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Susan Syringe
(Susan Philth)
Susan Syringe, the leader of the Twisted Cross.
CLASS Antagonist
Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered (cameo)
Fantendo Now (first official appearance)

Susan Syringe (born Susan Philth) is the leader of the Twisted Cross. She was the one that taught Leah Needlenam how to use needles and other medical equipment, and considered her a daughter. She founded the Twisted Cross back in medical school, but it's current form was not founded until two months after graduation.

She is also the daughter of Dr. Philth and Janie Twice, perhaps explaining some of her actions. Although she was not raised by either one, their traits were passed onto her for the most part.


Susan Syringe was the child of Dr. Philth and Janie Twice shortly after the reaping. Although the two abandoned the child, she grew up in various foster homes, with her being moved around frequently due to her psychopathic tendencies which couldn't be understood. She later was inspired to become a doctor after meeting Dr. Metal Mario. Much of Susan's childhood was rooted in the "bible belt" of the states, although she often fell asleep during these church meetings and was beat by some of her foster families, claiming that Satan had a grasp on her soul already.

After making it to medical school, she met Kathleen and Oliva and formed a clique called the Twisted Cross, named so for their experiences with religion. Although they were good students, they often got in trouble due to their want to experiment with animal corpses.

One day, Oliva was being sexually harassed and the three decided to murder the harasser, claiming that God had inspired them to take down the servant of Satan. The three brutally murdered the male student and hid his body where they could experiment with his corpse. Eventually they began getting more and more visions from God, claiming that they needed to murder those who had slighted them. Although they were never caught, they had killed around 10 students by graduation. Shortly after graduation, the three opened up their own hospital where they had planned to experiment with live patients. Although these experiments were incredibly harmful, it was not until a man sold them some of the Fan's blood that they had really begun experimenting.

Sometime later, they found The Seer and learned of her power of foresight. The Seer showed them a prophecy of a purple haired woman that would either bring down the organization or save it from a greater threat. Shortly after receiving this prophecy, they learned that a baby girl with purple hair had been in the Auvic family in the suburbs near by. Murdering the parents and keeping the child to raise as their own to save the organization.

The three had taught Leah everything they knew, as well as using the bible to manipulate her. This worked for about twenty years until they had brought in a patient they had named X-Ray. Leah fell in love with the patient and ran away with her as well as burning down the hospital when they tried to stop her. The group reassembled a couple of months later with another purple haired woman named Beth, although Susan separated herself, stating that she didn't want to be hurt by the experience again.

Although the Organization is back, the group has only sent out Beth to locate Leah, which has failed on their part due to Leah's ability to break her brainwashing.


Susan is a very motherly character that trusts way too much. Even after three years since Leah left and burnt down the hospital, she still expects her to come back so she can learn to be Susan's successor. She is also prone to psychotic breakouts, often harming anyone in her vicinity.

Despite apparently going by all the Bible's teachings, she constantly twists them to justify her needs. Although she believes homosexuality to be a sin, there has been several hints that she may be homosexual herself. As of right now, this is unconfirmed. She often gets visions from "God", which in actuality are just halfhearted justifications for her to pull off whatever she wants.


Leah Needlenam

Susan treats Leah like a daughter for the most part (with the exception of her 18th birthday). However, she is rather disappointed when Leah runs away with X-Ray, ordering Beth to find her. She also taught Leah how to use needles and syringes as weapons and lots of medical knowledge.

Oliva Blade

One of her two best friends and helped to found the Twisted Cross. Sh allows Oliva to be the guidance for Beth.

Kathleen Kutt

Beth Operatino


Constantly calls her a "blue she-devil" and disapproves of her being Leah's subject of affections. X-Ray doesn't like her that much either.

Dr. Philth

Janie Twice


  • Susan was not originally the leader of the Twisted Cross in the original concept; rather it was Olivia Blade. This changed as her back story was developed, with Exotoro stating it made more sense thematically.