in the Order of Healing as one of the High Priestesses.


Terinies appears very similar to most adult Synthesis Fairies, she has a small Torso with a head approximately twice the size. She has six wings with the two front being darker in colouration. In addition she has four pouches on her lower body that contain what is generally described as the unrefined synthesis Powder. In addition like most Priestesses of the Order of Healing, Terinies has long hair that is nearly as long as she is tall.


Gifted with the powers of synthetic healing microbes, Terinies is a very peaceful individual often looking for alternative resolutions rather than conflict. She is very generous to those who accept the validity of her beliefs and is a master of refinement being known to be able to refine her own synthesis powder to a 98% Success Rate. She has gone on record to say that she does not use her own synthesis powder on herself as she believes it taints her own abilities to create synthesis powder.


For most of her life, Terinies was brought up by the Order of Healing and lead through the beliefs of gratitude and compassion. She later became a priestess for the Order and worked her way up to High Priestess, she has been referred to by many both in and out of the Order of Healing as a modern Miracle. Over the course of her career she has also had to contest against those who question the validity of her practices with claims of addiction, psychological changes & further physical harm being the accusations. As of the day she was arrested, Terinies was able to disprove both the addiction claims and physical Harm claims put against her, the psychological changes claims are still ongoing, as a test subject willing to a lobotomy has yet to be found.

When Terinies was arrested, she didn't put any restraint and warned her fellow members of the Order of Healing to not attack the LPF. Her arrest was accordingly due to her healing a multitude of war criminals which had lead to further damage. Most individuals were outraged at the LPF for her arrest stating claims that she was doing what her beliefs told her to do, in contrast however some commended the LPF on arresting her stating that the supposed Psychological impact her Synthesis Powder had on individuals was a benefactor behind her arrest.

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