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The box cover for the game.
Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platform, Adventure
Release Date(s) Summer 2014
Age Rating(s) TBA
You might be looking for the original version of the game.

TaBooki: Growing Up is a 2.5 dimensional platforming game for the Wii U. It is scheduled for a Summer 2014 release.


It was a stormy day. A little Boo slowly woke up in his mansion, where he lived with his family. His name was Yvan. It took him some time to notice he was home alone. The thunder made a massive noise. Yvan was scared, and hid under his blanket. He had never seen such a heavy storm. After overcoming his fear and waiting for hours for his parents to arrive, he went outside looking for them. Hundreds of leafs were dancing in the strong wind. He looked around, hoping to see his parents. Something shiny caught his attention. It was a leaf which seemed to be made out of gold. Unfortunately, it was one of the few leafs that were still on a tree. Yvan wasn't able to fully float yet, so he had to climb it. He managed to get it fairly easily. He couldn't wait to show it to his parents. He made a victory pose. Just then, he got hit by lightning. It caused a massive explosion of white light.

When Yvan woke up the storm was over, but his family had not returned yet. After wandering around the damaged and haunted village a bit, he looked into a puddle. He was shocked. He had brown fur, ears, and he now had a large striped tail. His appearance had drastically changed. Suddenly, a tub fell in front of Yvan, splashing water in his face. A large squirrel crawled out of it. His jeans were ripped, and he wore a strange helmet with a propeller on it. He seemed surprised that there was another living being in the village after the huge storm, although he couldn't quite make out what Yvan was exactly. The squirrel introduced himself as Flynn. Yvan couldn't remember his name because he still wasn't fully recovered. Flynn suggested TaBooki as a name, since Yvan now looked like a mix between a tanooki and a Boo. Yvan accepted the name, and Flynn accepted Yvan's request to look for his fellow villagers.

They decided to first go to the forest laying near the village. It looked pretty depressing; Most trees didn't have any leafs left and some were completely destroyed. They suddenly heard someone whistling, and they decided to follow the sound to see who it was. It led them to a beautiful open field, where an ant was pucking up pinecones. He already had a ton, as his basket was almost filled already. They now noticed he wore blue shoes and a small bow. The two walked towards him. The ant stated he was surprised to see other survivors and introduced himself as Theodor. TaBooki wasn't quite sure what he meant with survivors. They asked Theodor to join their search for other villagers, and he gladly accepted.

As the three wandered through the forest, a rather creepy looking being wearing a grey robe and white mask floated above the leafless forest in search for any living beings. He seemed shocked when he noticed the trio, and after quietly following them for a bit, he flew away. However, he soon crashed into a weird-looking small ship. The being fell on the ground, and the ship crashed into the forest, in front of TaBooki and his new friends. They ran towards it. A creature with a green skin and weird looking head jumped out of the ship. He had tiny black eyes, a large tail, and only wore some sort of purple brace around his neck, and small purple underpants. He spoke in a very weird way, but he was somewhat understandable. He introduced himself as Tootle. He also said that he had lived many years underground, near the center of the planet. He also told them what happened, how he crashed because of a collision with another creature, and that they should find him or her. The gang accepted, and Tootle accepted to later join them looking for living beings. However, the dark creature was gone.

A dark and round shadow with a mean looking red eye was seen. He was wearing a crown that had a weak purple light. He was sitting on a throne in a dark and macabre looking chamber, when the dark creature that earlier spied on the heroes entered. He was his minion. He told the shadow that he had not spotted the Leaf of Light. The shadow got angry, and now revealed himself. It was a black, large Boo, wearing a strange eyepatch. He had a forked purple tongue and eyebrows that seemed to always be in an angry pose. He also had a golden teeth. His name was GherooB. He yelled that he would never be able to darken the world now and bring back the dead ones. His minion was scared and ashamed, and stuttered that he did see a few living beings walking through the forest. GherooB now got even more angry, this time at himself. That is it! I might have missed them the first time, but this time we are going to find them! Pul, send all my minions out. That leaf will be mine!


The game is a 2.5 dimensional

The title screen.

platformer, meaning the player can move their character left and right only. The player can also let their character jump and duck. By holding the jump button, their character will glide through the air for a short time. They can also slide by ducking while going downhill. Various fruits will cause the characters to transform, giving them new abilities that are needed to complete a level. Levels are divided into various themed worlds, which the player can visit any time via the world map. Each level has 10 hidden leafs, which all need to be collected to 100% complete the game. Stamps are also unlockable collectibles which can be used on Miiverse, but it is still unknown how they can be unlocked.




Playable Characters

Image Character Description Statistics
TaBooki New.png TaBooki TBA. TBA.
Flynn Newer.png Flynn TBA. TBA.
Theodor New.png Theodor TBA. TBA.
Tootle.png Tootle TBA. TBA.


Image Character Description Battle Strategy
GherooB Art.png GherooB GherooB is the main villain of the game. While TaBooki and his new friends are searching for lost villagers, GherooB starts to hunt them down. He needs the golden leaf that's now part of TaBooki to increase his powers and become unstoppable. He is a huge black Boo wearing an eyepatch and a crown. His right hand is replaced by a big blaster, his tongue is forked and he has a golden tooth. TBA.
Pul.png Pul Pul is GherooBs next-in-command. He's from a mysterious species that pressumably moved to other galaxies hundreds of years ago. He often spies on the heroes and sometimes attacks them, starting a battle. He wears a grey robe and has two small blasters where evil spirits live in. He also has a big scar on his face. TBA.



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