Teardrop Adalhard Seaside
Teardrop Seaside.
AGE 36
BIRTHDAY February 11, 7218
ZODIAC ♒ Aquarius
Ritvert (son), Elfain (wife)
WEAPONS Water Cycle
You have seen my eyes. Remember them, as they'll be the last ones you'll see! Now, until the moment you die... let's finish this!
Teardrop, Teardrop 3: Pollution

Teardrop Adalhard Seaside or just Teardrop Seaside is the main character of the Teardrop series. He's an Oceanian with the power to control water and change between the Cycles of Water. He is the captain of the Knights of Atlantica, mostly known as by the title of the Lord of the Loops.


Some time before Teardrop's birth, his mother fell to a mortal disease meanwhile pregnancy, a sickness which slowly drained her life. After praying to the Lucero Gods, his father asked them for a miracle. The next day, he received a vision: he had to go to the top of the mountains, and retrieve the Sacred Stone from the temple.

After doing so, the Sacred Stone transformed onto a small bowl filled with magical, floating water, which possesed healing properties. Taking it to his wife and making her drink it, she started to miraculously cure her disease. The magic water also affected their not yet born kids: their DNA changed, with a certain amount of water taking over Teardrop and his sister.

Teardrop was born on the noble, somewhat wealthy Seaside family alongside with his sister, Dylaette Seaside. Living with his family and parents in a mansion in the outdoors of the city of Atlantica, the first five years of his life were quite good, with nearly no troubles. However, as his life unraveled, everything seemed to be torn appart.

One day, a cloaked Time Keeper appeared at his house. Killing his mother and father in front of him and his sister, Teardrop just watched, scared and screaming. The Time Keeper cleaned his sister's mind and locked her in time. Ready to kill Teardrop, his true target, he aimed his gun at him. However, he decided to leave him alive, instead wiping out his memory and teleporting him onto the city's square.

In it, a old Oceanian librarian found him and brought him onto his library. Athene, taking the form of a small kitten, entered the library and watched over Teardrop, protecting him and becoming his companion. Teardrop, without any memory of his parents, slowly learned from the librarian and started to take care of the library with him, organizing books and reading some.


Teardrop Seaside is a clever bookworm, with an calm and introverted personality. He is a bit cynic, being a little of an snarker. He isn't very okay with being "the chosen by gods", but has to live with it everyday. Being the Captain of Atlantica, after the events of the first game, has gave him a pretty defined personality.

He will, no matter which way, try to do what he thinks it's good. This can cause him a bit of problems. He is sarcastic, and tries to see the dark sides of the ponies instead of the good ones. Because of this, he can't forgive anybody, because he simply cannot see the good side of ponies.

When he was young, he was pretty stubborn, and less cynic than when he matured. Not knowing much about the world, neither about his powers, he tried to discover himself in his journey against time, and search for even more knowledge. Maturing with the years and experiences, he became more calm and collected, with nerves made of iron, keeping his serenity even in the worst circumstances. He started to value life, and learned that, no matter what, even if you think nothing is here. there will always something to live, fight and die for.

His behaviour completely changes when around somebody or something that makes him nervous: in front of somebody such as Ella Metals, or when in embarassing situations, he becomes quite impulsive and active, constantly checking if he's doing any mistakes and doing things without thinking them before.


Teardrop has blue hair in the shape of a water drop, merging with his body, just like most Oceanian's. He has blue, deep eyes, and a darker skin tone than those normal on his species. He wears a red, nearly orange shirt most times and black pants. However, when in a mission or working with the Knights, he's also known to wear a distinctive black and red cloak.



Inferadness' and Teardrop's relationship is quite complex: however, one fact is that they hate each other to death, and will try to kill the other if the opportunity comes. Teardrop despises Inferadness for being a psychotical, crazy murder, and Inferadness despises Teardrop for how he looks at life. Albeit Teardrop might seem a better person than Inferadness, Inferadness is in the truth more positive than him, caring for his peasants.


Teardrop views Borealis as sort of a pupil: after teaching her lands were not everything, Teardrop became sort of a teacher to her, telling her lessons about life and thought he had learned while on his life on the streets. As so, Borealis became inspired, and wanted to experience what he had experienced. They didn't see each other much after Borealis disappeared.


Rocky views Teardrop as a good friend, caring for him. However, they can fight sometimes, often being rude to each other, due to having extremely different opinions. However, both have a great loyalty to Atlantica, and are great captains: as so, they are not as different, knowing that Rocky also lived on the streets.


Ayla cares and is kind to Tear, and is shown to have a slight crush on him: however, Tear thinks of her just as a friend, and would never think of she in any other way. She sometimes is shown pulling a prank on him, however, most times, she fails since of his calm personality.


Rufus and Teardrop have a bit of a complex friendship: sometimes, they fight a lot, and then don't talk to each other for quite some time. However, Tear knows he can trust them, and will always help him with any problem he has. Tear also treats Rufus with special care, as he's shown to be the last of his species standing on ground.

Ella Metals

Ella and Teardrop's relationship can be seen as quite one of the most complex ones in the series: Teardrop started to love Ella during the events of Wounds of Time, while she didn't love him. However, when Elfain appeared, their relationship started to turn more complex, with Teardrop occasionally trying to make her love him. However, when getting to know Ella's relationship more with Strafe, he started to care more for her as a friend, and try to protect her. Their shipping is known as LiquidMetal Shipping.


Teardrop tries to act natural with Strafe to always confirm that there is nothing between him and Ella, despite always feeling constant guilt and jelalousy.



Cap'n Wally



Teardrop dislikes Sunny's freewilling pranking and for this Sunny plays extra pranks on him to his disgust.


Fandemonium 2

Teardrop was chosen to fight in Fandemonium 2/Eps.2 of Fandemonium 2 where the nobely defeated Metal-Form in no-nonsense fashion by a kick to the stomach one episode later. He is later implied to be the unofficial leader of the Red team.


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  • Teardrop is not crystalline like water and all other Oceanians, and has a darker blue tone. It's possibly because he's made of the Ancient Stone's water.
  • Teardrop was based on a song of the same name, made by Massive Attack.
  • He is shown to be able to make objects float with his mind and use telekinesis in cutscenes, such as making books float onto his hooves, but he never demonstrates these abilities in-game.


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