"System Glitch"
Season special, episode 1
Airdate:  ???
Director: DarKingdomHearts
Story: DarKingdomHearts
Written &
storyboarded by:
"Prom Night"
"Enter the Database"

System Glitch is the first episode in the mid season specials of Fantendo Now. Due to it being a special, it's not counted towards the episode count but rather is it's own entity.


When Sakeena wonders about the A22 Enterprises branch laboratory that got destroyed by Pixel, she and Rachel venture there only to encounter a little trapped boy. They take him with them which displeases a certain program.


written by DarKingdomHearts

Sakeena is sitting behind her desk just as 3.14 enters the room. Sakeena immediately stands up and stops 3.14.

Sakeena: Hey 3.14, I was just doing some research and saw that the place Pixel came from is a branch company of A22 Enterprises.

3.14: So…?

Sakeena: Aren’t you interested to go there?

3.14: Not really no. I don’t want to have anything to do with that woman ever again.

Sakeena: Oh, okay. Would you mind giving me the location of the branch company then?

3.14 sighs

3.14: Sure. Unlike the main building this one is just outside of town. And if you don’t mind I have better things to do now.

As 3.14 leaves the room, Sakeena gathers some stuff to head out. As she wants to walks towards the exit she is stopped by Rachel who had been sitting on the couch and overheard the conversation.

Rachel: You really think it is a good idea to go alone? Pixel might have returned there, or maybe some other danger is lurking there.

Sakeena: I’ll be alright, but I wouldn’t mind if you joined.

Rachel: Cool, let me grab my stuff then we can go.

After Rachel gathered all her stuff the girls headed out. They arrived at the ruins of the A22 Enterprises branch building.

Rachel: At least Pixel isn’t here.

Sakeena: I’m going to look around. There still might be some interesting documents or files left in these ruins. It would be a waste to let them rotten here. And it gives me something new to read!

Rachel: I’ll help.

Sakeena looked around but couldn’t find much. The only notable thing was a giant monitor with a working computer that was still active and almost untouched. Sakeena: I wonder why…

Rachel: Sakeena! Take a look at this!

Sakeena hurried over to Rachel and saw a door leading to somewhere below the building.

Rachel: I can’t get it open.

Sakeena: Hmm… never thought I would use these powers much. But let me handle this.

Sakeena stretched her arm and made a motion as if she was destroying something in her hand, at the same time the metal door in front of them was turned into a small metal ball. The girls entered.

Sakeena: Look at this! A fully intact machine. But it seems I won’t be able to take it along with me. And so many files! Amazing!

Rachel: Sakeena, you might want to take a look at this.

Rachel stood in front of a prison cell which contained a little boy who constantly seemed to be glitching. Rachel flipped over a switch, and opened the cell. Sakeena headed back to inspect the machine.

Rachel: Are you okay?

Boy: Uhm… yeah, I guess. Now that I am free I am.

Rachel: Do you have a home? Or someone to go to?

Boy: I have… well… no… not really.

Rachel: You can come with us, if you want?

Sakeena: Are you inviting people to live at my place without even asking?

Boy: I won’t if I’m a bother.

Rachel: She is just joking, she also wouldn’t leave a child alone in such a place.

Rachel took the hand of the boy and Sakeena had her hands full with a pile of files and an USB-stick and had to say goodbye to the machine. The three headed back to Sakeena’s place.

Pixel was soaring through the city, little pixels covering her body.

Pixel: Where is that USB-stick? I need to get my upgrade, I must get stronger, I won’t be defeated by other programs again… and certainly not by humans.

She seemed to remember something and flew to the ruins of A22 Enterprises’ branch building. As she landed she felt a guilt coming over her, having forgotten someone precious to her.

Pixel: Where is that USB-stick?

First Pixel searched for her USB-stick but couldn’t find it, only finding a file reading that further updates would be stored away downstairs. She saw that the door heading there was gone, which made her worry. Downstairs she discovered only the Manifester was left, with the USB-stick and her precious person being gone. She got furious, until she saw the security camera intact.

Pixel: I will find out who took everything away from me.

She hacked into the camera and saw Rachel and Sakeena taking the boy and the files.

Back at Sakeena’s house, said person was lost in the recovered files from the lab. Intensely studying them. She learned more about Pixel, the machine called the Manifester, the boy and more. Rachel was playing with the boy in the meantime. The door was thrown open as Leah and X-Ray walked in.

Leah: What’s up bitc--- what’s that?

She sighed and pointed at the boy Rachel was playing with.

Rachel: We found him at A22 Enterprises, he is an orphan, so I decided to take him in.

X-Ray: What is his name?

Rachel looked back with big eyes displaying shock and embarrassment.

Rachel: I’m so embarrassed… I forgot to ask your name?

