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Survivor Fan
Survivor Fan.png
Developer(s) Indi555
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Genre(s) Comedy, Action

Survivor Fan is the second spin-off of Fandemonium. It is a reallity show set on a desert island, again, featuring many Fantendo characters.


15 characters from the Fantendoverse have signed up for a luxury cruise, but little do they know that we will stage a crash on a desert island. Me and my crew have set up cameras all over the island, and are monitoring the people. They must compete in wilderness survival challenges to decide the ultimate Survivor Fan!


The contestants are on a cruise on the ship the S.S. Fan, and are all getting used to life, when they go to dinner. At dinner, they all fall asleep from drugs in the food. When they wake up, they are scattered across a desert island. Indi555 and his crew are also on the island, but are hiding for the moment. They deposited the people on the island with debris to trick them into thinking the ship crashed. Mack wakes up and meets Troy and Mick Cool, and Mack and Troy fight and Troy is beat up. Mack sends Troy off to gather firewood. Mick Cool takes a great liking to Mack, much to the Moogle's annoyance. At this time, Cortez and Hades start to strike up a close friendship. PalmMan and MineMan are together, but they get in a fight and separate. Thunder Nook and Esarbee are together, and hold a conversation that breaks the fourth-wall. Indi555 gets a call from the Producers instructing him to make the first challenge to climb the volcano and throw the loser in. He then recieves a call from Shroomy, crossing over with Hark & Flame. In the morning, all the contestants wake up with instructions to go to the lagoon, where Indi reveals they are on the show. It is unknown how it will progress from here as this is the latest episode.






  • Episode 6-
  • Episode 7-
  • Episode 8- Arend
  • Episode 9- Indi555
  • Episode 10-Indi555
  • Episode 11- Arend
  • Episode 12- COKEMAN11
  • Episode 13- Arend
  • Episode 14- Cobweb
  • Episode 15- Cobweb
  • Episode 16- Arend
  • Episode 17- EdGeorgenCody
  • Episode 18- Stelios7
  • Episode 19- EdGeorgenCody
  • Episode 20- Indi555
  • Episode 21- EdGeorgenCody
  • Episode 22- open
  • Episode 23- Stelios7
  • Episode 24- EdGeorgenCody
  • Episode 25- Indi555