Syande - Waste Your Hate is a spin-off from the General's Journey series, focusing on the titular General Syande. The game was developed by Toroko for Series Swap III, and focuses heavily on Syande. The game is set to be a visual novel with dating sim elements but also collectathon elements. The plot focuses around Syande as she attempts to deal with Cyanide on the week of Valentine's Day while trying to keep her relationship with Rubelline together.



Syande, now back together with Rubelline after Christmas, spends her time between the two worlds of the New Fantendoverse and the Zaxinian Lifts. Having gone strong for a whole month now, Rubelline wants to celebrate Valentine's Day with Syande. She learns that Nightshade's weapon- Cyanide- has gotten loose and has escaped from the Lifts, searching for some of Syande's past lovers. Syande must keep a eye out for her while also managing a stable relationship with Rubelline. Along the way, she'll team up with friends both new and old, and discover new sides to herself that she wasn't even aware of.


Syande - Waste Your Hate takes some of General's Journey's basic rpg mechanics for it's overworld. It is a top down overworld that Syande can generally explore as well as interact with various objects and NPCs. Syande can obtain power-ups, although these are unlike the power-ups seen in General's Journey as these change Syande's abilities and appearance, being more mechanically similar to something out of a platformer game. Syande cannot battle enemies in the traditional way either, having to open dialouge with them first before having to segue into a fixed shooter section ala Galaga, where Syande gets to use her vampire powers in addition to her current power-up's abilities. While she does partner with certain characters through out the story, the majority of her battles will be faced alone, with only a few partners helping her out in battle.

The majority of the game is actually somewhat set up similarly to the now deleted Syi-Fi: Tranquility, which is a day to day list of tasks at certain times, with levels separated into days. Certain events happen on certain days, and Syande needs to be aware of this fact lest she fail. One day might end with a date with her girlfriend Rubelline, for example, and being late will cause Rubelline to act different- certain actions can be failed and the player will have to restart at the last checkpoint.


Power Up Description

Summer Shades


The Summer Shades allow Syande to don a beach outfit with sunglasses on her head, a towel wrapped around her hips, and a red bikini top as well as liberal amounts of sunscreen. This allows her to go into sunny areas without being harmed, unlock pirate chests, and toss giant beach balls during her battles. Rubelline finds it very... appealing on Syande and often makes note of her shades.


Kitty Bell


The Kitty Bell allows Syande to don a cute cat outfit with a cat themed dress and stockings, as well as a choker with a bell on it. This allows her to climb walls, crawl like a cat, and shoot gold coins at enemies during battle segments. Rubelline finds it adorable and often pets Syande during their conversations if she's wearing this.


Fandrax Suit


The Fandrax Suit allows Syande to fly using a pair of wings as well as spit bile chunks that stretch out to create bridges, as well as shoot it out during battle segments. Rubelline finds the costume somewhat scary but also sexy, making note of her beautiful wings.


Key Characters

Character Description

General Syande

Syande is the player character, of which she is what the story revolves around the most. She talks in a odd accent with simplified words with various cuts to them, making it seem like she can speak a different language to those unfamiliar with her. She has a mischievous personality, as well as being very seductive from time to time, although she's more concerned with keeping Rubelline at her side than ever, seeking some kind of stability in her love life. Her toxins have been mostly removed, making her somewhat more careless and more positive in general, sometimes to a fault.

New art TBA!


Rubelline is Syande's girlfriend, who she will be visiting often either in her mansion or on the streets of Seattle. Rubelline never really tells Syande what she can or cannot do, but will act slightly depressed if she feels Syande is becoming distant from her when Syande messes up enough events. She has immeasurable patience and blushes at any sign of affection that Syande gives her, often showering Syande with plenty of her's.

Rubelline also appears as Syande's volleyball partner during the Volleyball Match trial, going up against Bang Crimson and Rubelline in a five point match game.



Cyanide is Syande's toxicity given form by Nightshade. She was locked away due to her instability, but she has since escaped and is now looking to cut up Syande's past lovers, of which she feels have wronged Syande in the past and is looking to seriously harm or even kill them. She is also madly in love with Syande too, so she won't attack her unless Syande attacks first. She especially hates Rubelline and Crow, with mere mentions of them driving her completely insane.



Crow is a wild woman who cares very little about anything aside from herself, although she and Rubelline have formed a very tight bond. Syande found herself incredibly jealous of Crow as she felt she was sharing her between herself and Rubelline and was the reason she tried to get rid of her toxins in the first place. Cyanide absolutely abhors Crow, as she is made up of all the feelings Syande wishes she didn't have towards her. Crow appears in Day 4 as a major character, assisting Syande in her hunt for Cyanide and Rubelline. However, Syande's problems never went away by getting rid of her toxins, and builds new ones up over the rescue attempt.

Crow also appears in the Constellation Warfare trial, where the military have staked a no man's land around her and Syande must navigate through it and get the Zellen Medal attached around her neck off.



