{{{title}}} is the text on the top bar of the timeline. {{{link}}} the page that the title links to. This should usually be something like a category or portal page. If omitted, the title will not link anywhere.

{{{color}}} is the primary color of the template, #69f by default, and {{{background}}} is the background and title text color. Both of these apply to the entire timeline.

The timeline supports anywhere from 1 to 100 items, 1 by default. Where 𝒏 is the number of the item, from left to right including all rows (e.g. for the earliest item, 𝒏=1), each item is defined as follows:


{{{𝒏}}} is the name of the item, and the default link. If this isn't defined, the item won't appear. {{{link𝒏}}} is the name of the page that the image and name link to, if different from the name. {{{image𝒏}}} is the pagename of the image file to use, without the File: or Image: namespace.

{{{row𝒏}}} is the number of the row that the item should appear on, 1 by default. Lower row numbers are higher. A decimal number can be used to place the item between rows.


{{custom timeline
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