Cropped map (team-annotated)
Sonic Heroes 2 locations
Team name Member 1: Member 2: Member 3: Member 4:
Team Sonic Sonic Shadow Silver Scourge
Team Rose Amy Blaze Cream Vanilla
Team Underground Tails Cosmo Manic Sonia
Team Knuckles Knuckles Shade Mighty Ray
Team Archaic Mina Max Mach Sharps
Team Big Big Honey Marine Tikal
Team Chaotix Espio Charmy Vector Saffron
Team Covert Ashura Wechnia Nazo Covert
Team Dark Rouge Fang Bark Bean
Team Babylon Jet Wave Storm Hurricane
Team Badnik Scratch Grounder Coconuts Metal Sonic
Team Eggman Eggman Eggman Nega Chaos Emerl Metal Sonic II
Miscellaneous Tiara Froggy Fiona Fox Egg Pawn
Nic Tempest Megatox Guidashir

Team Babylon is one of the teams in Sonic Heroes 2. The characters in it are Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross (from the Babylon Rogues) and Hurricane the Eagle (from the Babylon Five). Whilst not part of the main team, Tempest the Raven (the final fifth of the Babylon Five) looks after the Babylon-owned Scrap Brain, Star Light and Reactive Factory zones when the rest of the team are not there and is later of paramount vitality in the team's transportation to the Egg Carrier.

Their zones are races not dissimilar to those in Sonic R; Reactive Factory Zone remains as before, whilst Regal Ruin doubles up with Labyrinth Zone and Resort Island doubles up with Green Hill Zone. Radiant Emerald is right at the end on the Egg Carrier, but Radical City is tricky; it spreads from Metropolis, Oil Ocean Zone, north-east Aquatic Ruins, Casinopolis, south-west Marble Garden Zone, an otherwise impassable part of Mystic Ruins South and back into Metropolis.

The Babylon Five woke up one morning to discover that the parts Wave had intended to work with had been stolen. Jet, who had previously lost to Sonic, blames him and Team Babylon make their way over to Green Hill Zone.

Upon arrival, Team Sonic - who have just arrived back from their trip to Great Turquoise Zone - are located by Team Babylon, who promptly try to race against them only for Hurricane to look elsewhere, lose concentration and collapse off his board; furious, they storm off in a huff. They get as far as Labyrinth before bumping into a bellicose Team Covert, who run them out of there; having been turfed out, they decide that the only sensible solution is to return to Metropolis. They perform their usual route through Spring Yard Zone, Marble Garden Zone, through the Mystic Ruins train station into Station Square and then into Metropolis. Or rather, try to. There has been a terrorist attack on the city, and Team Babylon get as far as Marble Garden Zone before discovering that the train from the Mystic Ruins to Station Square has been derailed and is stuck in Station Square, causing them to detour through Marble Garden Zone (named Act Two by the game), through Casinopolis (much to the chagrin of the team, without playing any of its games) into Hill Top Zone, take a leisurely stroll through the scary sidewalks of Mystic Ruins South and a filthy venture through Oil Ocean Zone.

Once they finally access Metropolis, they make their way to their usual mechanic and repurchase the items they had accused Team Sonic of moseying off with. However, no sooner than they do so, they spot Team Dark with what quite clearly is the original package, and in an act of punitive rage, chase the team round Radical City. Having wrestled the goods back from Team Dark, their mechanic calls them back and sneaks the team out of his back door into Spring Yard Zone, providing a nifty shortcut bypassing their diversion. The game records this as Act Two. The team travel through a different part of the Labyrinth (Act Two), and proceed cautiously through Star Light Zone, as it appears to have deteriorated significantly since the last time they were there for reasons unknown.

They find out why Star Light Zone had become the cesspit it was once they reached Scrap Brain Zone. To their horror, Eggman Nega and Metal Sonic 3.0 of Team Eggman had rolled up, and were laying into Scrap Brain's guardian Tempest. He, quite rightly, was refusing to hand over a Chaos Emerald which had somehow rocked up on factory premises but was still by rights Team Babylon's. They fight Team Eggman, and believe them to be gone before spotting that the Emerald had disappeared in any event. Anyway, Tempest reports that he has discovered a secret cavern on the Star Light/Scrap Brain/Reactive Factory border which he thinks the rest of the team should investigate. While Wave makes the planned amendments to their Gear and a lovestruck Hurricane remains with her, Jet and Storm head Gearless towards the cavern, and once they take a look, they unearth an archaic transporter used by Eggman in the early 1990s to access his old Sky Base Zone.

They run back to Scrap Brain in an attempt to return to Wave. They needn't have bothered. Wave was making their way over anyway to deliver the Gear to them, and they barely get to the entrance of the cavern before she arrives with her deliveries. With the Gear in hand, they activate the transporter, and teleport through the sky into Egg Carrier. Upon arrival, they race around Radiant Emerald and arrive right in the centre of the engine. Wave, finding components of the engine quite capable of further boosting their Gear but failing to notice that the Carrier needed them to fly, extracts them from the engine, loads them into the Gear, and then the four ride into the top deck of the Carrier only to find the Carrier collapsing out of the sky. In a panic, they throw themselves off the Carrier on their Gear and they find themselves on the southernmost point of Sleeping Egg Zone. The final cutscene shows the four of them walking through Electric Egg Zone, discussing their ordeal, and sneaking back into Scrap Brain Zone via how they came in.

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