ColdBlood Poster

COLD❄BLOOD is an original competitive fighting game developed by TimeStrike for The V² platform, being the first and possibly only major entry in the Zaxiverse setting. COLD❄BLOOD is an amalgamation of the company’s scrapped works and stories, all rolled up into a single intellectual property, with this being strongly reflected in its roster, gameplay, mechanics, modes, and story. The game is strongly influenced by freakish tall tales, disturbing urban legends, numerous acclaimed science fiction films, and many reports that tap into the darker sides of society. It was also strongly influenced by the creator's personal psyche. It was notable for featuring TimeStrike's most acclaimed cast of characters to date, introducing numerous characters that would become widely celebrated by the company's fanbase. It also reintroduces many characters previously established in The Reaper's Lament and in Spice Viper, including TimeStrike's highly acclaimed Silver Zin and Mallory Zin characters. (read more)

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