This template is primarily based upon Template:Snick-character created by Athena Hawkins (tbc) and the variation by Exotoro (tbc), Template:New-CharacterInfobox. Credit for the template's base design goes entirely to them, and further credit should be given to Mcbowser (tbc) for the original creation of Template:Character-infobox and to Arend (tbc) for redesigning that template. This version was done by Mirai Moon (tbc) and combines elements from the revisions of all aforementioned templates in use as of May 15, 2019.

If you wish to use the old Character-infobox, it is still available via Template:Character-infobox/classic.


|color1 = 
|color2 = 
|color3 = 
|textcolor = 
|linkcolor = 
|name = 
|jpname = 
|image = 
|descr = 
|gender = 
|sexuality = 
|height = 
|weight = 
|age = 
|species = 
|full = 
|powers = 
|birth = 
|align = 
|occupation = 
|nicknames = 
|family = 
|relations = 
|forms =
|home = 
|quarters = 
|nationality = 
|ethnicity = 
|likes = 
|dislikes = 
|chrono = 
|non-canon = 
|voice = 


This is an example
WEIGHT 70,000 lbs
Who knows
{{User:Mirai Moon/sandbox/NCI
|roundy = 10
|name = Bob
|image = [[File:Example.jpg]]<br>This is an example
|gender = male
|weight = 70,000
|relations= Friend
|align= Good
|likes = People
|dislikes = Persons
|species = Guy
|first_appearance= Who knows
|occupation= Being Bob
|scrollheight= 100px
{{User:Mirai Moon/sandbox/NCI
|color1 = red
|color2 = cyan
|border = 3px solid green
|color3 = yellow
|collapsed3 = y
|textcolor = black
|linkcolor = white
|font = exo, sans-serif
|name = Betty
|jpname = プチプチ ''Puchipuchi''
|image = [[File:Example.jpg]]
|descr = This is an example
|gender = female
|weight = 80,000
|relations= Friend
|align= Good
|likes = People
|dislikes = Persons
|aliases = Tambo
|species = Girl
|chrono= Who knows
|non-canon= Life
|occupation= Being Betty
|scrollheight= 100px


Note: this was originally included on this template's talk page. Please excuse the informal way of writing.
  • it includes every parameter from Template:New-CharacterInfobox and all of the parameters from Template:Character-infobox except element and vulnerable
    • parameters that mean the same but differ between Template:New-CharacterInfobox and Template:Character-infobox, such as the "nicknames" section, should react to the usage of either template's parameters
  • the default colour scheme was changed from grey to the yellows used by Template:Character-infobox per request from Athena and for the sake of familiarity. As with both the aforementioned and Template:New-CharacterInfobox, the colour scheme can be changed with color1, color2, color3, and textcolor.
    • the only change I made in regards to how the colours are handled is that the section headers ("General Info", "Preferences", and "Appearances") use the same background colours as the left-hand column, instead of the right-hand column as Template:New-CharacterInfobox uses
    • I also added the ability to change the template's font with the font parameter, and change the font's size used within the overall infobox by using fontsize. The example on the page, "Betty", shows this parameter in use.
    • you can also add a border with border. The parameter of border is set to "none" by default, but doing border=1px solid blue adds the appropriate border styling. The example on the page, "Betty", shows this parameter in use.
  • in case you didn't see the examples, the collapsible sections are open by default. If you, for whatever reason, want them collapsed by default the code collapsed = y should be added. Additionally, you can set which sections are collapsed by default by adding y to the parameters collapsed1, collapsed2, and collapsed3. The example "Betty" shows collapsed3 in use.
  • depending on preference, one can use the descr parameter to add a bar to the bottom of the image with the inputted description, or simply add text within the image parameter instead. The latter should be used for when images are placed within tabs, whereas the former should be used when only one image is present. Both are optional either way.
    • The "Bob" example does not use descr while "Betty" does.
  • unlike Template:New-CharacterInfobox, you do not need to set the height parameters for two scroll boxes - by default all will use scrollheight, though the nicknames, family, and relationships sections can use scrollheight2 instead
  • data for the sexuality and gender parameters do not need to be capitalized for specific colour or symbol codes to activate, whereas they do need to be in Template:New-CharacterInfobox
  • unlike Template:Character-infobox, the zodiac parameter will automatically add in the corresponding symbol (regardless of whether it is capitalized or not)
  • the appearances section will change in size depending on whether non-canon is in use - should chrono be the only parameter used, the scrollbox will fill the width of the infobox. The first_appearance parameter used by Template:Character-infobox will act in the same manner as chrono as well.
  • the infobox can have rounded borders, similar to Template:Character-infobox, by adding a number to roundy parameter. By default it is 0, to allow the template to be rectangular.
    • in order to achieve the same rounded design used by inputting {{roundy}} onto another template, input the number 10. Example "Bob" shows this in use.
  • to allow for complete custom usage of this template, you can use the parameter width to change the width of the template (default: 330px), and float to change where the template will align on the page (default: right)
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