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Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side is a 2D comedy/action/drama animated TV show based around some of the more minor characters from the Tayshaun & Amy series and airs on Adult Swim. Reception has not yet been received. Guest writers are welcome, as long as there is no filler.

Season overviews

  • Season One - A group of characters try and defend Earth while Tayshaun, Amy and a few other characters go to the Fantendoverse after a portal is opened.
  • Season Two - The team of heroes continue to protect Earth with Amy, Krystal, Tayshaun, Hitomi and Tabitha by their side.
  • Season Three - With a new group of heroes alongside them, Blaze, Skye, Jess, Anna and Flynn keep on doing their regular deal of saving the world.


Initial team

Character Description
Jerry Sankovic A Russian-American character who also happens to be Amy's boyfriend. He is a skilled bassist.
Jess Pierce
A rage-filled, dissatisfied girl from Santa Ana, California who can be seen as the leader of the Other Side team, Jess is always in a bad mood. She gets more unhappy when her love interest goes to the Fantendoverse. Over the first two swasons, she matures, but it's all for naught by the end of season two.**
BlazeZedinkExoBlaze Zednik A Czech-American girl who is a secret agent at the start of the series. She used to try and to hide her cover, but she failed to do so. Blaze acts like the strategist of the team and is able to move like a ninja, despite her absurdly long hair.**
Skye Caballero
A cryokinetic from San Jose, California, Skye is Amy Jackson's best friend. She was not chosen to join the team, but managed to pull some strings to get into the team.**
Nick Anderson Nick is a guy from California who is extremely into Krystal. He is upset when she goes to the Fantendoverse.
Aminu A Minun from the Hoenn region that generally helps Brendan out, who, like Nick, has a love interest in Krystal. He is a headstrong and somewhat stubborn character.
Nikolai PopovicExo
Nikolai Popovic
A Slovenian hiker who usually runs a shop with his friend Nina. He is normally calm and cool.
Nina ChevoskiNina Chevoski A hiker from Belarus who has a dream of climbing Mount Everest before turning 30. She has a love interest in another character.
Kirsti Jones An alien who came to Earth so her mother and father could do research without the bother of raising two children. She had amnesia upon first coming to Earth, but she slowly adapted, thanks to her human brother (through adoption), Chase.
Leah Auvic
No, not that Leah... Okay, yes, that Leah, but this is a different version of her. She is a lot less like Leah Needlenam in the sense that she's a doctor who sticks to the doctor role and finds herself working with The Other Heroes while her colleague is in the Fantendoverse.
Flynn Apollo A... butterfly? Uh. Yeah, a butterfly. Flynn is a butterfly from somewhere who seemed to want to help The Other Heroes out, and ended up joining them in protecting Earth.**
Laura Palmer Recently freed from the hell that was her internal organs folding in on their selves, Laura is an Australia-born, Japan-UK-USA raised girl who has a few too many powers after a gigantic freak accident who is willing to overcome her timidness.
Carli Bailey A shape-shifting human/griffin from California, Carli is a girl who's brain is a tad too powerful and has hardly any tolerance for joking around in a fight.
Alex Schmidt


A field agent from the Not-So-Wonderful 75 , Alex is a girl from Germany who saves the world on a daily basis alongside the team she works with.
Beth RTAverse
Beth Johnson*
A leader of the Not-So-Wonderful 75, Beth is the brains of the group. Her appearance tricks people into thinking she's a villain and gets information for the good guys.
DeMarcus Bolton


Tayshaun's best friend, DeMarcus is a guy out of Arizona who helps his best friend through the rough endeavors that lay ahead.
Link Perez


Wait, waitwaitwait. Link. The Hero of Time Link. In the RTAverse. Fuck this, I'm out.

...Right, he just quit. Anyway, yes, the Hero of Time was willing to go to one of the most insane places in any multiverse ever.

