Susan and the Sacred Sword of Olean is an Adventure and Platformer game for the Master Pro made by Master Productions Incorporated. It stars the female hero Susan Fantendo's newest female hero. who uses the Sacred Sword of Olean to defeat the evil Gimplorp and save the kingdom of Olean. Susan and the Sacred Sword of Olean is Rated T, is a large game, and was released in March - April 2012. Dungeons and Temples are included in the game and each Dungeon and Temple has a boss at the end and whenever a boss is defeated a special prize is earned.

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The story begins with a girl named Susan who lives in a village near a forest which is located in the kingdom of Olean. The kingdom is ruled by the King, Queen, and newborn Prince. Then one day Susan's mother ordered her to go to Olean and buy bread so the mom can make lunch. While Susan was on her way she saw a cave and saw that the cave was a shortcut to Olean, then after Susan got out of the cave she saw a bush which had a golden sword called "The Sacred Sword of Olean" and only the one person who is related to the powerful hero of Olean Mortimer. Susan decided to pull the sword out of the rock and she did and found an amazing discovery that she is related to the old hero of Olean Mortimer. Meanwhile at a large castle faraway from Olean is where an evil monster named Gimplorp lives. He finds out that Susan is related to Mortimer. Gimplorp's ultimate plan is just to rule Olean so he sends his army to steal the King, Queen, and newborn Prince and make sure Susan is killed because Gimplorp's enemy was also Mortimer 121 years ago. When Susan was in the kingdom, Gimplorp's army attacks the kingdom, the army of Olean tried to stop Gimplorp's army, but was killed, and Gimplorp had came to the kingdom also and stole the King, Queen, and Prince. After what Susan witnessed she decided to stop Gimplorp and be the hero of Olean like her ancestor was. Now Susan goes on a grand adventure to defeat Gimplorp and save Olean.

Worlds and Bosses

Hub World

In the game Olean is the main hub world and it can acces to all the worlds. Olean can be visited to do sidequests for money or to go back to be prepared again. Many sidequests are in Olean and with the money earned Susan can buy items or upgrade her items. Many secrets are found in Olean and some secrets can lead to prizes or danger. Olean Castle takes Susan to any world or world that she is on as of now.

World 1: Olean Forest

The Olean Forest is the first area of the game and is the largest Forest in the country. Olean Forest is of course near Olean as lucious plant and animal life inhabit the fine large forest. The Forest is full of evil creatures suck as Bullbams and Ratcreeks, but other creatures such as the species of Scalra help Susan on her quest. A large lake is also located in the forst and the lake's name is Lake Odem where many sea creatures inhabit the waters. The first temple of the game which is the Forestview Temple and the first dungeon which is the Odem Cistern. Another species named Horian can be found and one of the Horian named Horiano who travels to many lands can tell Susan about some information and some help at times.

Confirmed Temples

  • Forestview Temple
  • Unamed Fire Themed Temple
  • Unamed Water Themed Temple
  • Unamed Ruined Temple

Confirmed Dungeons

  • Lava Gold Mine
  • Odem Cistern
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