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Sonic Heroes 2 locations
Team name Member 1: Member 2: Member 3: Member 4:
Team Sonic Sonic Shadow Silver Scourge
Team Rose Amy Blaze Cream Vanilla
Team Underground Tails Cosmo Manic Sonia
Team Knuckles Knuckles Shade Mighty Ray
Team Archaic Mina Max Mach Sharps
Team Big Big Honey Marine Tikal
Team Chaotix Espio Charmy Vector Saffron
Team Covert Ashura Wechnia Nazo Covert
Team Dark Rouge Fang Bark Bean
Team Babylon Jet Wave Storm Hurricane
Team Badnik Scratch Grounder Coconuts Metal Sonic
Team Eggman Eggman Eggman Nega Chaos Emerl Metal Sonic II
Miscellaneous Tiara Froggy Fiona Fox Egg Pawn
Nic Tempest Megatox Guidashir

Team Archaic is a team in Sonic Heroes 2 consisting of Mina Mongoose, Max the Monkey, Mach the Rabbit and Sharps the Chicken. Max, Mach and Sharps originate from the Sonic the Hedgehog band, which was later used as bandmates for Mina (then nicknamed Songoose). The word 'archaic' means very old to the extent of seemingly being from another period.

In Sonic Heroes 2, once the sound test has been unlocked, Team Archaic play most, if not all, of the tracks (the rest are either collaborations with Manic and Sonia of Team Underground or are exclusively Team Underground); Mina Mongoose sings, Sharps plays the lead guitar, Max plays bass guitar and Mach the Rabbit is a drummer.

A fairly lazy day for Team Archaic. Usually, Team Rose turn up quite early in the morning to harass them and kick them out of bed but today, that hasn't happened. So Max suggests going out for a walk somewhere. A bad idea; as Sparks makes his first step towards the front door, voices are heard outside. Sparks takes a peek outside and spots Team Rose. To avoid arousing suspicion, they decide to go out the back door. Not that it would've mattered one little bit; on their way out, Team Rose see Team Archaic and give chase. Race Radical City begins.

After 'a walk somewhere', after which the team end up in Metropolis, the team eventually evade Team Rose, by which time they are exhausted. Team Chaotix turn up, and after some chat in which we discover that the train route from Mystic Ruins South to Mystic Ruins North doesn't work any more and that as Team Rose is visiting the Chao garden Archaic's attendance would be foolhardy, they decide to go down to Sandopolis to practice, on the basis that it would be blissfully quiet enough for them to lay without getting disturbed.

It was not.

Not only is Sandopolis very close to Underground Zone, where Team Underground members Manic and Sonia practice, but Tiara Boobowski is doing a bit of sunbathing at the far end of Sandopolis, and comes out after the music wakes her up. However, as Team Archaic does not find out about this until they get there, action stages Oil Ocean Zone, Hill Top Zone, Casinopolis, HydroCity, Angel Island, Hidden Palace Zone and Lava Reef Zone play in order.

They get set up. Equipment is assembled; guitars plugged into the amps (which in some bizarre superseding of the normal laws of physics is actually a power supply), keyboards tuned, drum kit setup etc. They start playing a remix of Sunset Park Zone Act III, getting just past the fourth chorus when Tiara turns up and starts moaning. After some time, the four of them and her get acquainted and she shows them all round her home. After quite some time, Tiara shows Team Archaic a secret room that contains the shrinking technology used by Naughty Nack in the Sonic the Comic Knuckles Knock-Out Special story "Traitor of the Lost Pyramid". After further discussion, they depart and walk back to Metropolis.

Well, that was the intention at least. They do the stages in reverse; Lava Reef Zone, Hidden Palace Zone, Angel Island, HydroCity. And then Max summons a revolutionary idea; to check Mystic Ruins to see if the station was open. The station itself was not open, but they decide to explore the actual underground itself. Action stage Mystic Ruins Act I is played.

Why Act I? After Act I, Team Archaic overhear voices. They hide behind a corner and overhear the conversation. Turns out that they're talking to Team Chaotix, and giving orders in lieu of those that Dr. Eggman gave to Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes. Eventually, Mina recognizes the voice as that of Fiona Fox; however, in her announcement to the team of who it was, Fiona hears and their presence is rumbled. She rushes over and picks a fight with them, resulting in her being used as a boss.

Eventually, she runs off and the team decide to rush to Aquatic Ruins - where Fiona had redirected Team Chaotix to - to notify Team Chaotix. Mystic Ruins Act II is played and then so is Oil Ocean Zone. After locating Team Chaotix, they inform them of the events that occurred and they decide to go to Mystic Ruins to see what was going on.

That leaves Team Archaic. They decide to find somewhere else out of the way; Emerald Hill Zone springs to mind. Mina suggests that that is where Sonic inhabits; rubbish! Sonic inhabits Green Hill Zone, Shadow inhabits Emerald Hill Zone, Silver inhabits Mecha Green Hill Zone and Scourge inhabits Great Turquoise Zone. However, because of Mina's mistakenness, the team take a trip there. Action stages Aquatic Ruin Zone and Chemical Plant Zone are played, after which Mina locates a hedgehog. In a scene very similar to the one in Sonic Adventure 2 onboard Prison Island between the Dr. Eggman stage Weapons Bed and the Doctor Eggman versus Tails boss fight, Mina runs up to Shadow mistaking him for Sonic, realizes that it's not him and backs away. This time, however, Shadow actually says something: He tells the troupe that Sonic is in Great Turquoise Zone! So they take a walk up there. Action stages Atomic Destroyer Zone, Tidal Plant Zone, Meta Junglira Zone, Sunset Park Zone and Great Turquoise Zone are played.

When they get to the end of Great Turquoise, they see Silver - much to the chagrin of Mina. Mach tries to stir up some conversation, with limited success; Silver is transfixed on the lump jutting out of the top of volcano. After being lectured with a large amount of spiritual mumbo jumbo, they decide to investigate. Action stages Angel Island, Hidden Palace Zone and Lava Reef Zone are played, with them climbing the mountain itself to investigate. After seeing that it was the Egg Carrier, and work of Dr. Eggman, they scram. On their way down, though, they decide to misbehave. They decide to go back into Hidden Palace Zone and see what would occur if they tried Naughty Nack's shrinking technology with the Egg Carrier jammed in the volcano. Hidden Palace isn't played as a zone; the player goes straight there. They meet Tiara Boobowski - who by now is a different colour to the state the player met her in before - there, say hello and pop around the back and activate the technology.

The result? The Egg Carrier detonates, causing an earthquake in the process. In the volcano's attempt to shrink, the Egg Carrier abides by no such request and it causes an explosion internally. Only one small problem, though. Chaos Emerl is still on board! With the increased heat, the whole thing just surges upwards. The player sees the lava/Chaos/whatever ascending and promptly descending, hurtle towards the camera and once it hits it the screen goes black. This storyline ends there, on a cliffhanger.


This is, by a mile, the longest storyline of Sonic Heroes 2 because it unknowingly extends past the descent of the Egg Carrier; the post-Egg Carrier events of this storyline are directly responsible for the final storyline.

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