A Tanooki Suit.

The Tanooki Suit, also called the Raccoon Suit, is a suit from the Mario series that first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 that turns Mario into Tanooki Mario. It was a more powerful then the common Super Leaf that not only allowed Mario to fly and hit things with his tail, but also to turn into a statue for a short time to escape close calls with enemies. It appears as a small suit that looks like a Tanooki.


New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y.

After a super long time of absence, the Tanooki Suit returns in the Do It Yourself game, New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y. It works like it did in Super Mario Bros. 3, only the player chooses when it appears.


The Tanooki Suit appears in SMWWii, just like it's appearence in NSMBDIY. It first appears in World 2-2.

New Super Mario Bros: 3

In World 1-8 the, "Tanooki Time", Tanooki Suit appears. It is used to kill spiked astro goombas. Like in Super Mario Bros. 3, it allows the Bros. to fly with a running start, glide, do a tail attack, and turn into a statue. However, in this game, if an enemy touches the statue, they will turn to stone. If one of the bros. turns into a statue while airborne, they will turn into an 8T weight.

NEW Super Mario Bros. 3: Limited Edition

Returns as a Power-Up, along with the new Kitsune Suit.

Super Mario 3-D Galaxy

The Tanooki Suit is set to appear in Super Mario 3-D Galaxy, with the ability to glide through the air and turn into a statue like in Super Mario 3D Land.


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