Anna by WereWaffle
Anna Edmondson


Dr Anna Edmonson, PhD. A theoretical physicist from Alberta who just received her doctorate. She does research for the Not-So-Wonderful 75 and is really good at it. She uses the chance to protect the universe to perfect her fighting skill.**
Adele Sampson


A law student from North Carolina, Adele is a young woman who went to California and got dragged into the defending of the RTAverse.
Amy Jackson Exo
Amy Jackson
Amy is the main hero of the Tayshaun & Amy series. She is a cyborg from Mars and the future and she officially joins the team in season two.
Krystal Pérez
Krystal is one of the secondary heroes of the Tayshaun & Amy series. She is a telekinetic girl from Mexico who was suddenly trusted with being the goddess of lightning for a reason never explained.
Hitomi Yamamoto
A girl from San Francisco who opened up the Fantendoverse portal, Hitomi is a person with an odd element that joins the team some time between season one and season two.
Tabitha James A woman from the planet Aggronia who went to Earth to protect it from an attack from her own species, Tabitha is like the main fighter for the team, alongside Amy Jackson.
Tayshaun Fitzgerald
A guy from Arizona who saves the planet Midula regularly, Tayshaun is one half of the secondary heroes of the Tayshaun & Amy series alongside Krystal Pérez.

An asterisk indicates that the character debuts in The New Team.

Two asterisks indicate that the character stays in the team after Working Hard.

Introduced in Working Hard/Rebuilding The Team

Character Description
Aloha Vaega A young Samoan woman who joined the team to clear up the bad reputation she has from working with another team, Aloha is a barista who likes to put her crafting skills to use, but never gets the chance to do so.
Henry Cardinal An English guy who wants to put his athleticism to good use, Henry joined the team after watching Jess and Skye protect Aloha from a duo of corrupt cops.
Valmilton Paxson A former Canadian boxer, Valmilton gave up on the sport of boxing while living in Canada. He moved down to Los Angeles for college but got sidetracked.
Jennifer Oaklyn A young woman who is a researcher with the Not-So-Wonderful 75, Jennifer is an aquakinetic who can tend to be dimwitted, but likes to work with people.
Robyn Palmer A borderline insane woman from West Virginia, Robyn has terrakinetic powers and her own form of justice, and likes to torture her enemies.
Troy Jackson A young Tuvaluan golfer with a promising career, Troy decided to join the team to pass the time while waiting for tournaments to start
El Rey Real name Ricky Jackson, El Rey is a Kansas native with a rebellious past. He's a graffiti artist who tends to hide from the cops, but tries being more confident by joining the team.
Courtney Robinson A Kazakh-American woman with aerokinesis, Courtney is a frustrated young woman who had just got back from a tour around the world.
Larry Cole Like Courtney, Larry had just got back from a world tour. He hails from Maine and joined the team to try and grow up a bit.
Danica Tomlinson Danica is a precognitive young woman from Jacksonville with a tough past, Danica joined the team knowing she'd be working with her friend, Skye.
Chris Thomas A young woman from North Dakota who joined the team after thinking Blaze and Skye were more responsible than her old team, Chris is a strategist with a serious need for speed.
Fatima Temiz Like Chris, Fatima joined the team when she met Blaze and Skye. Fatima is an ex-FBI agent from Qatar who is usually down to earth.
Lance Henderson A guy from Idaho who joined the team, completely unaware of what he was getting himself into, Lance is a carefree person who wants to live life as much as he can.
Oleg Stravinski A dreamboat from Croatia who loves to show off his muscles, Oleg is a guy who tends to be up for injuring himself so his teammates can progress.
Ian Mendez A cool-headed person who can put up with just about anything, Ian joined the team to see how he would fair as a vigilante.
Serena Jones A doctor who works with Leah, Serena is a woman from St. Lucia who hates fighting, and opted out of helping Amy stop D'Angelo again, feeling the war was a bit too violent for her liking.
Reed Cross A young South African who is very humble and dislikes being egotistical, Reed is a guy who hates having his name up in flashing lights, and prefers the calm life.
Mauchung Tam Mauchung is a Cambodian guy with a lot of ambition, and loves to go to the next level and challenge himself all the time.
Roger Avanti An old ally of Skye, Jess and Blaze's, Roger is a friendly guy from New Mexico who was left behind in going against D'Angelo, so joined the team, having already worked with some members in the past.


