Susanna Patrya Haltmann
スージー /スザンナ・ファミリア・ハルトマン
Susie, Executive Assistant of Haltmann Works Company
AGE Unknown
BIRTHPLACE Haltmann Works Company
ALIGNMENT Anti-Villain
Kirby (foe), Meta Knight (foe), King Dedede (foe)
CLASS Executive Assistant, Secetary
WEAPONS Invader Armor
Makiko Ohmoto
Hee! How do I look? Like a cool corporate spy, don't you think? You probably have no idea what I'm saying... Whatever...

Susie, full name Susanna Patrya Haltmann, is a character in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby: Planet Robobot as a secondary antagonist. She is the executive assistant and secretary of Haltmann Works Company. She is also in charge of the Mechanizing Occupation Project, a project with the goal of eradicating all life on Planet Popstar and draining the planet's resources.

Physical Description

Susie is a slender young woman with a white face and huge blue eyes and eyelashes. She has no mouth or nose, yet can speak. She has straight magenta hair that is long enough to cover her back and has long bangs. She wears a light gray Haltonium business suit. It actually wraps around her head like a hood. Two blade-like object stick out from the sides of the hood. These are part of a visor helmet that Susie wears when piloting her mechs. She wears a dark gray pencil skirt and has no legs or feet. She also has disconnected orange fingerless hands that connect to metal sleeves. She also has a prized golden hair accessory.


Susie is a egotistical yet hardworking character who sees herself as intellectually superior to the inhabitants of Pop Star due to her technological standing. Susie respects physical strength, especially when it works for her cause. She takes her work seriously and works towards her own goals, which are sometimes at the odds of what she has been assigned to do.


Kirby: Nova Zoo

Susie appears a Dream Ally in the game, being one of the first four that the player can choose from. She attacks primarily with bombs, screws, even a clipboard, being more of a character that fights from a distance. In the story, she convinces the other bad guys to team up with Kirby as she is aware of his immense power and how unstoppable he actually is- if they want to get out of the Nova Zoo, they need to team up with Kirby, she reasons.

Boss Battles

"Susanna Patrya Haltmann, also known as simply Susie, is the daughter of Max Profitt Haltmann and the secretary of the Haltmann Works Company. She works on the EX Energy in order to study more about it in secret, because neither Exateno and Exa-Sectonia will want to let something like this to happen. However, this ended up working too well, as she had become Exa-fied does to overdose..."

Susie appears as an Omega Boss in the game, although not in her personal Invader Armor; she had absorbed a great amount of EX Energy to become an extremely powerful robot girl called Exa-Susie, with her own four customized Haltmann Armors which consist of Frostbite, Enchantress, Warrior and Illusion Mistress. She also have 250,000 HP, and although able to take halve damage from all attacks, she will instead takes 1,5x more damage when her antennas are hit.

More details are into the Omega Bosses section in Boss Battles.

Interestingly, despite debuting in this Umbrella game, Susie's Exa-form appears as a Palette Spray in Kirby: Nova Zoo and is named as simply EX Energy.

Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble!

In the main game, Susie was only seen as a cameo, alongside Drawcia and Gryll, in one of Kirby's rare Stone Transformation in this game.

However, she hosts the Challenge Tower in hope to analyze Kirby or any other playable characters much further, but she does not mention her intention and even unusually welcomes the player. She even rewards Waddle Medals when the player completes each floors, but this is just because she had no uses of such "primitive currency". Shall the player keep failing, however, she scold them for wasting her time and even nearly blows her intention before quickly returning to her affable demeanor.

After the update of March 30th 2023, Exa-Susie had shown up as the real final boss of this game's Ultimate Choice, right after defeating Exateno. However, it is unknown if it is the same present Susie or a different Susie from the future (likely from Kirby: Story Break).

Kirby: Story Break

Susie have her own starring mode in the game, which is known as Susie's Strike, which serves as the Extra Mode similar of Kirby's Dream Land and Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Although her moveset is similar from Kirby: Nova Zoo, she can be imbued with any element, such as fire, ice, electric, wind, ice, water, leaves and light. She also brings her customized Invader Armor that works similarly to Kirby's Robobot Armor, although it cannot do Copy Ability.

In her story, inside the Haltmann Company, she is chasing Story Break Susie who stole some of her technology part, before ending up being absorbed by a magical book. This lead the two into the Story Break World, and although real Susie is angered, she eventually calmed down and saw Beta Knight being severely injured. Although apathetic at first, Susie eventually realized that Beta Knight might help her to get out of the Story Break World, so she helped Beta Knight to get into a safe place.

Although the two argued at first, Susie said that she is only here by freak accident and that it was the other Susie in Story Break World that caused her to be in this dimension. Beta Knight, realizing that she argued with the wrong Susie, apologized and even willing to serve her in order to do payback into S.B. Susie, who is shown to be working with Story Break Taranza. Non-Story Susie and Beta Knight agreed to work together, but so that they will not bother each other again.

Exclusive partners to Susie are the Zenemesis, using the Zenemium that Susie had collected throughout her research. She can make copy version of various final bosses and notable foes, such as 0, Marx and the Jambastion Mages. While the Zenemesis can be revived and can perform Ability Combination (the name of Friend Abilities in this game), they have various weaknesses which means that Susie had to use them carefully.

Dream Ally Moveset

In Kirby: Nova Zoo, it is possible for a second player to play as Susie and control her, allowing players to use a wide movepool of moves for her.

Move Controls Description Element Damage
Loose Screw B Susie releases a bunch of screws that fly towards the opponent and attempt to screw themselves into the opponent, dealing damage. Needle 15
Explosive Trap Down + B Susie sets down a explosive mine that goes off when someone steps on it, dealing big damage to them. Bomb 25
Suit Dash Dash + B Susie dashes forward with a rocker propelling behind her, gaining immense speed and knocking foes away in her path. Jet 10
D3 Capsule Hold B Susie uncorks a jar containing a floating purple liquid which summons three small Dedede clones to run towards the direction she's facing. Poison 15 per Dedede Clone
Clipboard Smash B (near enemy) Susie releases a flurry of attacks using her clipboard, smashing it over the opponent's head. Fight 13
Homing Golden Up + B (Midair) Susie releases three golden homing missiles shaped like her in the air, heading towards the nearest opponent. They are rather slow though. Jet 7 per missile
Haltmann Knife Side + B (Midair) Susie summons a floating knife to slice the air forward quickly. Needle




Susie has a low opinion of Kirby, considering him simple and dumb, especially compared to her. Although she understands his power, she belittles him when possible and calls him names like "Pinky" and "Native". During Kirby: Nova Zoo, she seems to have a somewhat shifted opinion of Kirby; while not in anyway a admirer of Kirby, she knows his strength, having seen him utterly demolish a Galactic Nova being controlled by the Access Ark with the Robobot Armor. As such, she suggests to everyone else that they work with Kirby to escape the Nova Zoo.



  • Susie is voiced by Makiko Ohmoto, the actress who provides the voice of Kirby and Queen Sectonia. She also does the voice of Ness in the Super Smash Bros. games.
  • Susie's face is pictured on the 50,000-Haltmann bill.
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