Known more as Crymsia's enemy, Syande really has no qualms working with him due to the fact she isn't related with his crimes and he provides Syande with use of the Detoxifier, which gets rid of what she deems as toxic feelings, emotions, and memories, or at least nulls them enough. In the process, this creates Cyanide and Twonade. Nightshade is generally pretty friendly to Syande, although the two are more along the lines of acquaintances than friends, if that.


Twonade is the second result of Syande's toxins, appearing as a small child due to Syande having way less toxins to remove. She is a foul mouthed toddler who can't really get her thoughts out coherently and seems to have a junevile mind-set. She still hates Syande's past romantic partners, although in a more childish way since she can't fully comphrend Syande's thoughts and feelings about them. She looks up to Cyanide and Syande as a mother.


Hydrangea is the fusion of Cyanide and Twonade, appearing as a gooey, dripping mess of a creature that has immense power, being able to hold down Rubelline and Crow as well as Syande. Hydrangea attempts to seduce Syande, which causes her to yell at her. Shortly after this, Syande makes the epiphany that she needs her toxins to learn from her mistakes and to be a better person, even though those memories hurt. She kisses Hydrangea on the lips, which Hydrangea rejects due to Syande's new nature, causing Twonade and Cyanide to unfuse.

Supporting and Minor Characters

Character Description


Werine often finds herself in scrapes due to her natural inclination to hunt and look for foes. She became friends with Valerie and serves as a bodyguard for her, but it's not unnatural for her to be on her own prowl from time to time. She appears in Chapter 1, underneath a pile of junk in the junkyard. Syande rescues her, but before the doctor gives her a tetanus shot, she escapes and Syande has to chase her down.

Werine appears again in the Kitty Bell trial Kitty vs Wolf, where Syande must defeat her with the Kitty Bell power-up to obtain a Zellen Medal.

Lucille Graves

Lucille Graves

The new doctor that took over Leah's hospital after X-Ray and Susan left, operating the place on rent. She got her scar from the Threat's attempted take over of the Earth, having been attacked by a Louise. She can be incredibly gruff and takes her job very seriously.

Wendy Aerodyne

Sakeena's current girlfriend and a aspiring fanfiction writing. She finds the prospect of the Zaxinian Lifts very fascniating and is constantly asking people from there what life is like there so she can better write it. While cheery and upbeat, she is quick to use her wind powers against people she feels might be a threat.

Sakeena Kamel

Sakeena has enbraced the new parts of her identity post-Days of Victory, aspiring to be a more serious writer with a original novel of her own in the works. She still works on fanfiction, it's a habit after all, but she's overall more indepedent. She appears in Chapter 1 at the italian resturaunt Syande and Rubelline want to eat at, offering them places at their table.

Rachel Harel

Rachel Harel has been spending time more or less in secret with her girlfriend Bang Crimson, although she finds herself as a target of Cyanide on Day 2's beach location. Neither Cyanide nor Syande are really familar with Rachel, much to her puzzlement.

Rachel Harel also appears in the Volleyball Match trial with Bang Crimson as her volleyball partner against Syande and Rubelline in a five point match game. Syande needs to win the match to get the Zellen Medal.


Bang Crimson

Rachel's secret girlfriend, of which Rachel is spending time on the beach with. When the two were seperated, Rachel was nearly killed by Cyanide, of which Bang responds by being very protective of Rachel when she returns to her.

Bang Crimson also appears in the Volleyball Match trial with Rachel Harel as her volleyball partner against Syande and Rubelline in a five point match game. Syande needs to win the match to get the Zellen Medal.


Valerie Heartgold

The richest woman on The Lifts, who has been visiting the New Fantendoverse Earth with Syi more often due to the events of Days of Victory. This isn't exactly because she found a liking to it, but rather to expand her empire. She visits the Seattle Aquarium in Day 3 with Syi to see the sardines exhibit.

Valerie also appears in the Brightest Star trial with Syi; the two are getting ready for a concert and have hired Syande as a bodyguard to protect them from hired thugs.



Syi is Valerie's girlfriend, of which she spends a great deal of time with due to Syi's rather timid nature. Syi tends to go wherever Valerie goes and has a deep love for her red haired kitty, usually seen hugging Valerie tightly or holding her hand. Her trademark shyness extends to Rubelline and Syande during their encounter.

Syi also appears in the Brightest Star trial with Valerie; the two are getting ready for a concert and have hired Syande as a bodyguard to protect them from hired thugs.



Zonas Trayd is the nervous male member of the Gone trio, having entered into a polyamorous relationship with a schoolgirl named Sinicini and Adexene. He is often seen stuttering but despite his demonic background, he only resorts to violence if he feels his friends are threatened.


Sinicini is a perfectionist due her OCD complex, which extends to her morality as well, as she can never tell anyone a lie and will even tell bad guys the complete truth even if it jepordizes the people she loves. She's incredibly sweet if a little teasing from time to time. She loves Zonas and Adexene very much, and the three of them form the Gone Trio as a polyamourous couple.


