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Swan Female
220 lbs
32 † years old Human
Swan, the mother who took flight
POWERS Atomic Precision
BIRTHDAY August 7th
OCCUPATION(S) Liameno's Wife

Crow (daughter)
Houbara (daughter)
Raven (daughter)
Robin (daughter)
Liameno (husband)


The Beach, The Night, Seashells, Water


Liameno, Lateness, Augur


Swan is the mother of Crow, Houbara, Raven, and Robin, as well as one of the many wives of Liameno. She died shortly after delivering the four children on Earth after escaping Liameno and his fleet. Not much is known about her, although her body was recovered by Liameno in the snow where she was found. Her children, however, were securely hidden away from him and his forces and allowed to grow up on their own.

Crow would later find out the existence of her mother during Days of Victory as well as who her father was. Crow has no memory of her mother although she did pass on what Swan did for her children to her sisters after the events of Days of Victory.


Swan is a white haired woman with Caucasian skin. She has flaming blue eyes, which become orange when she becomes enraged. She has heavy black eyelids and wears a ornate white and gold dress with a gold headdress that holds her ponytail. Her outfit takes nods from feudal Japan, although her nationality is not known as she is not from Earth. She wears sandals with black soles and white opera gloves. Additionally, she wears thigh high white socks with golden bands.


Swan was a fairly reserved woman who was forced into marriage by her father to Liameno. Not much is known about her, although she and Liameno planned to have four children, but Swan ditched him and his fleet after they set sights on an innocent planet. Not wanting to see the innocent planet razed and her children to be used as soldiers by Liameno, Swan escaped to Earth where she landed in a snowy area and gave birth to Crow, Houbara, Raven, and Robin. As such, Swan could be fiercely determined when she wanted to be, although ultimately was very fragile as she died not too long afterwards.

When her body was recovered, Liameno seemed to hold quite a bit of respect for her- her death is the only reason Liameno does not attack Earth and attempt to conquer it, out of respect for her death.


Swan had incredible precision with her fingers, able to see to an subatomic level. She passed this ability to her daughters, who would later use them for their own purposes. Swan was otherwise human in ability, although she possessed master level swimming. She had cursory ability with a rapier weapon.


Days of Victory

Swan is mentioned by name by Liameno after Liameno reveals to Crow that he is her father.

A long time ago, I had a wife named Swan. She was a beautiful woman, she was supposed to have quadruplets… but she left the ship during a raze on Earth, which mind you, did not go as planned. Of course, my children are always bred to perfection but the conception was too much for the woman on her own and we recovered the body in the snow, but the children… we never did find… until now.
Liameno explaining the significance of the tattoo on Crow's back



Forced to marry him by her father, Swan initially warmed up to Liameno enough to have the children, but ran away from him and his fleet after discovering his true intentions. Her death put pause to any missions against Earth out of respect for her, as Liameno would later reveal. This would not stop Liameno from later trying to cull the religions of Earth in Fallen Crusade.



  • Swan's design influences her children:
    • Crow's white hair and flaming eyes come from her.
    • Houbara's design is the only one that takes no influence from her, although the bone being used as a hair ornament is somewhat similar to the golden star disc she uses in her own hair.
    • Raven's eye lids are similar to her mothers.
    • Robin's hair features a similar sweep to her mother's, although only to one side.