Taylor Amelia Jamison
Taylor Jamison, the fiery Cook Islander.
AGE 19
BIRTHPLACE Avarua, Cook Islands

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Taylor, (Alex) Schmidt Happens

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Taylor is a human from the Cook Islands. She went to the US to find a better life and to put her pyrokinesis to proper use.


Taylor is a shortish 19-year-old Maori woman with light brown skin and has long black hair generally tied into a ponytail, but may have it down at times. She wears a purple woolly sweater, blue bootcut jeans and red leather boots which are mostly covered by her jeans. Her eyes are brown. On the back of her sweater, there is a message sewn on it saying "Kāinga Ko te wahi i te ngakau he", which is "Home is where the heart is" in Maori.


Taylor was born on the Cook Islands and lived in the country's capital for a few years. Taylor found out she had pyrokinesis when she was 3, when she almost set her house alight by letting out a fireball while messing around with her mother. When Taylor turned 15, she decided to assist around the islands, helping tourists out and putting shows on by making multiple things with her powers.

She eventually got sick of the job and decided to sneak aboard a plane to Los Angeles shortly after her 19th birthday, sitting in with the luggage. It was also this way she found the clothes she wears in the Tayshaun & Amy series.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles Taylor was caught in a conflict going on at the time that she never understood and decided to take cover until everything blew over. She ended up meeting Ayrton Romero during the action and they ended up teaming up with a group of people with odd pasts and a guy named Barry.


Taylor is laid-back and jokey. She tends to take things in a lighthearted manner and makes it feel like everything will be okay. She also tends to be very fearless, and takes everything bluntly and head-on.


Taylor was born with strong pyrokinetic powers. She uses these powers whenever she is in a fight and has mastered the use of them over time. Sometimes, she may still badly time the use of her powers, however, for example in Kicking Off, where she almost blasts a fireball in a gas station. She is a fairly good fighter, being able to get swift hits on her opponents without letting them get a hit in. Taylor is also fluent in Maori and English, and uses Maori to trip people up. She is also rather intelligent, and is working toward a degree in Biology.


Emily Kramer

Emily and Taylor are rather good friends. Taylor usually looks out for Emily if she's feeling down on herself and always attempts to cheer Emily up.

Barry Robinson

Barry and Taylor are close friends. The two usually team up when they go into combat and have perfect chemistry with each other. There are implications at times that the two are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Amy Jackson

Taylor has a lot of respect for Amy. She admires Amy's skill and power and wishes to work with her some time in the future. The two have chatted before and are somewhat good friends.

Krystal Pérez

Krystal admires Taylor's skill, and finds Taylor somewhat attractive. The two met in The Cinema Trip, where Amy and Krystal attempt to fight D'Angelo off and run into Barry and Taylor.



  • In Cook Islands to Cali, it is revealed that Taylor's clothes were actually clothes she stole on the plane to California.
  • Taylor lived in an abandoned sugar plantation before moving to California.
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