Adexene is a android cabable of possessing almost any electrical device, as well as her own host weapons and attacks she is willing to use at a moment's notice, especially if she feels her lovers, Zonas and Sinicini, are threatened. While she can be a tad agressive, once she gets to know someone she will be willing to protect them no matter what.
AlcyoneVictory LooterGoggles


Alcyone is a former bounty hunter who is polyamourous, being depicted in a relationship with several characters, one of which includes Edna. She is seen having escaped from the chapel that Hydrangea is seen in, explaining that her and Edna were making out in there before Hydrangea appeared and ruined the moment.
Edna by helena!!


Edna appears as Alcyone's blushing partner in this game, coming from a heavily religious background. Alcyone opened her eyes a bit and began dating her a while back. The two were making out in the chapel before Hydrangea appeared.


Crymsia appears on Day 7 to sprinkle roses on Rubelline's stairs to celebrate Syande and Rubelline's relationship. She then leaves to do stuff with Silver, giggling as she does. Crymsia is a princess and warrior hailing from the Floral Kingdom and is in a relationship with Silver Heartgold.


Silver Heartgold is a mysterious man that is apparently the brother of Valerie Heartgold. He is Crymsia's boyfriend. While he can appear to be rather cold and inhuman at times, he has a heart of gold and immense power.

Zellen Harley Quimbleson

Zellen Harley Quimbleson is a Herald hailing from another universe, popping up in various dimensions to cause trouble or act friendly to scan amiibo. She apparently has a liking towards Syande and Rubelline due to positive experiences with alternate versions of them and celebrates Valentines Day by giving them pink Helix Juice and their amiibos of their likenesses. She also appears in the post game challenges. When the player completes all her challenges, they unlock a additional ending where Syande and Rubelline go to a pool party hosted by Izuka Tifft. Zellen Harley Quimbleson makes a cameo sipping on cyan Helix Juice in a white bikini in a Unten inner tube.
QuirbleQuirble MochaQuirble Blue


Three Quirbles appear in Kitty of the Hill to race Syande to the top. They possess a similar running speed to Syande's Kitty Bell power-up. Syande must beat them to the top to obtain the Zellen Medal.


Three Fandraxonians appear in the Brawl of the Fandraxonians trial to fight Syande in her Fandrax Suit in a arena battle. Syande must defeat all three to obtain the Zellen Medal.

Izuka Tifft

Izuka Tifft makes a cameo in the game, appearing as the pool party in the additional ending after grabbing all the Zellen Medals.


Description Schedule
SyandeHeart SWYH

Day 1 starts with Rubelline waking up Syande at 1 PM, telling her that she wants to spend Valentine's weekend with her. Syande nods as she gets up, somewhat groggy as she gets ready for the day while Rubelline tries to plan their week out, wanting to see a movie with her, going to the beach, going to see a zoo... Syande finishes getting ready and heads downstairs with Rubelline and eats lunch with her. The two finish up and head out at 2PM, intending to head to downtown Seattle.

They end up taking a detour to the junkyard when they hearing louding incessant meowing, which turns out to be Werine crushed under a ton of garbage. This acts as the tutorial to the battle system as Syande clears the trash from Werine. Werine then needs to be taken to the hospital, whether she likes it or not. At 3PM, Lucille Graves introduces herself and takes Werine for treatment. Werine escapes before Lucille can inject her with a tetanus shot, so Syande needs to chase after her. At 4PM, Syande will be finally able to track her down and with the help of Lucille, give her the tetanus shot.

Rubelline and Syande decide to go to a movie at 5PM, deciding between Chao in Space: Infinite's War (a sci-fi action film) or Voyage (a romantic period piece about submarine warfare). Rubelline gets popcorn as Syande sits in the theater to wait for her, but realizes her toxic double Cyanide is in the theater as well. Cyanide is intending to kill Rubelline, and Syande ends up having to battle her. Syande manages to beat her and throws her quickly out of the theater. Syande and Rubelline enjoy the movie in peace and leave at 7PM.

Syande and Rubelline decide to go to a italian resturaunt. As it turns out, they can't get a table due to all the reservations being taken. The two almost leave, but Sakeena and her girlfriend Wendy offer them spots at their table. The four have a good meal and talk for about two hours. Syande drives Rubelline home, and lets her sleep as she calls up Nightshade and talks with him about Cyanide being loose. Nightshade isn't aware of this fact, and agrees to help Syande capture her. He asks Syande where Cyanide is now, which she does not know. Syande sits in bed, worried sick as she watches over Rubelline, eventually falling asleep at 5AM.

