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Tayshaun Kenyon Fitzgerald
Tayshaun, a hero of Earth who doesn't know of his status
AGE 19
BIRTHDAY April 20th
WEIGHT 182 lbs lbs
BIRTHPLACE Tempe, Arizona
ETHNICITY African-American
Etinésa Rodriguez (fiancee), DeMarcus Bolton (best friend), Krystal Pérez, Amy Jackson, Hitomi Yamamoto (allies in battle), The Other Heroes (friends and allies), Kenya Yakubu-Fitzgerald (mother)
SERIES SSB TayshaunandAmy.png

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Tayshaun Fitzgerald is a human from Tempe, Arizona. He is a heroic being who protects the universe from dangerous forces without even knowing of the fact. He is one of two main protagonists in the Tayshaun & Amy series, alongside Amy Jackson. He protects Earth and a planet known as Midula regularly. People usually say that Tayshaun's style is unusual, what with his green hair, and "neon-like" outfit.


Tayshaun is a tall 19-year-old African-American male with green spiky hair. He wears an orange and purple Phoenix Suns hoodie (which just says PHX), shorts with a camouflage pattern and red sneakers. For unknown reasons, Tayshaun does not have an eye colour. In Fantendo Sports Resort, he will wear a Phoenix basketball jersey instead of his hoodie in his default outfit. As of The Cinema Trip, Tayshaun has a black goatee.


Born in Arizona, Tayshaun never had much to look forward to. Prior to meeting his now-fiancee Etinésa, he barely did anything aside from toughen himself up. He was raised in Phoenix, and is son of a former rally driver and a successful businesswoman, of whom was in charge of Fitzgerald Industries.

When Tayshaun was 18 and just finishing high school, he met Etinésa Rodriguez, a princess from the planet Midula. How she reached Earth is unknown. Tayshaun fell in love with Etinésa upon first meeting her, and the two became friends. When Tayshaun finished high school, he moved to Los Angeles.

When Etinésa got kidnapped for the first time, Tayshaun was the first person on the job and his whole world flipped upside down. Suddenly, he went from a farmboy to a universally known hero of worlds. He defends the universe's balance non-stop, again, without meaning to, as well as Etinésa, who he also flirts with. Unbeknownst to Tayshaun, Etinésa found Tayshaun rather good-looking. The two eventually confessed their feelings to each other and have been together since.

Despite his deadly heroic life that he has no clue of somehow, Tayshaun manages to keep hold of a subtle, calm and collected home life. If he was seen out of the action, he'd be mistaken for a completely different guy. However, one day when teaming up with Hitomi, a portal to another dimension appeared to open.

Tayshaun and Hitomi, alongside Amy and Krystal, chose to see what the portal lead to, and found a completely different universe that confused them quite a bit. It apparently went by the name of Fantendoverse. He met Unten and Hitomi flipped, scared about Unten's ability to talk. After the not-so-good first impression, Tayshaun moved onward, getting ready to fight anything dangerous in the way.

Tayshaun will visit the Fantendoverse every so often. More recently, he's started realising he's saving the world, and has decided to go on the path to become a true hero of the universe, even if people have questioned who he is.


Tayshaun is usually lighthearted and talkative. He has no clue that many people worship him for his heroic skill and he is boggled whenever someone is approaching him with save-the-world tendencies. He is generally a joker aside from that. He is always firm with his opinions.


Tayshaun is highly athletic. He tends to use his athleticism to his advantage when he's traveling across Midula, searching for Etinésa and trying to end Santolio. He also has great strength and is always determined to get things done. He also shows great skill with a basketball, which he attributes to his athletic abilities.


Etinésa Rodriguez

Etinésa and Tayshaun are soon-to-be husband and wife. The two are very close and hardly ever fall out with each other or have arguments. They got engaged in How It Started.

DeMarcus Bolton

DeMarcus is Tayshaun's best friend. The two are almost essentially twins, with the only things separating them being their hometown and their height (Tayshaun being 6'4", DeMarcus being 5'0")

Krystal Pérez

Krystal and Tayshaun are good friends. They tend to joke around together and theyshare a lot of secrets with each other.

Amy Jackson

Tayshaun sees Amy as the sister he never had and finds her to be extremely caring and comforting. The two did not meet until the events of Amy vs The Future.

Hitomi Yamamoto

Alongside being an ally, Hitomi is a good friend of Tayshaun's. The two normally hang out with each other when they're in college and tend to mess around a lot as a team. In The Other Side, the two tend to share a lot of screen time together. The two are rather commonly mistaken for a couple because of how long they spend together.

Jess Pierce

Jess and Tayshaun get on fairly well. Tayshaun tends to find Jess' anger a bit off-putting but tries to overlook it when chatting to her.

