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Tōsō Musuko
Tōsō MusukoX.png
Tōsō Musuko, the katana wielding mage.
AGE 25 (as of 2018)
BIRTHDAY July 8th, 1993
CLASS Agent of Shōri, Yakuza member

Tōsō Musuko is a member of the Yakuza. Son of a higher-up in the organization named Kī, Tōsō is known for his family loyalty and deep love of the gang. Despite having saved the country numerous times, Tōsō is an incredibly unpleasant person with little patience for other people and no mercy for his enemies. He's instantly recognizable with his imposing appearance and combination of magic and katana wielding.

Tōsō is currently a member of Shōri, a task force employed by the Japanese SDF to battle cosmic threats and protect the country from them. Reception for the character has been (TBA).


Tōsō is a handsome man in his mid 20s, having dull red eyes, tan skin, and unkempt, long, bright white hair. Tōsō rarely smiles and is almost always seen wearing gray framed sunglasses with crimson lens. His outfit consists of a jet black leather jacket over a sleek suit of armor and dark jeans with similarly shadowy boots.


Early History

Tōsō's father Kī was an influential member of the Yakuza, who acted as a secret liason between the organization and the Japanese government. Marrying a quiet and subservient woman named Yuki, the two quickly consummated their marriage and nine months later, she gave birth to Tōsō. Living a comfortable life where he recieved high education, Tōsō was well loved by his parents but he never made a real connection with them, viewing his parents as idols to be respected rather than real people. Grooming his son to follow in his footsteps, Kī trained Tōsō to use a katana.

Being Kī's son, Tōsō was accepted into the Yakuza quickly and proved himself, being a ruthless, violent member who silenced any opposition the gang faced. In a test created by his father that involved Tōsō taking on 20 men alone, he materialized powerful dark magic that allowed him to massacre the entire group. Kī congratulated Tōsō and revealed that he was born with dark magic that Tōsō inherited, and that he was always waiting for it to show.

Believing that being an enforcer for the organization was beneath Tōsō, Kī used his connections to get him into the Shōri where he would be able to protect the country he claimed to love and face threats that were worthy of him. Always wanting the approval of his father, Tōsō eagerly joined where he disliked and ignored his teammates, besides Hinata Itō, a woman he thought of as his equal and secretly longed for.


Tōsō is a grim, silent person whose unpleasant demeanor directly contrasts with his heroic actions. Unlike a lot of other rude characters on the side of his good, his personality is not a disguise for any kind of good nature. Tōsō genuinely likes being left alone and dislikes almost everyone he meets, besides a few select people like his parents, loving his mother and yearning to be like his father, while also being infatuated with Hinata.

Tōsō's motivations are both complex and mysterious. While he claims to want to protect the country, it's unknown if he really is proud to be Japanese or simply fakes it to earn the approval of his father. Although his personality makes him unpopular, his intimidating nature and willingness to make the tough decisions does comes in handy. In addition to this, another positive trait he exhibits is protectiveness of the people he really cares for. Tōsō has claimed that he would die for his parents and Hinata, and that is most likely the truth. However, he can be violently overprotective and doesn't seem to understand when his care is unwanted.


Tōsō was born with black magic that was passed onto him by his father. While not overly experienced with the dangerous powers, having only been aware of them for a few years, his black magic is incredibly powerful and it's hinted that he could perhaps be the most dangerous of his team. This magic allows him to cast elemental spells, heal wounds quickly, and even bring someone back from the dead, though this ability is limited. However, anyone whose body is mostly intact and has just recently died can be resurrected. Though this spell is useful for combat missions and reviving any potential witnesses, it does have averse side effects that are not yet fully known.

Tōsō is also incredibly skilled with a katana. The sword he uses was gifted to him by his father, and is incredibly sharp and durable, being crafted so that it can slice through metal and bone like butter. Years of relentless training have made it so that he's knowledgeable about almost any swordfighting maneuver one could imagine. In a fight that involves close range combat, Tōsō will almost certainly be the victor.

This is offset by a few factors. First of all, Tōsō is still susceptible to major injuries. If he is relentlessly attacked or a key part of his body is damaged, he will not be able to heal in time. This means that a skilled gunman with enough distance could take him down with relative ease. His main Achilles heel though is light magic. While light magic is rare and powerful on its own, his use of dark magic means that any contact with it severely weakens his powers and harms him gravely. While being regarded as an almost invincible warrior, like any person Tōsō has his flaws and any one of them could be used to bring him to his doom.



Tōsō has a rivalry with Über that causes him to be very argumentative towards him. He likely feels this way towards Über due to their shared interest in Hinata Itō. The other two Shōri members seemed annoyed by just how intense and unrelenting Tōsō is towards Über, with their arguments drawn out for hours.

Hinata Itō

Tōsō is infatuated with and wants to protect Hinata Itō, which she seems to be utterly ambivalent about. Tōsō shows the most concern over her safety and gets angry if she is hurt.

Unten Bluzen

Tōsō sees a lot of Über in Unten Bluzen, which causes him to lash out at him when Unten gets in his way even if it's meant to protect him from harm. He calls Unten a "nerd" as a demeaning nickname and just tends to see him as a obstacle that keeps getting in his way.


  • Tōsō was created as the antithesis to Strafe. This is shown by:
    • Tōsō idolizes and loves his father, while Strafe hates his father.
    • Tōsō's mother is a living human, while Strafe's mother died but lives on as a goddess.
    • Tōsō uses a katana and dark magic, while Strafe uses guns and light magic.
    • Tōsō got his magic from his father, while Strafe inherited his from his mother.
    • Tōsō is infatuated with Hinata Itō, while Strafe has slept with her equivalent but has no romantic interest in her.
    • Tōsō is annoyed by Kimi Lee, who has a crush on him, while Strafe cares for her counterpart who is similarly interested.
    • Tōsō had a comfortable childhood, while Strafe grew up in a grimy hellhole.
    • Tōsō is as unlikable as he seems, while Strafe is rough on the outside but sweet on the inside.
  • Tōsō's first name means strife, a play on the name of his doppleganger. His last name means son, which is a reference to his equivalent's last name and the fact that he's so loyal to his father.
  • Tōsō's outfit is inspired by the Marvel Comics character Blade. His white hair is a reference to anime characters having similarly multicolored hair.