SyandeHeart SWYH
  • 1PM: Wake up, get ready, eat lunch.
  • 2PM: Head to the junkyard, free Werine.
  • 3PM: Take Werine to the hospital.
  • 4PM: Chase Werine down and give her the tetanus shot with Lucille.
  • 5PM-6PM: Go to the movies with Rubelline. Battle Cyanide.
  • 7PM: Go to the italian resturaunt with Rubelline.
  • 8PM - 9PM: Italian meal with Sakeena and Wendy on a impronto-double date.
  • 10PM: Head home.
  • 11PM-5AM: Talk with Nightshade, fall asleep.
SyandeHeart SWYH
SyandeHeart SWYH

Day 2 starts with Rubelline waking up a groggy Syande at 11 AM to get ready for the beach. Syande forgets to pack a outfit for the beach as well as sunscreen, but no need to worry: the Summer Shades power-up is introduced in this area. After getting the power-up, Syande helps apply sunscreen to Rubelline's back. Syande decides to explore the area as Rubelline reads her book. Syande can uncover several secret areas hidden with treasure chests or talk with various beach-going characters.

At 2PM, Rubelline and Syande go to the boardwalk to get pizza for lunch. After Rubelline and Syande return to the beach, Syande goes to build a sandcastle but spots her toxic double Cyanide attempting to sneak up on a woman with black hair. Syande manages to defeat Cyanide with the Summer Shades power-up, rescuing the woman who she learns is Rachel. Rachel heads back with Bang Crimson as Syande grabs Cyanide, telling her to end this. Cyanide attempts to kiss Syande, and then bites her hand to escape her. Cyanide is too quick for Syande and Syande gets tired of chasing her.

Syande goes back to Rubelline, who offers to cuddle with her. The cuddling gets cut short when a rain storm suddenly hits the shore, causing Rubelline and Syande to depart early. The two wait in the car for a bit before heading back to Rubelline's house, where they go to Rubelline's hot tub and talk for about a hour. Rubelline takes a nap as Syande checks the news, only to find that a red haired, pale woman has been murdered by Cyanide. Syande calls up Nightshade and tells him what happened, and Nightshade assures Syande they are doing everything in their power to capture Cyanide. Rubelline wakes up and the two order pizza, deciding that they really don't care for other options at the moment. Syande wants to talk about Cyanide but she feels unsure if she should worry Rubelline about it, unable to muster it up as it would go against her pushing out postive vibes for Rubelline.

Syande and Rubelline cuddle for a bit, and Rubelline engages in a playful pillow fight with Syande for about two hours. Rubelline gets tired out and heads to bed with Syande, although Syande once again finds it very hard to sleep.

SyandeHeart SWYH
  • 11AM: Wake up, get ready for beach.
  • 12PM: Summer Shades tutorial, applying sunscreen to Rubelline's back.
  • 1PM: Explore beach area.
  • 2PM: Lunch on the boardwalk.
  • 3PM: Save Rachel from Cyanide.
  • 4PM: Cuddle with Rubelline.
  • 4:30PM: Escape the rain.
  • 5PM: Head home and into the hot tub.
  • 6PM: Talk with Rubelline for about a hour.
  • 7PM: Get dry, talk with Nightshade.
  • 8PM: Order pizza for dinner.
  • 9PM: Cuddle with Rubelline.
  • 10PM - 11PM: Pillow fight with Rubelline, ending in a sleepy Rubelline.
  • 12AM - 5AM: Worry.
SyandeHeart SWYH
SyandeHeart SWYH

Day 3 starts with a scare, as Cyanide creeps into the two's bedroom and attempts to kill Rubelline. Syande manages to knock her back, awakening Rubelline. The two battle Cyanide, who continues to escape as she is beaten, causing Syande to scream in agony. Rubelline asks her what's going on and Syande tells her what's going, explaing that she didn't want to tell her as it would worry Rubelline as much as it does for her. Although Syande has been able to beat Cyanide so far, she is feeling weaker and weaker and plagued with worry. Rubelline comforts her, assuring her that she will be by her side now so she doesn't have to fight these battles alone. She tells Syande to take a nap as she prepares the mansion with self defense mechanisms to either trap Cyanide or stop her, although as she finds out soon, Cyanide has already escaped.

Syande wakes up from her nap and Rubelline tells her that they are going to go to the Seattle Aquarium, as Cyanide has been spotted there. Syande quickly eats her egg noodles and joins Rubelline to the Seattle Aquarium. While there, they come across Valerie and Syi, who are there to see the sardines. Valerie explains that she has been visiting Earth to open up new buisness ventures beyond just her packaging company. Rubelline suggests she talk with her "sister" Haru Tifft about trade deals, although Valerie seems disinterested. Syande and Rubelline then check out the dolphins, who are suddenly attacked by sharks due to a mix-up. Syande realizes a pair of Summer Shades is near by and dons them as she rescues the dolphins from the sharks. Rubelline claps, giggling.

Rubelline and Syande manage to find Cyanide, who is planning to kill a person that looks similar to Brook, although Rubelline and Syande manage to stop Cyanide, although Cyanide breaks the glass of one of the exhibits with clown fish, flooding the aquarium. Syande and Rubelline rescue everyone from the museum as Cyanide once again escapes. Syande gives Rubelline her towel to dry off. The two head to Virusburger for dinner, and discuss how to stop Cyanide. After coming up with a plan, Rubelline and Syande head to the bathroom to make out for a bit.

