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TaBooki Box
North-American Box-Art
Developer(s) Fantasy Factory Letters
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s) TBA 2013
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating
Media Included 3DS Card

TaBooki: Growing Up is the first game in the TaBooki series. It features TaBooki, who starred previously in some Mario spin-offs, and his friends on a quest to defeat GherooB and restore peace to the land. The game is a RPG-based game for Nintendo 3DS and it's in development by Fantasy Factory.


Chapter 1: Intro

It was a stormy day in Boo Village. A little Boo, who was left in an haunted mansion all alone, awoke. His name was Yvan. He didn't know all residents of the village, including his parents, were killed by GherooB, an evil Boo and the ruler of Dark World. His crown was filled with a diamond. If the diamond had enough power, GherooB could take over the Mushroom World. He only needed a special, powerful source of energy. Not knowing about any danger, Yvan awoke in the mansion. There was a huge thunderstorm. Yvan was scared, and he hid under a blanket. Suddenly, it started raining leafs. A big, shiny leaf fell in front of him. He decided to take a look at it. Just when he touched it, he got hit by thunder, causing a massive explosion of light. When Yvan awoke, he discovered his new appearance. He was brown, and had Tanooki ears and a tail. He had full Tanooki powers. Not knowing the shiny leaf was the source GherooB needed, Yvan decided to call himself TaBooki and started a quest in search for his parents. GherooB knew that now Yvan was the source, and he started the hunt on him.

Chapter 2: The Adventure Begins

TaBooki traveled through the forest. Suddenly, something felt out of a tree and landed on TaBooki. It was a wooden chest. Just when TaBooki came closer, it started talking: ''Hey pal, not so close!" . TaBooki now saw it was a living chest. It was called Chester. After introducing himself, he told TaBooki how he came here. He got captured by some moles and their leader, who had thrown him away, deep into the forest, and he landed into the tree. He then told him that he wanted to take them back, and decided to join his party. He explained his functions, which are holding items and sharing lots of useful information about places and creatures. He can also learn him useful battle techniques. The duo then set of on their quest.

After proceeding, they faced off against Big Bad Bubba, the giant mole king who captured Chester. After defeating it, a squirrel comes out of the bushes. He tells them they saved him from the Mole Tribe and that his name is Flynn. He is very thankful and tells a bit about himself. After that, he decided to join the crew on their adventure to do something back for them.

Near the end of the forest, GherooB was seen looking for something, just when the crew arrived. He was angry they made it so far, but also mentioned their adventure is over. After a tough battle, the crew defeated GherooB. GherooB was surprised. He used a diamond to disappear to an unknown place. The crew then takes the diamond, which he left.

Chapter 3: The Secret Part of the Woods

TaBooki and the crew wanted to go after GherooB, but didn't know where to go. It was a dead end. Just when they decided to look for an alternate route, the diamond started glowing. Suddenly, the ground started shaking and the crew fell on the ground. When they got up, they saw a path appearing out of nowhere. The diamond then stopped glowing and turned grey. The crew followed the path and they arrived at an undiscovered part of the forest, filled with lots of new creatures.

After walking around a bit, they met a pink bunny, named Bello. After a little chatting, a mad voice yelled Bello's name. All of them were startled. Bello's mom appeared, and she was really mad. She yelled at Bello he should've cleaned up the house, which he didn't. She then noticed the crew. She thought it was their fault Bello didn't clean up the house, because they were keeping asking questions to him. Chester mentioned they didn't, and that it wasn't their fault. Now mom got really mad, yelling at him he shouldn't have insulted her son. She then takes her frying pan and a battle starts. After the crew won, she admits her son is just lazy, and wondered if the crew can accept her apology. She then gave the crew her frying pan, as a sign of respect. She taught them how to use it and wished them good luck. The crew then sets of and continued their adventure.



The player can freely walk around in a world that is separated into different area's. They can proceed to the next area by completing puzzles or battles. The player can chat with other characters, which sometimes give useful information. When a player touches an enemy, a battle starts. Special Switch Spots are located in each world, where the player can switch heroes. Sometimes, a certain hero is needed to proceed.

In Battle

TaBooki- SS Battle

A standard battle between TaBooki and a Digger.

When the player touches an enemy, an enemy battle starts. Being a RPG, the player and enemy attack in turns, each can have one attack at a time. All enemies have different attacks, which can be avoided by jumping or kicking at the right time, depending on the attack.

Battle Systems

Each character has 4 attack types: jumping and kicking, and a Special Finish, a powerful attack unique to the character, which can be used after a special meter for this has been filled (this is based on how the player performs in a battle). After defeating Bello's Mom, the Frying Pan is also available, which can be used for a more powerful kick attack. Normal attacks can give 10 HP damage to the enemy, or if lucky, 30 HP.

