Tayshaun & Amy is an animated TV show based around the series with the same name. It follows some of the key characters in the series as they attempt to protect their universe.

Series overviews

  • Series 1 - A group of 3 people start to protect Earth and unusual events entail.


Character Description
Amy Jackson Exo
Amy Jackson
The one Tayshaun & Amy that doesn't need an introduction but she's getting one anyway, Amy is a heroic cyborg. She is from a dark future where humanity is in a gloomy state, and living on Mars after destruction tore Earth apart.
Tayshaun Fitzgerald
An Arizona farmboy gone universe protector, Tayshaun is a hero who doesn't even know he's a hero that has to protect his girlfriend from a force by the name of Santolio.
Krystal Perez Leather Jacket
Krystal Pérez
A telekinetic girl from Mexico, Krystal is a girl who has a rough life and uses combat and her looks to forget about her home problems.
Hitomi Yamamoto
A Japanese-American girl with mysterious powers. She doesn't know the extent of these powers, but they play a big part in the series.
Carli Bailey
One half of two twins from Orange, California, Carli is a girl capable of a transformation into a griffin. This is something that helps the team of heroes throughout the series.
Brendan Palmer
Brendan Palmer
An MD from La Habra who is weirded out by the events that go on in Anaheim. He puts it upon himself to protect his sister, Laura.


Episode Description
How It Started Three people end up being caught in a fight to save the world and team up.
Stuck in Space Amy and Krystal are caught and taken into space. Tayshaun heads out to Midula to save his fiancee.





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