Rubelline and Syande return home, although they find that Cyanide has returned to the house. Rubelline attempts to trap Cyanide as discussed with their plan, but ends up getting caught in a net instead and is dragged away by Cyanide. Syande attempts to chase after her, but quickly finds herself lost in the wilderness. Syande wander around as the sky gets dark, panicked out of her mind. She ends up cutting down a tree and making fire with it, creating a makeshift camp as she sleeps outside in the cold.

SyandeHeart SWYH
  • 7AM: Wake up, stop Cyanide from killing Rubelline.
  • 8AM-12PM: Nap.
  • 1PM: Eat lunch, head to Seattle Aquarium.
  • 2PM: Talk with Valerie and Syi at the sardines exhibit.
  • 3PM: Save dolphins from the sharks.
  • 4PM: Stop Cyanide, save people from the flooded aquarium.
  • 5PM: Get a early lunch at Virusburger, discuss a plan.
  • 6PM: Make out in bathroom.
  • 7PM: Head home, confront Cyanide who captures Rubelline and takes her away.
  • 8PM: Chase Cyanide, get lost in wilderness.
  • 9PM: Try to get your bearings and set up camp.
  • 10PM - 11PM: Sit by fire, trying to not to cry.
  • 12AM - 5AM: Worry and sleep.
SyandeHeart SWYH
SyandeHeart SWYH

Day 4 starts with Syande being awakened by Crow sniffing her at 8AM, which startles her awake. Crow thought she was dead and was sniffing out to see what organs she could trade with Houbara. Syande gets up and realizes Crow has taken her clothes, and asks for her to give them back. Crow obliges, although she asks Syande what she's doing out here. Syande fills the wild woman in, telling her about Cyanide and her capture of Rubelline. Crow immediately decides to go after Cyanide after hearing the story, taking off. Syande runs behind her, although she finds it hard to keep up with her in the large plains. She finds the Kitty Bell, which increases her speed, making it possible to keep up with Crow.

Crow and Syande take a moment to take a break at a pond, taking a water break as Syande tests more of her Kitty Bell power-up. Crow manages to get herself and Syande horses to ride for a bit, and after taming them Crow is able to return to Rubelline's mansion to track down Cyanide's scent. Crow loses the scent after a while, although Syande knows another way they can find Cyanide, through the news. Finding themselves near the Trayd household, the two pay a quick visit. Syande watches the TV as Zonas attempts to welcome them in by baking some cookies for them. After Crow and Syande eat the cookies, they find out that Cyanide has taken Rubelline to a deserted factory.

Rubelline is tied up to a chair while water drips down her head, a form of chinese water torture. Rubelline uses her red energy in secret to burn away the drops before they reach her, but she knows eventually she will run out of red energy to use. Cyanide gets ready to cut her up with a buzzsaw, but Crow and Syande arrive at the factory to battle Cyanide. Surprisingly, Syande doesn't win, as the buzz saw deflects her attacks during the battle segment. Crow attempts to attack Cyanide although the two fall through the wooden floor. Syande frees Rubelline and the two head down into the wooden floor to rescue Crow, who is still attacking Cyanide.

Syande manages to attack Cyanide from behind while she's busy with Crow, managing to finally knock her out. Syande calls up Nightshade to capture Cyanide, and Nightshade puts her away. Rubelline kisses Syande as the two go home, as Crow heads back out into the wild. Syande attempts to get some rest finally now that everything that's worried her is away, but she can't help but feel anxious still... and she doesn't understand why.

SyandeHeart SWYH
  • 8AM: Wake up from Crow, get clothes back from Crow.
  • 8AM-12PM: Follow Crow, find Kitty Bell power-up.
  • 1PM: Take a break at the pond.
  • 2PM: Head back to Rubelline's mansion.
  • 3PM: Trace scent before losing it.
  • 4PM: Go to the Trayd household and watch tv.
  • 5PM: Eat cookies.
  • 6PM: Head to factory.
  • 7PM: Fight Cyanide, lose.
  • 8PM: Untie Rubelline as Cyanide falls through the floor.
  • 9PM: Defeat Cyanide and take her to Nightshade.
  • 10PM - 11PM: Go home and finally get some sleep.
  • 12AM - 5AM: Anxiety, hooray!
SyandeHeart SWYH
SyandeHeart SWYH

Day 5 starts with Syande being awakened by Rubelline, although she pretends to be asleep so that Rubelline doesn't bother to wake her up fully. Syande lays in bed for a while before finally getting up. Rubelline asks if she's okay, and Syande lies and just says she's just tired. Rubelline goes for a jog while Syande calls up Nightshade, asking him about the possibility of her generating further toxins after already being seperated once before with Cyanide. Nightshade says that not only is possible, it's inevitable. Syande asks Nightshade if it's possible for her to undergo the procedure again. Nightshade advises against it, but Syande stares at Rubelline from the window and decides that this is the only way she can keep them both happy. Nightshade sighs and tells her to meet him. Syande informs Rubelline she's going to go see Nightshade and Rubelline tells her that she will be waiting back home with a hug and a buffet of her favorite food.

