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Taiketsu is a hyper boo with hyper powers, fire powers, and pizza powers.

His pizza power

With the power of Pizza, he an throw sausage or pineapple pizza at a face while playing a game. He also has his pizza power in Baka Adventures Kart.

Hyper powers

He can do red powers. He also can laugh louder than King Boo or Boo. Also, Taiketsu can stomp on the ground with another body. Also, Taiketsu can do a strong hyper spin.

Fire powers

Taiketsu does fire powers on his mouth. It is black and red. Also, with his fire power Taiketsu can do a hyper spin after he hits someone with his fire power.


He makes his debut in the Nintendo VR game Mariofan45: Attack of the Castle where he is trapped in a cage and MF45 has to save him from the evil Koopaling Lucas Koopa. Taiketsu can also be a playable character IF you rescue him from Lucas Koopa.



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