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Teardrop (Series)
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The Teardrop series logo.
Developer(s) TeardropTeam.png
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Genre(s) Puzzle, Platformer.
Spinoff(s) None
First Game Teardrop (Game)
Most Recent Game Teardrop Puzzle

Teardrop is a series of games, developed by the Teardrop Team. Those are logic, platformer games, with a great puzzle element in those, starring Teardrop Seaside. It was originally created by Hybrid Co. It features water states, abilities, tricks, and clever puzzles.

In the games, you control Teardrop, an Oceanian with the power to change between forms, to reflect the cycle of the water. With his power, you can go through small paths, fly high, shoot water, dash in snow, and even more.

Inferadness is the series main enemy, however he can also be playable in some games. He's an Jester, with the power to control fire, and the Sacred Flames.


Original Trilogy

Logo Game System Storyline Release Dates
Teardrop8bitLogo.png Teardrop (Original) Nintendo Entertainment System Teardrop is a hero with the power to transform into liquid, ice and steam who lives in Atlantica. However, Atlantica has been attacked by Inferadness and his evil minions. Will Teardrop rescue and free Atlantica and his friends from the evil power of Inferadness? Or will he perish while trying? 25px-Flag of Japan.png March 01 1984
25px-Flag of USA.png March 01 1987
25px-Flag of Europe.png June 01 1987
25px-Flag of Australia.png March 01 1988

Seaside Trilogy

Logo Game System Storyline Release Dates
TeardropLogo.png Teardrop (Game) Nintendo 3DS Everything was right in Atlantica. However, in Teardrop's 18th birthday, something happened. Fire started to burn everything: houses, roads, palm trees... The Cycles of Water were lost. They had no hope. Until someone remembered the child. The special one, who was birthed by the woman who drinked the Juice of Cycles... He was their last hope. And so, Teardrop started a journey to free Atlantica from the Sacred Fire. 25px-Flag of Japan.png March 01 2011
25px-Flag of USA.png March 01 2011
25px-Flag of Europe.png March 01 2011
25px-Flag of Australia.png March 01 2011
Teardrop2logo.png Teardrop 2: Journey through the Sea Nintendo Wii When the Sea starts to freeze, one year after Inferadness' defeat, Teardrop seeks his help, knowing he's the only one with power over Ice... Both need the other for ending this trouble. Who is doing this? And, even more importantly, why? Teardrop, Inferadness and the Knights of Atlantica go through the seven seas to encounter the culprit... Explore the Atlantic Sea, the Islands of it, and discover this mystery! 25px-Flag of Japan.png May 01 2011
25px-Flag of USA.png May 01 2011
25px-Flag of Europe.png May 01 2011
25px-Flag of Australia.png May 01 2011
MysteriousThree.png Teardrop 3: Pollution Hybrid Delta Atlantica's sea has been extremely polluted now. The gods, angry at Sylphiu's state, start a war against all the species in the planet, in which Teardrop needs to take place to defend his country. However, some of the light gods, Luceros, may help him in his journey... and some old enemies, too. Will he succeed and make the gods believe him? TBA

Ritvert Trilogy

Logo Game System Storyline Release Dates
LogoTearDesire.png Teardrop: Forgotten Desire Hybrid Fusion

Teardrop: Forgotten Desire is the first game in the Ritvert trilogy of the Teardrop series, focusing on Teardrop Seaside and Elfain's son, Ritvert Seaside, and his journey to save his father, the universe, and the whole world from Inferadness, with help from Rocky, an old friend of his father and Scyplo, the robot his mother worked on.



Logo Game System Storyline Release Dates
Log.png Teardrop Puzzle Nintendo Wii Atlantica's being attacked by pirates! One priestess, and fellow member of the Knights of Atlantica, Ayla, starts to pray for help... Suddenly, block pieces start to fall from the sky! The most powered Oceanians move them side to side, and later discover that, if, with the pieces, you form a polygon, the polygon disappears with everything around it... With the pirate boats disappearing, there was still a problem. How would they stop the polygons? 25px-Flag of Japan.png May 01 2011
25px-Flag of USA.png May 01 2011
25px-Flag of Europe.png May 01 2011
25px-Flag of Australia.png May 01 2011
100px Atlantica Defenders Hybrid Delta

Atlantica Defenders is a 3D tower defense game being produced for the Hybrid Δ as a collaborative project between GamerAvenue Co. and Hybrid Co.. The game's story is based on Teardrop 2: Journey through the Sea. The game involves you commanding both Atlantican and Jester forces protecting their country against the Glacies.

TeardropStratosballLogo.png Teardrop Stratosball Hybrid Delta

Teardrop Stratosball is a spin-off game in the Teardrop series, expected to be the series' first spin-off game, that will be released in late 2012. It features Teardrop Seaside, Inferadness, Borealis and other captains working with their teams to win the worldwide Stratosball tournament.

KnightsofAtlanticaLogo.png Knights of Atlantica Hybrid Delta Knights of Atlantica is a spin-off top-down RPG game in the Teardrop series. It features the Knights of Atlantica in a quest to investigate and solve a mystery deep inside the town of Atlantica: when the night comes, when the lights are turned off, when everyone is in deep sleep... shadows appear. TBA





  • Before Elfain and Robo Madness, Ayla was originally Teardrop's planned love intrest.
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