Tayshaun's Adventure
Developer(s) RTA Games logo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii u
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, Platforming, Shooting
Series Tayshaun & Amy
Predecessor N/A
Successor Amy vs The Future
Media Included Optical Disc, Digital Download
Storage Needed 934MB

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Tayshaun's Adventure is the debut game for indie company RTA Games. It follows Tayshaun Fitzgerald while he is trying to save a girl by the name of Etinésa Rodriguez from a bizarre force. It released in 2015 on the Wii U.


Tayshaun's Adventure has many different areas. In action areas, it can work like a Zelda game, in platforming areas, it will work like either a Mega Man or Mario game and the shooter/combat areas can work like many different games.


Tayshaun Fitzgerald's regular, everyday life is interrupted when a close friend, Etinésa Rodriguez, is kidnapped and taken to a planet by the name of Midula. The kidnapper, called "Santolio", plans to take and use Etinésa's powers and use them as his own. With help from his friend DeMarcus, Tayshaun sets out to save her.

Tayshaun battles through the various areas, only to find "Santolio" attempting to take over Etinésa's body for a reason he never discovered. "Santolio" manages to take over Etinésa's brain, but a small version of her fought him out. "Santolio" escaped from being destroyed, leaving Etinésa's mind swiftly. This lead Tayshaun to try and track him down.

Tayshaun ends up running into one of Santolio's minions, whom he defeats. Since he freed Etinésa, she had been at his side since and helped out. Before too long, they come upon a barren wasteland, which they assume was destroyed by Santolio and find a young boy called Hawk, saying "some destructive thing" came and destroyed his town, pointing to a wrecked village. This prompts Tayshaun to take Santolio out for good.

After another treacherous hike across the land, Tayshaun discovers that the reason Santolio wanted Etinésa's powers because she is the princess of the land they had gone to. This shocked Tayshaun, saying she was "one of the most un-princess-y" people he'd met, before she went into depth with her backstory. She mentioned that she was only a princess due to her brother not stepping up to it. Tayshaun decides to ramp up on keeping Etinésa and sets out once again.

Eventually, Tayshaun reached the layer of Santolio, who seemed more manic than ever. He decided to fight and ended up going against a deadly, gigantic version of Santolio. As Tayshaun was ready to take Santolio out, DeMarcus shows up out of nowhere and shoots Santolio. However, he survives and escapes. Etinésa dubs Tayshaun and DeMarcus heroes of Midula. Before the player can find out what happened next, the narrator stubbornly knocks a tape out of a camera, causing the screen to blank out.

Game Modes

  • Main Story - Follow Tayshaun as he saves Etinésa.
  • 2-Player Race - Have two players try and reach the end of a level first.
  • Level Replay - Go back around and collect anything you may have missed on your first attempt of a level.
  • Extras - You will be awarded certain things for completing certain events within the game and you can view most of it here.
  • Options - As you could guess, this is where you tamper with how the game plays to suit your preferences.


Reception is yet to be received.


  • The idea of Tayshaun's Adventure came from a fictional story the creator of the series was writing.
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