  • TaBooki: TaBooki does low jump damage, but high kick damage and he has high response. He uses his tail for kick attacks. His Special Finish is called Racoon Rain: it starts raining Super Leafs which will damage the enemy.
  • Flynn: Flynn is very powerful, but his response is bad which makes him hard to control. His Special Finish is called Propeller Panic: he jumps high into the air and flies with his propeller, and then he will ground pound the enemy, crushing it.
  • Theodor: Theodor is the most balanced character. He performs well in every category, but isn't great in anything. His Special Finish is called Boomerang Blast Off: he uses his Mega Boomerang to blast the enemy of the screen.


Items can be found in hidden places like trees or bushes. Sometimes, NPCs give the player an item. Items can be used in battle for extra high damage to the enemy.

Attack Items

Items that can be used for more powerful attacks on the enemy. If not timed right, items will have lower HP damage.

  • Super Leaf: The most common item. It gives the player Tanooki ears and tail. It does 15 HP damage instead of 10. If TaBooki uses this item, his appearance doesn't change.
  • Vacuum: If timed right, the vacuum will suck up the enemy and does 17 HP damage. This item can't be used by TaBooki.
  • Rocket Pocket: Makes a large rocket blast into the field. The player should jump on the right time, otherwise they get damaged. It does 30 HP damage. A dangerous but powerful item.
  • Coin Ball: The character throws various coin balls in the air, and if timed right, a huge coin will crush the enemy. It does 25 HP damage.
  • Cannon: The character shoots out of a cannon to ground pound the enemy. This item does 30 HP damage but is very rare.
  • Mallet: The character pulls out a wooden mallet, and tries to hit the enemy with it. If timed right, it does 20 HP damage.
  • Hot Pepper: After eating it, the character gets fire breath for a short time that burns the enemies. It does 25 HP damage.
  • Blast Bombs: After thrown on the enemy, it explodes and does 15 HP damage.
  • Football: The player has to shoot the ball at the enemy, it will bounce back and the player shoots again. This goes on until the player misses. It can do 50 HP damage.

Health Items

Items that can be used to recover HP. If used, the player doesn't perform an attack in that turn. Health Items can be used both in and out of battle.


Worlds are the areas in which players can travel. A world includes many enemies, 2 mini bosses (mostly powered-up enemies) and a final boss. After the final boss of the world has been defeated, the player can proceed to the next world.

Image World Description Theme
The Woods

World 1

Boo Woods

The first so quiet forest near Boo Village. It's fairly easy to pass through this world, since there aren't really strong enemies in there.
TaBooki Growing Up Soundtrack- World 1 Boo Woods

TaBooki Growing Up Soundtrack- World 1 Boo Woods

Forest Maze TaBooki

World 2

Forest Maze

The haunted forest isn't haunted anymore: GherooB's minions are all over the place! This world isn't really hard either, but it's almost as twice as hard as the first world.
Great Ocean

World 3

The Great Ocean

TaBooki and crew go underwater! Many new creatures live here, including Coco. The first part of the world takes place on the beach.
Desert of Darkness

World 4

Desert of Darkness

TaBooki Growing Up Soundtrack- World 4 Desert of Darkness

TaBooki Growing Up Soundtrack- World 4 Desert of Darkness

Rock Rock Mountains

World 5

Rock Rock Mountains

Super Boo Industries

World 6

Dark Boo Industries

Forest of Illusion

World 7

Forest of Illusion

TaBooki Growing Up Soundtrack- World 7 Forest of Illusion

TaBooki Growing Up Soundtrack- World 7 Forest of Illusion

World 8

Dark World


The heroes is a group of 3 playable characters. Each has an own battle system and different stats. While not in a battle, characters can be switched using Switch Spots.

Image Character Stats Description
TaBooki PP TaBooki
  • Speed: 6/10
  • Power: 3/10
  • Response: 8/10
A Boo who has full Tanooki powers. At his quest to save his parents, he makes new friends and his self-confidence grows. He is the source GherooB needs, and the main character of the game. TaBooki uses his tail for kick attacks.
TaBooki- Flynn Flynn
  • Speed: 4/10
  • Power: 9/10
  • Response: 2/10

Ladies and gentlemen! The only, the great... FLYNN! A clumsy squirrel, but also a stuntman. He dreams to be the greatest stuntman in the world... After TaBooki saved him, he joins him to do something back for him. They later become friends. Flynn uses his propeller as special weapon.

TaBooki- Theodor Theodor
  • Speed: 5/10
  • Power: 4/10
  • Response: 6/10
Theodor, a large ant, wants to prove himself towards his family. He is very smart, but also quiet and a bit shy. He often helps the crew out by searching up info in his books. Theodor uses a boomerang as special weapon.

Confirmed Villains

Mini Bosses

Mini bosses are mid-bosses of worlds, and aren't always evil/working for GherooB. Each world has one, or sometimes two.

