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Tayshaun & Amy is the main series for the developer company RTA Games. It's debut game is Tayshaun's Adventure, which was quickly followed by a TV show. This was also RTA Games's intro video game.



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Tayshaun is one of the main heroes of the Tayshaun & Amy series, alongside Amy Jackson. His games tend to be more mixed genres, like action and platforming. His debut is Tayshaun's Adventure.


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Amy is the second main protagonist of the Tayshaun & Amy series, alongside Tayshaun. Her games are more like puzzle or role-playing games, mostly based around her getting out of the grips of the future she was born in. Her debut is Amy vs The Future. She is supposedly mascot of RTA Games.


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Etinésa is somewhat like the damsel in distress in the series. She has got levels to herself, including a level in her mind, but more often than not it's up to Tayshaun to save her. Her debut is Tayshaun's Adventure.


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Krystal is a major character. She has no games at the moment, but she does have a story.

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