Taff the Ribombee
SPECIES Ribombee
AGE 20
HEIGHT 0.2m (0'08")
WEIGHT 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) lbs
SERIES Pokémon

Taff is a Ribombee whose job is to fight criminals until they faint, and then to bring them to the police. One should not try to do this in real life. He’s Showstar’s rival.


Taff is known for being a very nice guy. He always tries to make himself charming, and he keeps a smile almost all of the time. He wants to do the right things because he doesn’t wants to be seen as a bad person, which is his worst fear. He often gives food and other resources to poor and homeless people. He’s also quite determined and doesn’t gives up on tasks easily, even if they seem impossible for him to complete. He’s always holding a sword, which makes him feel more courageous.

Taff isn’t a flawless person, however. He is quite stubborn, and it’s very hard to change his views on aspects of life like politics. He’s also used to dealing with criminals by making them faint, which can put him in problematic situations in places that are not named Clawtin.


Taff looks similar to most other Ribombee (which look like humanoid bee flies), but there are a few key traits that allow people to differentiate him from other Ribombee. First of all, his limbs are generally fatter than normal Ribombee. However, they’re a bit shorter. His wings are also smaller than the normal Ribombee, although he’s still able to fly. He’s almost always seen holding a yellow sword, which is presumably made of beeswax. Finally, his eyes don’t have the usual square-shaped spots in them; he has one round white spot on the top of his eye instead with the bottom of the eye being slightly lighter than usual.

Attacks and Abilities

Taff’s physical power is tremendous...for a Ribombee. Indeed, while Taff has the highest Attack stat he can possibly have, Ribombee have a low base attack stat of 55; it is in fact their lowest stat! Taff’s sword, however, is surprisingly strong despite being made of beeswax, allowing him to put dents into enemy as well as letting him use moves like X-Scissor. He’s also able to block attacks with it, and can himself take a few hits. However, this sword is easy to knock out of his grasp, which puts him in awkward situations. He usually is forced to run away when this happens, which fortunately isn’t too hard.


Taff doesn’t haves much of a backstory. He has been bullied a few times when he was young, which fueled his decision to fight for the “good” side. He apparently has taken down a number of criminals, including an Incineroar, a Golisopod, a Vileplume and even a Toxicroak. His life changed a bit when the police decided they should arrest Showstar. He has been causing Taff a lot of trouble since he always beats Taff in battle, often in somewhat humiliating manners.

Relations with other Characters


Taff despises Showstar because of how he always manages to beat or outrun him. Showstar, however, claims he practically treats him like a friend. Showstar clearly doesn’t cares about Taff trying to arrest him and even enjoys chatting with him during his fights with Taff, which annoys the latter because it makes him lose his focus.

Dr. Magnon

Taff and Dr. Magnon are good friends, and they often cooperate during missions. However, Taff has a tendency to overestimate Dr. Magnon's abilities, which occasionally annoys the later.


Taff is a little curious about her species. They have met a few times and are on rather good terms, even though Alpe is a friend of Showstar.


Taff says that once he’s done arresting Showstar, Ere will be his next target. He’s even considering pausing his current mission to arrest him, because of how threatening he is to Alpe.


  • Taff is meant to be a “Cute Character”. Many of his aspects were chosen in order to make him feel cuter in general. This is the only real reason why his eyes are different compared to other Ribombee.
  • Taff was designed before Ribombee was officially revealed, thanks to it being seen for a split second in one of the Pokémon Sun and Moon trailers before it was revealed.
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