Syande goes to see Nightshade, with the two going over procedure warnings and also looking at Cyanide in containment, who has been cyrogenically frozen until Nightshade needs her for a Mallory-level defense. Syande agrees once again to do the procedure, and it is successful, creating a second, smaller, child-like Cyanide. Nightshade dubs the toxic clone Twonade, and cryogenically freezes it. Syande feels much better and goes home to Rubelline, who hugs her, and then the two enjoy a buffet full of tomato-sauce related products like pizza, spaghetti, even straight up tomato sauce. Rubellin explains that she also ordered a tomato sauce fountain, but it clogged before Syande got home. The two have a dance in the living room and make out on the couch after Rubelline gets all sweaty and tired out.

Syande and Rubelline watch a movie together, as Syande explains what she went to Nightshade for. Rubelline expresses some concern but Syande tells her to not to worry because Cyanide and Twonade have been frozen and are unlikely to escape. She carries Rubelline to the bedroom to cuddle and the two do for a while before having another pillow fight. Rubelline eventually gets tired and heads to sleep and Syande gets the first bit of rest she has in ages, although she has a nightmare about Rubelline being taken by a woman in white hair. She wakes up in cold sweat and and heads to the bathroom, where she briefly catches a glimpse of a strange creature in a black coat, causing her to go into a panic attack. Rubelline wakes up and comforts her, and two fall asleep peacefully in the bathroom.

SyandeHeart SWYH
  • 12PM-2PM: Wake up from Rubelline but pretend to still be asleep for two hours.
  • 2:30PM: Eat lunch.
  • 3PM: Talk to Nightshade.
  • 4PM: Head to Nightshade and undergo the procedure.
  • 5PM: Stop worrying, your toxins are gone.
  • 6PM: Go home and hug and eat with Rubelline.
  • 7PM: Dance in the living room until Rubelline gets tired.
  • 8PM: Talk to Rubelline.
  • 8:30PM: Go to bedroom to cuddle.
  • 9PM: Pillow fight.
  • 10PM: Get some rest!
  • 1AM: - Wake up in cold sweat and have a panic attack.
  • 2AM - 3AM: Get comforted and fall back asleep.
SyandeHeart SWYH
SyandeHeart SWYH

Day 6 begins with the two waking up from the bathroom at 12 PM. Rubelline asks Syande what she was panicking about and Syande tells her about her nightmare. Rubelline assures her that she loves her, and that this week is only going to be them two. Syande nods and gets up and the two relax on the couch as Rubelline orders pizza. The two eat the pizza and hang out for a while before making out on the couch. After doing so, Rubelline expresses that she wants to deal with Syande's problems before they do anything else, and Syande tries to agree but also shows some clear reluctance with this.

Rubelline is able to suss out that Syande has not been able to confront with Crow about what happened between them. The two head out to the wilderness, where Crow is eating away at a elk she killed. Syande attempts to talk to Crow, but Crow has zero interest in the conversation and chews away noisily. Syande gets fed up and goes back to the mansion, with Rubelline profusely apologizing along the way. Syande takes a relaxing hot tub session with Rubelline to calm her nerves, which works very well for her, but she still feels upset about her encounter with Crow.

Syande gets a phone call from Nightshade, explaining that both Twonade and Cyanide escaped from a power outage. Frustrated and stressed already, Syande yells at him before angrily hanging up. Rubelline goes to comfort her, but Syande tells her that she needs time alone to even process what's going on. Rubelline in the mean time, makes some spaghetti for Syande. Syande calls Nightshade and apologizes. Nightstrike tells her that this is normal, as he had warned her early about the toxins rapidly accelerating due to her unnatural removal of them. Syande realizes then she can't run emotionally from this forever. She hangs up again, much to Nightshade's annoyance, and goes to find her toxic doubles after eating Rubelline's spaghetti.

Syande teams up with Crow and Rubelline to find the toxic doubles, which she finds have congregated at a abandoned catheredal. There they find Alcyone and Edna, who explain they were attacked inside. When asked what they were doing there in the first place, Edna blushes as Alcyone explains they were making out. Syande enters the catheredal, to find a oozing Cyanide that has now fused with Twonade, having rechristened herself as Hydrangea. Their unstable nature has effected them on a cellular level when they fused, and Hydrangea pins Syande, Crow, and Rubelline against the wall as Edna and Aclyone run away. Hydrangea attempts to kill both Crow and Rubelline, but Crow and Rubelline manage to block her attacks with their katana and red energy powers respectively. Hydrangea then attempts to seduce Syande, longing for her affection. Syande screams at Hydrangea, telling her that she's the parts of her that she would rather do about, especially after seeing how dangerous they are.

