Taikari Sanhea
Credit to Exotoro (tbc)
The Silent Scythe
AGE 20
BIRTHDAY November 17th
ZODIAC ♏ Scorpio
HEIGHT Average
WEIGHT Slim lbs
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral
CLASS Gunner
WEAPONS -Two blaster pistols

-A wrist-mounted flamethrower -Her ship

SERIES Ghostverse
Laura Bailey
Taikari is the main protagonist of Zalvar Online, though not in the actual game itself.


Taikari is of average stature, and is almost never seen without armor on. She can't stand wearing simple clothing. On her wrist is a gauntlet of sorts with a built-in flamethrower.


For a time, Taikari didn't really care for anyone. As someone who's lived in the Zalvar sector her whole life, she's gotten used to its cruel environment and knows how to live in it. Those who cross her pay the price. She's willing to backstab, betray, and manipulate people to get what she wants. Yet, after joining the Vanguard of Spirits, Taikari became a more level-headed individual, and was more or less dedicated to assisting her allies.

Taikari is prone to lashing out with violence however. Being a mercenary from a young age has left her scarred by violent events, and she often uses her mercenary work as a means of dealing with the associated stress.

In battle, Taikari tends to utilize her dual pistols to take out her enemies, as well as her wrist-mounted flamethrower. She tends to go for the kill almost all of the time in a fight, or at least leaves her opponents with serious injuries.


Early Life

Taikari was born to two soldiers of Neolight Station's military. However, they had debts to a gang in the city that were left unpaid, eventually leading to them being murdered in front of a six-year-old Taikari. She'd be scarred by these events, and would run away from home. Eventually, a mercenary for hire found her while on the job and took her in, for he also had a score to settle with this gang.

Taikari learned various combat skills from her adoptive father, culminating in her realizing that the only way to live in the Zalvar sector was to take shit from nobody and to always be prepared for a fight. She'd keep these skills in mind as she entered the world of mercenary work, and would eventually take on a job to kill her adoptive father. Thanking him for his lessons, she'd kill him simply because of the lessons he taught her: to always take on jobs that pay well. He'd understand the situation knowing what he'd taught Taikari.

The Silent Scythe

As she took on more jobs, Taikari would make a name for herself. People called her the "Silent Scythe" due to her tendency to take out her foes quickly and violently. Whenever she entered bars, people would pick fights with her due to them recognizing her armor. All of them would fail to defeat her and would suffer immense injuries. Taikari would also attract the attention of numerous gangs throughout the sector who sought to kill her due to her tendency to kill the people that offer her jobs should they offer a bad deal.

At some point, Taikari stole a cargo ship and began to outfit it with weaponry, so that she could utilize it for space-based jobs.

Zalvar Online

Taikari would pick up a job to obtain some information from pirates on Scakomia, before finding out it concerned a desert planet with ruins on it. Believing that the ruins could hold valuable goods, she betrayed her employer and decided to visit the planet. On the way, she was confronted by her rival Kalgosh, but the two of them both crashed on the planet.

On this planet, known as Keranor, Taikari formed a team to find the ruins, consisting of the Catonea grenadier Keraniza, the saff sniper Gralnin, and the volant warrior Zerrik. The group would stumble upon Kalgosh and some allies of his on the way, but would leave them for dead, with Taikari in particular dealing with Kalgosh. Within the ruins, a robot was reactivated, and the group would later decide to bring it to its original owners.

However, Taikari's group was later intercepted by the Circle of Shadows, who Kalgosh was now the leader of unbeknownst to them. They'd try to evade the Circle, but would later confront them on the planet Wyunvar. There, Kalgosh, now known as the Soul Grazer, would face off against Taikari, but she'd escape and join the Vanguard of Spirits as a general.

In The Shadow Of An Empire

Taikari firmly established herself as one of the Vanguard's finest generals, winning many key battles. Her team would later be assigned to bringing the krexxon empire into the war, leading to a journey to Krexxak itself. Despite managing to get on the emperor's good side, the krexxon empire had been plunged into civil war, thanks to the Circle of Shadows's meddling. The Circle wanted the location of a planet that held a zalvosh superweapon. Said planet was actually Ascerth.

Taikari would forge a close bond with Keraniza during this time as they fought against the Circle of Shadows, primarily the Soul Grazer's five lieutenants known as the Acolytes of Nihility. During a pitched battle, the Acolytes would manage to secure Ascerth's location, leaving Taikari and the rest of the Vanguard to try and stop their plans.

Hour of Reckoning: Part 1

Taikari was present as the main leader of the Vanguard of Spirits' ground forces on Ascerth, helping to secure the superweapon.



  • Taikari was inspired by both Samus and Fera, as well as Boba Fett from the Star Wars franchise.
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