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Tatsu, the Oni warrior.
AGE Unknown
CLASS Warrior

Tatsu is a warrior from Hell. A ghostborn, Tatsu became a hardened warrior and formed a lasting friendship with fellow soldier Gethen. The two went on mission upon mission with each other and she slowly fell in love with him, though he was ignorant to this. After the cowboy was engaged to Arial, who soon after escaped to Earth, the two embarked on a quest to bring her back. This turned into a fight against the Devil where he became the new king of Hell and she became his right-hand woman.

Tatsu was created by Inora with help from .scatteredreams. Reception for the character has been (TBA).


Tatsu is a beautiful, tall, and muscular woman who has the physical appearance of someone in their 20s. She has two horns on her head, long black hair, light red skin, magenta eyes, and an angry expression. She often wears a suit of shiny and silver metallic armor that covers all but her neck and head, with her tail poking out of the backside of the suit.

After Devilish, she ties her hair up in a ponytail and wears sunglasses.


Early History

Born to two demons, Tatsu had the same life that all ghostborns in Hell did. Hard labor with few breaks and torture if any mistakes were made. She escaped this by training to become a warrior, where she'd risk her life, but have a chance at becoming something more. As a teenager, she met Gethen, who had come from a similar background and was also training to become a warrior.

The two became best friends over the years and were often paired together for the various missions they went on that mostly included rounding up and killing rogue demons. While she fell in love with him, he never realized this. Eventually, Gethen became the best warrior in Hell, with Tatsu in second place. This kind of strength lead to him being betrothed to Arial by the Devil, who he was fiercely loyal to.

This crushed Tatsu, while he was estatic about it, having quickly fallen in love with the princess. She viewed Arial as weak and unworthy of his love, but kept quiet about it to make him happy. The two planned out their wedding, with Gethen making the Oni his best woman. Eventually, Arial grew dissatisfied with her life in Hell, and fled to Earth. She was happy about this, but Gethen was miserable.

Devilish (Volume 1)

The Devil gave Gethen and Tatsu the task of tracking down and bringing back Arial. He eagerly took up this task, while Tatsu helped him reluctantly. The two were sent to New York City, where they had little success in tracking down the princess. This was until the news took note of Arial's good deeds, which allowed them to eventually find her apartment building.

By the time they got there, the Devil's patience for them had run low. He informed them that he would surround the city with a barrier of red energy and scour it for his daughter alongside an army of demons, which they would be part of. Although agitated by his rudeness, Gethen loyally followed this order, and Tatsu did the same. The two eventually found Arial alongside her new friend, the angel Amanda.

Believing that Amanda had corrupted his fiancee, he ruthlessly attacked her while Tatsu attempted to restrain Arial, who they thought was out of her mind. Arial and Amanda worked together to defeat the duo, and when they woke up, the Devil was looming over them. He revealed that he didn't care for Arial or either of them, he only planned to use the three to destroy the mortals. Realizing that she wasn't in love with him and that the leader he had followed was evil, Gethen set off to help her, assisted by Tatsu, who was loyal to him rather than the Devil.

After stealing a motorcycle, the two caught up with Arial, Amanda, and F.A.N.T agent Tobias James, mowing down demons in their path. Gethen apologized and explained her father's plan as well as the fact that they wanted to help her. Needing the help, Arial accepted his apology and decided to work with the two, the five charging into battle against the Devil himself.

He made short work of the four, but Arial alone was able to defeat him through bravery and wit, trapping him in an ice crystal for the rest of his days. In the aftermath of the battle, Gethen was made king of Hell by the princess, who wished to remain in New York City.  Tatsu complimented Arial on having the courage to confront her father, which inspired the Oni to admit how she felt to Gethen. They went back to Hell, where she confessed her feelings, and after a short conversation, he kissed her.


Tatsu is a person with a rough exterior. She doesn't make friends easily and seems to view most people as weak and foolish. The Oni is a tough leader, barking commands at her soldiers and expecting only the best, holding others to unrealistic standards. Although this makes Tatsu rather unpopular, she often sees situations as they are, being a realist that provides a voice of reason.

She has no mercy for her enemies, only sparing them from a horrible fate if they have some usefulness to her or her allies. Despite her dislike for most people, a select few have earned her friendship and/or respect. Tatsu will protect these people with her life, following them into impossible battles and difficult situations. Around Gethen, the only person she's ever loved, Tatsu is sweeter and more shy, showing another side to her.

The Oni finds parties, jokes, and other festivities to be a waste of time that decrease productivity and distract from serious issues. Similarly, Tatsu never smokes or drinks, though she is a big fan of food. Unlike many others, Tatsu isn't motivated by one goal and doesn't blindly obey anything or anyone. She is loyal to only person, Gethen, who she'll follow to the ends of the Earth to make happy. Like most demons, Tatsu dislikes angels and is ambivalent towards mortals.


Like all demons, Tatsu is naturally stronger, faster, more durable, more athletic, and more agile than an averange human. She's also a tough warrior who knows how to lead, dispatch opponents quickly, and strategize for future battles. Although she might even be a better fighter than Gethen, he has a better track record due to his skills at interacting with people and raising morale.

True to her being an Oni, Tatsu's main weapon is a spiked club. In her hands, the weapon is a killing machine, with incredible power and spikes that could pierce the toughest armor. If well-timed and used at the right spot, a single blow from the club could kill a mortal. The armor she wears is incredibly durable and can withstand attacks from special and regular weapons alike.

Like other ghostborns, Tatsu can speak any language fluently without an accent, though her natural accent is Japanese. She's also immune to disease and cannot become drunk. Although Tatsu is an incredibly talented fighter, her choice of weapon makes her less useful in a ranged fight and her instinct to fight first and ask questions later has gotten her in danger before.



Since they were teenagers, Gethen and Tatsu have been best friends. Although they have wildly different personalities, they get along very well and always have each other's backs. At some point Tatsu fell in love with him, but he never realized this. Despite this, the two continued to be close, although she was crushed by him getting engaged to Arial.

After asking her to be his best woman at the wedding, Arial left Hell. This saddened Gethen but made Tatsu happy, though she supported him through the rough time. After setting out to bring her back, their bond grew even more, with Gethen eventually realizing that Arial isn't in love with him. Upon their return to Hell, Tatsu confessed her feelings, and he kissed her after they briefly talked.

The Devil

Tatsu, always being less naive than her best friend, didn't care for the Devil nor did she trust him. She was only loyal to the king of Hell because Gethen was. Meanwhile, the Devil viewed Tatsu as a pawn at best. Upon his rebellion, Tatsu joined the cowboy in his crusade against the villain, her loyalty lying with him alone.


Arial and Tatsu rarely met but were closely connected due to the former being engaged to Gethen and the latter being his best friend who loved him. While Tatsu hated Arial, who she believed was unworthy of him, the princess was rather neutral towards the Oni. After they joined her side, Arial gained Tatsu's respect through her courage and inspired her to confess her feelings to Gethen. Arial was flattered by this and encouraged her to do so.


Tatsu viewed Amanda the same as Gethen did, as a corrupting influence, while she found them both reprehensible for their attempts to capture Arial. When they decided to join the heroes, Amanda fought alongside Tatsu.

Tobias James

Tatsu and Tobias fought together against the Devil and his demons, but it's unknown how they feel about each other.




  • Tatsu was inspired by Oni.