• title: The name of the creature
  • image: The depiction of the species
  • descr: The description for the image
  • species_origin: The direct ancestor of the species
  • rarity: Type here Common if the creature's supposed to be common, type here rare if it's a very rare creature.
  • align: The species' common alignment (Good, Neutral or Bad)
  • behavior: The average behavior of the species; how it usually acts.
  • habitat: The current habitat(s) it lives in.
  • affiliation: Groups, locations and/or other species that may have a relationship with the species.
  • first_appearance: The species' earliest appearance
  • latest_appearance: The species' latest appearance
  • subspecies: the species that are directly inside this classification of species (such as Gloomba being a subspecies of Goomba)
  • related: Species that aren't per say direct descendants of this species, but are still related.
  • notable: Notable members of the species

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