Image Boss Fought In Description
Big Bad Bubba Boo Woods Big Bad Bubba is the leader of the Mole Tribe that captured Chester. He suddenly pops out of the ground and throws spiked balls, which can be avoided by jumping or ducking, depending on the throw.
TaBooki- Bellos Mom Bello's Mom

Forest Maze

Bello's Mom thinks TaBooki and the crew made a mess of her house, and she challenges them for a fight. She uses her frying pan as main weapon, which she gives to them after defeated.
TaBooki- Taër Taër The Great Ocean

Taër is a mutated, giant tear. Taër was created by GherooB in his factory. Taër's main weapon is his laser eye, which can be avoided by ducking at the right time. He also uses bouncy water balls as weapon.

TaBooki- Rockin' Rick Rockin' Rick Rock Rock Mountains
TaBooki- Dry Cat Boss Cat'oBot Dark Boo Industries

Super Bosses

Super Bosses are the final bosses of a world. They are always evil and member of GherooB's troops. After defeating one, the player can proceed to the next world.

Image Boss Fought In Description
TaBooki- GheroBoo GherooB

Boo Woods,

Dark World

GherooB is the main antagonist of the game. In search for his source of energy, which will fill his crown with ultimate power, he chases TaBooki and tries to kill him multiple times in the game. GherooB uses his blaster as main weapon to shoot rockets, but he also has some other attacks, like Minion Parade (a parade of minions attacks the heroes),Clone Cunfusion (GherooB clones himself multiple times) and Shiny Diamond (the player can't see because of the shiny light of GherooB's diamond).
TaBooki- Skullopus Skullopus The Great Ocean This mysterious underwater creature uses his tentacles to grab and damage a hero as main attack. His other attacks are releasing his skull from his tentacles and crush the hero, and shooting ink balls out of his mouth.
TaBooki- Cactus Boss Wracktus Desert of Darkness TBA
TaBooki- Poison Ape MechApe Rock Rock Mountains TBA
TaBooki- SD Rob'oBot 3.03 Dark Boo Industries TBA


Enemies are evil creatures that can be defeated by the heroes although it isn't needed to proceed. In the overworld, enemies can suddenly attack the hero, starting a battle. However, if the hero jumps on the enemy in the overworld, it will receive damage before the battle starts. Each world usually has 4 kinds of enemies, and each enemy usually has 3 different attacks.

Image Name World(s) Description/Battle Attacks
TaBooki- Boo Boo Every world but The Great Ocean Boos are the most common enemies in the game.They appear in every world but The Great Ocean. A Boo has 3 tricky attacks, cloning, invincible transporting and float frenzy.
TaBooki- Digger Digger

Boo Woods

Diggers are mole enemies and one of the most common enemies found in the Boo Woods. It has 3 attacks that are pretty basic, being digging prank, mole madness and cannon kicks.
TaBooki- Fish Finger Fish Finger The Great Ocean

Fish Fingers are a very strange fish species found in the Great Ocean. Like any other enemy, they have 3 attacks, being bomb break-out, fingerhook and bubble blast-off.

TaBooki- MechaCloud Clawd Dark Boo Industries TBA
TaBooki- Candelargh Candelargh Forest of Illusion TBA

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast exists out of friendly characters that aren't playable. Some are very helpful, others are not.

Image Character Description
TaBooki- Chester Chester Chester, a wooden chest, takes care of the supplies the crew has collected. He knows very much about the worlds and he gives lots of descriptions of new enemies. He also teaches the player new battle techniques.
TaBooki- June June

At her quest to steal the diamond from GherooB, June got turned into a doll by a mysterious figure. Fortunately, TaBooki and the crew found her and revived her. Now, she runs a store where the crew can buy useful items. Later in the game, it is revealed June can actually use white magic, one of the most powerful kind of magic in the game. She uses it to save the crew from GherooB.

TaBooki- TaBella TaBella TaBella was captured by GherooB, and he forced her to work for him. Fortunately, she managed to escape, but got lost in the Forest of Illusion. TaBooki and the crew found her, and she became in love with him. Her role as a supporting character is still unknown, as well as a part of her history...
TaBooki- Tucan Tucans Tucans is a friendly chicken. She sometimes helps the crew by letting them ride on her back to reach hidden areas.
TaBooki- Dolly Coco Coco is a happy, energetic dolphin. He loves to race against other undersea beings. After meeting the crew, and losing a race against them, he agrees to help, which he does by replacing Tucans by letting them ride on his back underwater. He also gives hints about upcoming bosses and where to go.
TaBooki- Bello Bunny Bello Bello is a very, very lazy bunny. His mom often yells at him because he hasn't cleaned up the house. The crew meets him in the Forest Maze, but he doesn't have any important role in the game. Why should he? He's too lazy!
TaBooki- Card Game Char Cardman Cardman is a happy creature made of a playing card, puzzle pieces and even a dice. He is the host of the Minigame Mode, but doesn't actually have a role in the main story and thus never met the heroes.







  • The storm in the intro is possibly the same as the one in Super Mario 3D Land.
  • The D'oh Nuts is a pun on Donuts and a reference to the creator's good friend, DohIMissed (tbc).
  • The character Cardman is possibly a pun on the character from the popular show South Park, Cartman.
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