Season One

Episode Description
The Lucky Few Amy, Krystal, Tayshaun and Brendan discuss how to keep the RTAverse safe while they aren't in the universe, and pick some people to protect it while this happens.
The Start Of Something Shortly after a few characters go to the Fantendoverse, a small group of minor Tayshaun & Amy characters attempt to protect their universe.
Alien for Christmas An alien by the name of Kirsti decides to join The Other Heroes to protect Earth during the holiday season. Nikolai and Nina have to keep secrets.
A Spy's Duty Blaze starts to act more secretive, which raises questions from the other characters.
Odd Friendship Aminu and Nick hang out and get caught up in stopping a bank robbery. Guest written by Sr.Wario (tbc), who is best known on TV for his work on Fantendo - Gaiden and sister show Fantendo - Journey.
Strike of Santolio With Tayshaun in the Fantendoverse, Santolio decides to try and kidnap Etinésa, but is unaware of The Other Heroes, who attempt to fight him off. A new hero called Flynn joins the team.
D'Angelo: Round 2 As Flynn gets settled into the team, Mr. D'Angelo decides to try and take on The Other Heroes.
Aminu's Day Off Aminu decides to take a break from saving the RTAverse to go back to Hoenn. Unfortunately, the different place does not mean he's safe from fighting and he gets caught in a region-wide fight between good and evil.
The Deep, Dark Truth Pt. 1 Jerry has a bad dream about Jess, believing she's a vampire, and ends up being proven right. Skye, Carli and Nick try to help him. The team are attacked by soldiers from a company called D'Angelo and Sons.
The Deep, Dark Truth Pt. 2 Krystal returns from the Fantendoverse and the fight between The Other Heroes and D'Angelo and Sons rages on, and ultimately results with Jess being knocked into the Fantendoverse.
The Day Off The team end up having nothing to do and decide to take a day off while Jess, Jerry, Skye and Blaze are in the Fantendoverse and end up going to Disneyland.
The New Team A few people from an agency known as The Not-So-Wonderful 75 decide to assist The Other Heroes. Amy also returns to the RTAverse alongside Tayshaun and Brendan.

Season Two

Episode Description
The Other Side of the Journey The Other Heroes go through the portal and end up meeting the Special Ops, of whom recognise Jess, Jerry, Skye and Blaze as well as Amy and Krystal. Co-written by RTA fan (tbc) and Sr.Wario (tbc).
First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage Kirsti and Leah's wedding arrives as the team help them get prepared.
(Alex) Schmidt Happens Alex struggles to get over Matt and decides to go back to the Fantendoverse to meet him again.
Back To The Fantendoverse The team go to the Fantendoverse again and end up running into another part of F.A.N.T, known as the 410 squad.
The Cinema Trip While Kirsti and Leah are on their honeymoon, the team go off to see a few movies.
Class in Session As Leah and Kirsti return from their honeymoon and most members of the team are in school, the characters finished with education try and find something to do.
A Day in the Life of Schmidt And Jackson Alex and Amy find their selves with nothing to do while everyone else is out doing other things, and hang out for the day. Matt moves in with the team following him and the Special Ops ending D'Angelo & Sons in the Fantendoverse.
Save a Life, Lose a Life Upon an attempt on Theo D'Angleo's life, Amy leads a smaller group consisting of her, Jess, Aminu, Nina, and Hitomi to discover the would-be killer and their motives, which causes conflict between the heroes. Guest written by Sr.Wario (tbc).
Living Like Caballero A sort of "day in the life" episode like A Day in the Life of Schmidt And Jackson, this episode centers around Skye's everyday life.
Three Strikes, You're Out Krystal and Laura go out on a double date with Eliza, Krystal's mentor of sorts. Anna, Amy, Nikolai and Hitomi go out to a baseball game.
Working Hard Blaze sets out on her first job as an FBI agent. The episode also shows a day in the life of working in Nina and Nikolai's shop.
Rebuilding The Team After being left behind by the rest of the team, who have gone to fight D'Angelo, Flynn, Blaze, Skye, Jess and Anna, alongside new characters Henry and Aloha, try to find new people to add to the team.

Season Three

Episode Description
Jackson vs. Thomas Troy and Chris go out for a round of golf, but the game doesn't quite go to plan. Tommy and Ashlee pay a visit to the team, but are unprepared for the new members, as opposed to Amy, Krystal and so on.
A Scientist's Story This episode focuses on Anna's past, as it shows what she was going through before the events of The Day Off happened. Blaze and Jess return from having travelled the country during Jess' Quest.


Reception has not yet been received.



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