That's when Syande finally makes the ephinany that she needs her toxins as she keeps making the same mistakes over and over, never learning. As Rubelline and Crow near their demise, Syande finally makes amends with Crow on her own terms, realizing that both serve different roles in Rubelline's lives and although she loves both, her own jealously has been unfounded from the start due to how different Crow and Syande are from each other. She admits that she may never feel fully comfortable with it, but she needs Rubelline, and Rubelline needs her. Hydrangea then attempts to attack her, but Syande kisses Hydrangea on the lips, causing it to recoil away as the two unfuse. Cyanide is disgusted with Syande's new emotional developments, which she "felt" with her lips. Nightshade arrives on the scene to collect Cyanide and Twonade, but Cyanide attacks Nightshade, breaking his leg. She then attacks Syande, with Syande losing in the process, becoming knocked out. Cyanide enters into Syande's mind.

SyandeHeart SWYH
  • 12PM: Wake up from bathroom. Talk with Rubelline about what happened.
  • 1PM: Eat pizza.
  • 2PM: Make out with Rubelline.
  • 3PM: Attempt to talk with Crow.
  • 4PM: Hot tub session with Rubelline.
  • 5PM: Phone call from Nightshade.
  • 6PM: Hunt for Cyanide and Twonade.
  • 7PM: Arrive at abandoned catheredal. Kiss Hydrangea.
  • 8PM: Fight Cyanide and lose.
SyandeHeart SWYH
CyanideHeart SWYH

Once Cyanide enters into Syande's mind, Syande begins to lucidly dream. Cyanide tells Syande that she plans to break Syande's mind until she's back to her old self, perhaps even better with her memories altered. She entraps Syande in a bunch of oozing tentacles and goes to search her memories with a bunch of explosives. Syande needs to get free from the tentales, and then go after Cyanide, who is suprisingly agile inside of her mind. Syande comes across the Fandrax Suit, which offers her increased flight as well as giving her dark magic to use. Syande needs to fire at Cyanide and damage her enough so that she can fight her properly while Cyanide staggers.

Syande attacks Cyanide, not holding back this time, the two doing damage to each other that ultimately just heals by itself. Syande steps away from her, offering her hand. The two hold hands as they exit from her memories. They just talk about how they feel about things, and Syande expresses interest that Cyanide should become her own person away from Syande's own dealings. As Syande expresses, if Cyanide truly loved her, she would want the best for her. Cyanide attempts to argue, but realizes that she needs to grow up too. Cyanide asks for a dance from Syande, who obliges, as they both fly into the air in a dance before coming back into the ground, paring ways.

Cyanide leaves Syande's mind and Syande awakens, where Rubelline expresses serious relief. Cyanide tells the group she's leaving and grabs Twonade's hand to leave. The two say goodbye, while Nightshade attempts to go after them, but stops after Syande tells him to stop. Nightshade just shrugs and tells Syande he's still going to monitor Cyanide irregardless.

Rubelline and Syande go home, exhausted, with Syande getting the proper sleep she's wanted since the week started.

CyanideHeart SWYH
  • ??PM: Free Syande from tentacles.
  • ??PM: Chase after Cyanide using the Fandrax Suit.
  • ??PM: Battle Cyanide.
  • ??PM: Talk to Cyanide.
  • ??PM: Dance with Cyanide.
  • 10PM: Wake up, wave goodbye to Cyanide and Twonade.
  • 11PM: Go home with Rubelline and sleep.
CyanideHeart SWYH
SyandeHeart SWYH

Day 7 starts with Syande waking up at 11AM and waking up Rubelline. Today is finally Valentine's day, which both have been waiting for. Rubelline explains that she wasn't able to get everything ready, but Syande tells her she doesn't care too much as long as she has her. Rubelline blushes and the two kiss. Crymsia appears at the bottom of the stairs, explaining that Rubelline asked her to place petals down the stairs. She finishes and leaves with Silver Zin, explaining that they have their "couples things" to do, giggling. Syande carries Rubelline in her arms as they go down the stairs, Rubelline blushing.

Syande and Rubelline enjoy a giant tomato sauce lunch, with a working tomato sauce fountain, which Syande has a lot of fun with, the two eventually bathing it in together. After their lunch together, Syande and Rubelline head to Syande's Crystal Grotto, which Rubelline has never seen. Syande gets embrassed about how messy it is, but Rubelline is dazzled about just how beautiful it is. The two spend some time watching a sappy romance movie, getting bored of it half way through and just making out for a bit.

The two head back to Rubelline's mansion, where Veronica is dropping off a package for them. Syande asks what it could possibly be, and Rubelline tells her to open it up, giggling. Syande opens up the box to reveal a new wand, which Rubelline bought for her for Valentine's day, a black and red striped wand known as the Dyers Eve. Syande tests it, creating fireworks on the front lawn which both her and Rubelline observe. In the distance, Cyanide and Twonade are seen waiting at a bus stop, with Cyanide smiling a little bit, rubbing Twonade's head as the bus arrives to take them to Calfornia.

