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  • Title: Name of the game.
  • Image: Image that represents the game, from the Logo to the Boxart.
  • Developer: Who develops this game (usually you).
  • Publisher: Who publishes this game (Usually Fantendo, Nintendo or some other third-party.)
  • Distributor: Who distributes this game (Usually a third party, such as a major film company or TV channel.)
  • Released: The release date of this game. Each region has a different release date, so don't forget other regions.
  • Genre: What's this game's genre. (E.g.: Platformer, Sports, RPG, etc.)
  • Modes: Different modes the game has. (E.g.: 1 Player, 4 Players...)
  • Ratings: What's this game's rating. (E.g.: E for Everyone) European, German, Japanese and/or Australian ratings optional
  • Platforms: For which platforms has this game been released/announced for. (E.g.: Wii, Nintendo DS)
  • Media: Where this game's media is stored. (E.g.: DVD, Nintendo DS Cartridge)
  • Input: What controller(s) the game supports. (E.g.: Wii Remote, Nintendo DS Touch Screen)
  • Series: What series is the game part of.
  • Predecessor: What is the prequel of the game.
  • Successor: What is the sequel of the game.
  • Storage: How much GB or MB does you game need.
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