TaBooki (series)
TaBooki Series Logo 3
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Developer(s) Fantasy Factory Letters
Publisher(s) Fantasy Factory Letters


Genre(s) RPG, Adventure
Spinoff(s) none
First Game TaBooki: Growing Up
Most Recent Game TaBooki: Growing Up
Nintendo 3DS Logo
The TaBooki series is a RPG series starring TaBooki and his friends who try to stop the evil GherooB and his minions from taking over the Mushroom World. The series was created by Tom (tbc) and his company Fantasy Factory after fans thought TaBooki, the main character, deserved it. At the moment, the series includes one game that is still in development, but a second one has already been announced.


The series includes one game in development and one announced game.

Logo Game System Plot Release Dates
TaBooki Logo New TaBooki: Growing Up Nintendo 3DS It was a dark night when GherooB and his minions attacked a little town called Boo Village. They killed all residents, but missed one little Boo. That little Boo was called Yvan. When Yvan accidentally transformed into his new appearance, he started a quest for his parents and the other residents, not knowing they were killed, and called himself TaBooki. The source GherooB needed to accomplish his plan was the leaf that changed Yvan into TaBooki, and he sent his minions at him. TBA 2013
TaBooki 2 Beta Logo TaBooki 2: Double Trouble Nintendo 3DS It was a shiny day when TaBooki heard rumors about GherooB trying to bring his dad back to life. However, he soon got confirmation when he saw GherooB and an older looking version of him attacking the woods. When they noticed TaBooki, they fled away to their castle and released their troops. With the help of his new feathered friend Teeko, he started a new quest to defeat the troops and defeat the evil duo. TBA



Character Name Description Debut
TaBooki PP TaBooki TaBooki is the main hero of the series. After transforming from a little Boo into his current appearance, he has been on some adventures to defeat GherooB. TaBooki is heroic and brave, but most of all kind and friendly. In battle, TaBooki uses his tail as main weapon. Mario Kart: Pro Circuit
TaBooki- Flynn Flynn Flynn is a squirrel that got saved by TaBooki from some moles. Flynn then gladly joins TaBooki's party, and they later become good friends. Flynn dreams of being a stuntman and with his skills, he helped out the crew quite some times. Flynn uses his fists to knock and damage enemies in battle. TaBooki: Growing Up
TaBooki- Theodor Theodor Theodor is a shy ant who got bullied away by his family. He then joins TaBooki's party to show them they have always been wrong about him. First being shy and unsure about himself, Theodor gained some confidence and started believing in himself again thanks to the crew. Theodor loves to read, and knows many trivia about certain objects and animals. Theodor uses his boomerang as special weapon in battle, which he stole from his dad before leaving. TaBooki: Growing Up


Character Name Description Debut
TaBooki- Tucan Tucans Tucans is a friendly chicken that the crew met in the Forest Maze. After talking a bit, she agreed to help him by letting them ride on her back so they could reach new areas. Since then, the crew became friends with her. Tucans is always friendly, but can also be very pedantic. TaBooki: Growing Up
TaBooki- Chester Chester Chester is a wooden chest that was found by TaBooki after being captured and thrown away by the Mole Tribe. He joined TaBooki to get his revenge on the moles, but decided to stay with him to defeat GherooB. Chester teaches TaBooki new battle techniques and gives lots of information like where to go. TaBooki: Growing Up
TaBooki- TaBella TaBella TaBella was rescued by the crew after she got lost in the Forest of Illusion. She later became TaBooki's girlfriend. Near the end of the game it was revealed TaBella was forced to work for GherooB, but managed to escape but then got lost. However, it is still unknown how she gained her tanooki powers. Mario Tennis 3DS
TaBooki- June June June is a mage of light. When she tried to defeat GherooB at her own, she got turned into a doll by the Shadow Mage. Years passed, but eventually TaBooki found her and managed to revive her. June later saves the crew from GherooB's army by using magic. TaBooki: Growing Up
TaBooki- Bello Bunny Bello Bello is a pink and lazy bunny. After meating the crew, his mom gets angry at them and starts a battle, but after lost she gave them the frying pan. Bello never has an important role in games and mostly appears once or sometimes even as a cameo. TaBooki: Growing Up
TaBooki- Card Game Char Cardman Cardman is a creature from an unknown race being made out of a playing card, a dice and two puzzle pieces. He is the host of the Minigame Mode and never appears in the main story, thus he never met TaBooki. His background story is unknown. TaBooki: Growing Up


Character Name Description Debut
TaBooki- GheroBoo GherooB GherooB is an evil Boo that plans to take over the entire Mushroom World but always got stopped by TaBooki and the heroes. GherooB has many weapons, like his Bullet Blaster that replaces his right arm. He's TaBooki's archenemy, being the one that always causes trouble and forces TaBooki to stop him. GherooB always ruins his own speeches before battling, making him look quite clumsy. TaBooki: Growing Up
N/A TBA TBA TaBooki 2: Double Trouble

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