Developer(s) Hybrid Co.
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre(s) Platformer, Puzzle
Release Date(s) JP March 1st 1984
AU March 1st, 1988
US March 1st, 1987
EU June 1st, 1987
Mode(s) Single Player
Media Included NES Cartridge

Teardrop is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, released in 1984 and developed by Hybrid Co. It's a puzzle platformer featuring Teardrop Seaside in a quest to free Atlantica from Inferadness and his evil minions.


Teardrop is a hero with the power to transform into liquid, ice and steam who lives in Atlantica. However, Atlantica has ben attacked by Inferadness and his evil minions. Will Teardrop rescue and free Atlantica and his friends from the evil power of Inferadness? Or will he perish while trying?

Teardrop goes through five stages, battling one of Inferadness' minions in each one, until he reaches Inferadness' kingdom. In it, he finally battles Inferadness and frees Atlantica from the Sacred Flames.


The game has the control of a standard platformer. Teardrop can jump with B, shoot water with A, and change between water forms by pressing Select. The player can also move him by the cross-shaped D-Pad. Each form has his own controls, as they have different abilities.

The game is a puzzle platformer where logic is heavily involved in the beating of levels. Clever use of the water forms is needed, and, as the levels are certainly hard, it also requires a considerable amount of skill.

Water Forms

Sprite Name Abilities
Tear8Bit Oceanian Jumping, running.
Liquid8Bit Liquid Walk, merge, jump, go through small paths.
Ice8Bit Ice Freeze enemies, float.
Steam8Bit Steam Fly.


Sprite Name Abilities
Shellacabre8Bit Shellacabre Sliding, jumping, smashing.
Vampyr8Bit Vampyr Flying, descending, grabbing.
Firevolous8Bit Firevolous Burn, float, grab with tongue.
Illusion8Bit Illusion Teardrop Repeat Teardrop's moves.


Grab Teardrop, smash, attack, jump, roll.
Inferadness8Bit Inferadness Throw fireballs, fly, teleportation, smashing, grabbing, summoning.
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