• title: The name of the Pokémon
  • image: The depiction of the Pokémon
  • descr: The description for the image
  • species: The species name of the Pokémon
  • region: The region the Pokémon originates from
  • natdex: The Pokémon's National Pokédex number
  • regdex: The Pokémon's Regional Pokédex number
  • region2 - region10: The other regions that the Pokémon appears in (they go hand-in-hand with their respective regdex parameter)
  • regdex2 - regdex10: The Pokémon's other Regional Pokédex numbers
  • gen: The Generation the Pokémon was introduced in (Note: ONLY FILL IN A NUMBER)
  • first_appearance: The Pokémon's earliest appearance
  • latest_appearance: The Pokémon's latest appearance
  • type: The Pokémon's first type (The Type should exist in the Pokémon world, else the template will go buggy. For all the available Pokémon colors, see this category)
  • type2: The Pokémon's second type (optional)
  • ability: The Pokémon's first ability
  • ability2: The Pokémon's second ability (optional)
  • ability3: The Pokémon's third ability (optional)
  • height: The Pokémon's average height
  • weight: The Pokémon's average weight
  • evofrom: The previous Pokémon in the current Pokémon's evolution line
  • evointo: The next Pokémon in the current Pokémon's evolution line

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