Kenya Yakubu-Fitzgerald

Kenya is Tayshaun's mother. She is rather proud to have him as a son, what with what he does, and respects his choice to save the world. Kenya also has great respect for Amy and Etinésa.

Fantendo Smash Bros. moves

Tayshaun is set to appear in RTA's Fantendo Smash Bros. game. His other moves are:

  • Neutral weak attack: Tayshaun strikes with a spinning heel kick, a knee strike and a superman punch.
  • Side weak attack: Tayshaun does a "bunt" hit with a baseball bat.
  • Up weak attack: Tayshaun punches upward
  • Down weak attack: Tayshaun sweeps the opponent from under their feet with a punch
  • Side smash: Tayshaun strikes harshly twice with a baseball bat
  • Up smash: Tayshaun lifts the opponent up then lobs a basketball at them.
  • Down smash: Tayshaun does a breakdance of sorts, reaching his feet out to knock the opponent a great distance
  • Neutral aerial: Tayshaun spins and kicks
  • Front aerial: Tayshaun kicks with both feet
  • Back aerial: Tayshaun hits anyone behind him with a bat
  • Down aerial: Tayshaun kicks downward quickly
  • Up aerial: Tayshaun kicks above himself
  • Neutral special (Fastball Incoming!): Tayshaun prepares a fastball pitch and throws it fast. Double tapping makes Tayshaun throw a knuckleball, which is more unpredictable for the opponent to read but is much slower, so it deals less damage.
  • Side special: Tayshaun does a flip over his opponents and strikes from behind with a punch
  • Up special (Alley-Oop!) - Tayshaun leaps up high, holding a basketball, before going back down in a style similar to Ike's Aether special.
  • Down special (Home Run Derby): Tayshaun spins in a circle and launches his opponent with a bat
  • Slam, Wham, Thank You Ma'am!: Tayshaun's Finisher. Tayshaun rolls his opponent up into a ball shape before running off the edge of the stage to a suddenly appearing basketball hoop, which he dunks his opponent through before getting back on stage. This move is an instant KO move, but it rather hard to hit with.


  • Up: Tayshaun spins his sword around
  • Side: Tayshaun does a backflip and says "C'mon, get going!"
  • Down: Tayshaun dances around

Victory poses

  • Tayshaun runs at a basketball hoop and slam dunks a ball, sending it between his legs before throwing it down.
  • Tayshaun runs at and jumps over a car, before spinning around and looking at the camera, saying "Was that it?!".
  • Tayshaun throws a basketball at a hoop far away and the ball goes in, which Tayshaun celebrates over.


Tayshaun & Amy

Fantendo crossovers

  • Fantendoverse Racing - Tayshaun is a playable character in Fantendoverse Racing. His vehicle is his old pickup modified.
  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Magma - Tayshaun is playable in Fantendo Smash Bros. Magma.
  • Fantendo Sports Resort - Tayshaun is playable in Fantendo Sports Resort. More information on his Sports Resort appearance can be found here.
  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Smorgasbord - Tayshaun is a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros Smorgasbord.
  • Amy Jackson's Pro Skater - Tayshaun is a playable character in Amy Jackson's Pro Skater.
  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality - Tayshaun is a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality.
  • Fantendo Smash Bros. X - Tayshaun is an assist character in Fantendo Smash Bros. X.
  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory - Tayshaun is a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.

Other appearances

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Tayshaun Fitzgerald
Tayshaun's Adventure (2015)

Tayshaun Fitzgerald. Just your regular guy from Tempe, Arizona. Although, his life isn't all that regular. After he saved his girlfriend and a planet by the name of Midula, Tayshaun went from a farmboy to a hero. His attempts to just keep his life normal have always failed, what with all the bizarre events happening around Anaheim during the Tayshaun & Amy series. His life was ultimately flipped upside down by Hitomi, a teammate of his, opening up a portal to another dimension. Tayshaun has more recently started to be more responsible with the position he is in, and works toward ridding the world of the threats it is targeted by.



  • Tayshaun is named after retired basketball player Tayshaun Prince.
    • Tayshaun also has an alternate outfit in Fantendo Sports Resort with Prince's Detroit outfit on.
  • Tayshaun was dared to dye his hair green.
  • Tayshaun is the tallest of the main characters in the Tayshaun & Amy series by over a foot, the next-tallest being Krystal at 5'3".
  • Tayshaun is half-Namibian.
  • Tayshaun's bizarre hair came from a Create-A-Player mode in an NBA game, where RTA fan gave him green spiky hair and sent it over to Tayshaun's actual design.
  • Tayshaun is a fan of the Phoenix Suns in a similar fashion to how he got his hair. When RTA fan created Tayshaun, he assigned Tayshaun to the Phoenix Suns. This is also how he ended up being from Arizona.
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