Boy: Oh, I am Glitch. Nice to meet you all. It is what the scientist called me when I was born.

Leah: And I thought I was cruel.

Rachel: Why would they name you that? My name is Rachel by the way. That are Leah and X-Ray, and the girl you met earlier is Sakeena.

Sakeena: And I have the answer to your question Rachel. Pixel was created in the lab to help around done certain chores and such. During her time the mysterious machine was created that they saw, called the Manifester which could create anything uploaded to it, including its content. One time they tried uploading an image of a child to it… which resulted in Glitch. He was locked away along with the machine, these files, and a mysterious USB-stick. After some time Pixel was rendered useless as they created a robot that could do a lot more than her. Pixel manifested herself and destroyed A22 and everyone working there.

After Sakeena finished 3.14 walked in and laid his eyes upon Glitch.

3.14: I said I was done with this.

He turned around and closed the door behind him. The others ignored him. During the explanation X-Ray started playing with Glitch as Rachel was standing next to Sakeena to read some of the files.

Leah: Okay, it is allowed to stay, as long as he doesn’t fuck with my shit. And it does seem to cheer X-Ray.

Sakeena: I still get to decide who lives here, and who doesn’t.

Rachel: Can you please not refer to him as an ‘it’?

Leah rolled her eyes and plumped down on the couch. After a few second of silence they heard glass shattering. No one got hurt but it caught their attention. Hovering in the gap of the window was Pixel. Glitch smiled.

Pixel: So you are the ones who took Glitch away from me! He is my son! I was the only one there for him when he was alone, and now you humans try to take him away from me and destroy his life once again! I won’t allow it.

Rachel hurried to Glitch and took him under her arms.

Rachel: If you love him that much, why did you abandon him locked up in that cell?!

Pixel: To protect him. Now give him back, as well as my USB-stick!

Sakeena held the said object in the air.

Sakeena: This one?

Pixel quickly rushed over to the USB-stick and snatched it from Sakeena’s hands. Not being able to grab Glitch because of Rachel. Instead she headed for X-Ray and grabbed her. Leah’s expression changed in not even a second, getting furious.

Rachel: I am never going to give him to someone like you.

Pixel summoned her cursor, opened a menu and deleted X-Ray. Leah’s peak was reached.

Leah: You fucking give X-Ray back to me now, or I’ll destroy every last pixel of your body!

Pixel: Hahahaha, X-Ray is now in my database. If you kill me, she will be killed as well. Let’s make this a trade. Come to A22’s ruins before my update is complete. So give me my Glitch I’ll consider releasing your woman.

Pixel left the scene, Leah turned to Rachel in anger.

Leah: It is your fault that X-Ray got deleted! Now here life is at stake because you brought that thing in this house.

Sakeena: It will be resolved easily if we just trade them.

Rachel: I’m not handing Glitch over to her. Didn’t you hear me the first time.

Sakeena: What does Glitch think of this?

Glitch: Well… I really like you guys. But I see Pixel as my mother. When I was locked up she would talk to me every day and promised to free me one day. She is not evil, just is misunderstood. Give me to her and I’ll make sure she takes the right path again.

Leah: Okay that is settled. Let’s head to that manifested Siri.

The three girls and Glitch arrive at the ruins of A22 Enterprises and see Pixel sitting on a piece of concrete next to the computer, being almost done updating.

Pixel: Wise choice to bring him back.

Rachel releases Glitch who walks to Pixel and hugs her.

Pixel: You’re safe now Glitch. And it appears my update is complete.

A sinister grin on Pixel’s face appears as she undergoes a transformation. The pixels around her body become a solid costume on Pixel and a mouse-tail is added.

Sakeena: Do you also have that pesky Windows 10 now?

Pixel nods in annoyance.

Leah: Okay, now return X-Ray to me! You promised it… please.

Pixel: Oh yeah, the promise. Let me consider it….. it’s a no. You were a little too late.

Glitch: That is unfair Pixel, please release X-Ray.

Pixel: Humans also have been unfair to us. And now they see the consequences.

Pixel and Glitch disappear before anything else can be said. Leah punches down to the ground in sadness and anger, trying to hold her tears back. Rachel kneels down next to her.

Rachel: I’m sorry Leah, this is my fault. But I’ll do everything to get X-Ray out of there, she will get back with us again.

Sakeena is operating the computer and finds a file that reads ‘X-Ray’ she opens it and X-Ray is displayed on the monitor.

X-Ray: Hey Leah

Leah: X-Ray…

Sakeena: There might be a way to get X-Ray out. But first we need to find someone who can operate and perfect the Manifester. We don’t want X-Ray to be manifested like Glitch.

Leah stands up filled with determination.

Leah: Don’t worry X-Ray, we will be together again soon.




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