As the sun sets, Rubelline and Syande hear the door bell, which turns out to be Zellen Harley Quimbleson. Zellen Harley Quimbleson introduces herself, taking them to her abode. Zellen tells Syande about her additional challenges utilizing the suits, and offers the two a pink colored Helix Juice to share as she looks for their amiibos. When asked why she's giving the two gifts, Zellen just tells them that she's had postive experiences with their alternate counterparts from other universes and wishes to impart them gifts on Valentine's day. Rubelline and Syande accept the gifts and leave, taking their amiibos made in their image and the Helix juice. Sometime later, Syande and Rubelline finish the Helix juice and kiss, before heading to bed to cuddle and reflect on their day. Syande hugs Rubelline and purrs, expressing her gratitude to her. Rubelline smiles, as the two fall asleep, ending the game's story.

SyandeHeart SWYH
  • 11AM: Wake up, shake Rubelline awake.
  • 12PM: Carry Rubelline bridal-style down a stair of roses. Eat tomato sauce lunch.
  • 1PM: Bathe and make out in tomato sauce fountain.
  • 2PM: Head to Crystal Grotto.
  • 3PM: Watch movie.
  • 3:30PM: Make out instead.
  • 4PM: Return to mansion, pick up package and open it.
  • 5PM: Fireworks on the lawn.
  • 6-7PM: Visit with Zellen Harley Quimbleson.
  • 8PM: Finish Helix Juice and kiss.
  • 9-11PM: Cuddle in a bed of roses.
  • 12PM: Fall asleep in each other's arms.
SyandeHeart SWYH

Zellen's Power-Up Challenges

Introduced on Day 7, these are open during the post-game, allowing Syande to take on a series of challenges focused on her new power-ups. Each power-up has 4 Zellen Medal trials attached to it.

Challenges Trials
SyandeHeart SummerShades SWYH

Summer Shades Challenges


Summer Shade
Use the beach ball to shoot at unfurled umbrellas for the beachgoers to relax under the shade.


Atop the Beach Rock
Get to the top of the giant beach rock to nab this Zellen Medal!

Use the Summer Shades during these challenges to earn Zellen Medals. ZellenMedal

Brightest Star
Assist Valerie and Syi in preparing for a concert by defending them against a bunch of gangsters hired to take a hit on Valerie.


Volleyball Champ
Win the Volleyball match against Bang Crimson and Rachel with Rubelline as your partner, spiking the ball back to win a five point game.

SyandeHeart KittyBell SWYH

Kitty Bell


Milk Truck Chase
Chase after the milk truck holding all that tasty milk... and the Zellen Medal!


Kitty of the Hill
Beat all the Quirbles to the top of the grassy hill to grab the Zellen Medal.

Use the Kitty Bell during these challenges to earn Zellen Medals. ZellenMedal

Yarn Ball Roll
Use Kitty Bell Syande's claws to steer a giant rolling yarn ball to the Zellen Medal.


Kitty vs Wolf
Win the arena fight against Werine to nab this Zellen Medal.

SyandeHeart FandraxSuit SWYH

Fandrax Suit


Through Hell...
Grab the Zellen Medal placed at the end of a dizzying floating obstacle course.


...And Back
Now go back in reverse to grab the Zellen Medal, at twice the speed.

Use the Fandrax Suit during these challenges to earn Zellen Medals. ZellenMedal

Brawl of the Fandraxonians
Fight off the three Fandraxonians in the arena fight for this Zellen Medal.


Constellation Warfare
Navigate through the no-mans land and reach Crow to nab the Zellen Medal around her neck.

After completing the last challenge, an additional ending of the entire cast of Syande - Waste Your Hate appearing at a pool party hosted by Izuka is unlocked, waving to the camera as the credits are overlayed and a congratulations message is displayed.



  • The title of the game is very similar to the tenth track of Metallica's album Load entitled "Wasting My Hate". Due to Athena Hawkins (tbc)' love of the band, the creator scoured through song titles before finding a suitable one- it was slightly altered to make more sense of a title for the game while shortening it.
  • The logo of the game changes upon completion of the game's seven days. Instead of Syande - Waste Your Hate, it now becomes Syande - Accept Your Hate, reflecting the climax of the game.
  • Syande can technically fly without the Fandrax Suit powerup, but not during gameplay of Syande - Waste Your Hate, the official reasoning being that she did it on a dare from General Scotch after gloating about her flying abilities, of which General Scotch retorted she couldn't live a week stuck to the ground. This dare was taken on a single day before the events of Syande - Waste Your Hate. Technically she completed this dare, as the Fandrax Suit was only accessible in her dream on Night 6, before the post-game lets her use it, which canonically takes place after Day 7.
  • The trial names Brawl of the Fandraxonians and Constellation Warfare are nods to the canned game Brawl of the Fandraxonians: Constellation Warfare, of which Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory got some of it's moves for Zaxinian Lifts characters from.
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