Technocolor Mario
Original Character(s) Mario
Achieved By Touching a Technocolor Mushroom
Incredible speed, able to generate a gateway to outside the game

Technocolor Mario is the form granted by the Technocolor Mushroom power-up. It makes Mario very fast and makes him become basically a black hole. Any enemies he kills charges up a meter that allows him to escape the game's limits.


When the Technocolor Mushroom is used, it turns Mario into his big form but with a new rainbow-colored trail of his shadow following him. In this form, he can speed through enemies to defeat them (as opposed to stomping them or other means) and run over pits, as if the air was solid ground. The form can't take damage and thus never reverts.

Every time an enemy is defeated, their defeated state is absorbed into Mario's trail, which gets longer and longer as the amount of enemies are defeated. Eventually the trail splits from Mario and creates a portal to a boss fight with NES-F178.

In Super Mario Maker Phi, it was changed slightly. It no longer generates a black hole, however the trail created by Mario during running does get longer when he runs into more enemies. It can run over pits, break through walls, super jump, and destroy ground under it. Mario cannot lose this power-up when obtained. It only can only be obtained while using the level creator and in levels with the power-up. The player can only add it to their levels if they use the Technocolor Mario amiibo.


Nintendo 30

Appears in the version of Super Mario Bros and is a very heavily kept secret from the player. The player may not even know the power-up exists. In World 1-1, the player must sacrifice all their lives to the first Goomba and then start the game up again. They must now kill the first Goomba, which will explode into a shower of Marios. The Marios collapse the floor, putting Mario in World 1-2. Mario must then get towards the end of the level and then utilize the glitch that would send them to Minus World.

At the end of Minus World, the Technocolor Mushroom sits at the end of the level next to the pipe that would normally restart the level. When the player obtains the Technocolor Mushroom and heads through the pipe, the game begins with Technocolor Mario in World 1-1. The player must then defeat about 250 enemies to generate a portal that leads to a boss fight with a new character that goes under the name NES-F178.

Super Mario Maker Phi

Using the Technocolor Mario amiibo, one can unlock the Technocolor Mushroom for their own use. It functions the same as it did in Nintendo 30 but no longer generates a portal to a secret boss fight and instead acts as an infinite star that lets nothing stand in it's way.

Super Mario 3D Galaxy

In this game, Technocolor Mario can run incredibly fast and destroy everything in its path (including level elements), but for a very short time.

Super Mario: Elemental Journey

Technocolor Mario returns in this game as an amiibo exclusive power-up. It retains it's fast, invincible, pit-walking status. No stars you collect will be counted; this is just for fun.

Usage Information

It is free to use so long as you do not try to take credit for any of the images or ideas behind this power-up.


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