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Developer(s) Warm Fuzzy Productions
Publisher(s) FantendoLogo2014Large
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogoRedPs4-logo-blackV2LogoSmallglow
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s) May 31, 2020
Mode(s) Adventure Mode
Boss Bluster
Claw the Carrier
Royal Flush
Age Rating(s) ESRB Teen
Media Included Nintendo Switch Cartridge
PlayStation 4 Disc

Superstition, previously known as Project Shadowplay, is a 3D-platformer game developed by .peachfuz (tbc) for The V², PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, being the first iteration of the "Lucky" series, and the first game to star Lucky Veridian. The game takes inspiration from titles such as A Hat in Time in its gameplay, as the player travels large 3D maps, level by level, while meeting new characters along the way, defeating enemies, and completing different objectives. The game also contains beat-em-up elements in terms of the game's combat, which takes a primary focus in many levels, and RPG elements in terms of character stat progression and items.

Superstition stars Lucky Veridian, an anxious feline hailing from the Quadrasera Isle, who, as a child, was cursed by an invading cult of mysterious sorcerers known as the Omnis Clan, and separated from his parents. When the sorcerers return to the island years later to colonize it, Lucky joins forces with Myortia, a raucous Omnis rebel with a mastery in erebokinesis, to learn how to control his powers and save his home island. Along the way, Lucky makes new friends and foes alike, uncovers more of both his and Myortia's pasts, and begins to make peace with his own demons.

The game boasts a "T for Teen" rating for cartoon violence, moderate language, and references to mature subject matters. The game is slated to release on May 31, 2020 on all of the above platforms.



Superstition is a 3D-platformer, with mixed focus on platforming and combat involved. In Superstition, players traverse 4-8 levels in 11 worlds spread out across two islands with different objectives depending on the level: be it reaching a certain point of the level, taking out all of the levels, collecting items around the map, or fighting a boss. Almost every level is riddled with different enemies, and each of the four playable characters have different methods of dealing with them in combat: Myortia and Lucky using dark magic of contrasting proportions, Karis using his claws, and Sytha using her staff. There are also certain characters with abilities that others don’t have: all of the characters can wall climb except for Myortia, Lucky is the only character whose Luck stat stays at zero throughout leveling up, and Sytha boasts a double jump, for example. Each of the four characters have entirely different stat values, as well, for the sake of varying playstyles. The stats for the characters are as followed:

  • Health: Determines the amount of health a character has: when the character's health hits zero, they must start the level over. Health can be replenished using certain items in levels.
  • Attack: Determines the power of attacks: applies to both magic and melee attacks for all characters.
  • Agility: Determines the speed of characters' walk and run speeds: characters with lower agility will run at a regular speed, but run out of breath easily.
  • Aerial: Determines how high the character can jump, and how easily the character can move in midair.
  • Luck: The rate at which characters land critical hits: crits are determined with an X/100 rate, with x representing the Luck stat.

Players can also use items in levels: items can be bought in shops in the overworld, obtained in levels, given to you as gifts by NPCs, or dropped by enemies or bosses after defeating them. Items, when consumed, give positive effects to characters in levels, giving them enhanced stats or new abilities; some may also be weapons, which can be used alongside a character's base attacks in levels. Items can be bought with Bells, the currency of the game. Cosmetic changes, ranging from alternate costumes to idle animations, can also be purchased—these don’t effect gameplay.

The world progression in Superstition follows a “several levels in a world” format many other platformers use. There are ten worlds spread out in the game: eight of them in the Quadrasera Island, Lucky’s home, and two of them in Omnitopia, the home city of the Omnis. Each world has four to six levels that must be progressed to reach the boss level.

When the player enters a boss level, they must face off against the boss enemy of that world, who, unlike regular enemies, have a set health bar that must be whittled down in order to defeat them. When the boss's health bar reaches zero, the boss is defeated, and a large amount of EXP–as well as a "Special Item"–is dropped. There is at least one designated “boss” for every world, though some worlds boast more than one boss fight, particularly later in the game.

In the overworld, characters can interact with NPCs and the environment outside of the main levels: here, players can talk to other characters, complete minor objectives for a reward, buy items in preparation of entering levels, and even play minigames. There are five different "areas" of the overworld overall: the four quarters of Quadrasera Island, each holding two worlds within it, and the Omnitopia overworld, holding two worlds within it.

Playable Modes

Superstition features a variety of playable modes within the game, each of varying genres and complexities, to throw in replay value outside of the main story. The different game modes are as followed:

Embrace the Shadows
Read the whole story here!

The main story mode of Superstition, entitled Embrace the Shadows, follows Lucky and Myortia's journey across the Quadrasera Isle to take down a clan of magicians intent on colonizing the four-sector plateau. Traverse eleven colorful, varied worlds and take down enemies with your developing abilities. Playable with up to 2 players locally.

Claw the Carrier

A somewhat chaotic competitive minigame where four players battle to gain the most points: this is done by collecting randomly-spawning Bronze Bells around a pre-selected map. Players collect Bells to increase their score, with one Bell equivocating to 1 point. The players can attack each-other like how they would attack enemies in the main story, and taking damage makes the player lose 10 Bells, which flies onto the map—running out of health results in the loss of 50 Bells, and a 6 second wait time before the player can respawn. At the end of a set time limit, the player with the most amount of Bells wins—in the case of a tie, the tied players are locked in a small arena, and the first player to take damage and lose a Bell loses. During this sudden tiebreaker event, spikes advance in on the players, to prevent players from simply doing nothing. Additional events can occur on certain maps to keep gameplay fresh—this may include enemies spawning in on the map, rising tides, sudden storms, or something really crazy, like a meteor shower or a tax inspector. There are ten playable characters in this mode, with four of them available by default (the four playable characters in Adventure Mode), and the rest being unlocked through progressing through the main game. The maps are based on levels in the main game, remade to fit the minigame. Playable with up to 4 players, locally or online.

Royal Flush

A strategic competitive minigame fusing cardistry and quick-time events, in which four players sit at a table with four floating orbs in the center. The players are each given four cards, which affect the orbs in the center—however, button prompts hide what orbs are being affected by whose selections, similar to using items in Smash Tour in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. At random intervals, a command of “Grab!” will sound, and each orb is given a random button on the controller—pressing a button designated to an orb gives the player that orb quickly. If a player doesn’t react in a second, the leftover orbs disappear. After the players take their orbs as soon as possible, the orb reveals a certain point value or aftereffect, points are rewarded to the player depending on the orb, and the round starts over, with each player getting a new deck of cards. The cards can add or subtract points to the orbs, remove all points from an orb, designate a selected button prompt to an orb for the quick-time event of grabbing, leave the player with only two cards on the next round, or even give players multipliers for the next round. After the pre-selected turn limit is reached, the player with the most points wins. The playable characters in Claw the Carrier are playable here under the same conditions. Playable with up to 4 players, locally or online.

Boss Bluster

The obligatory “Boss Rush” mode, unlocked by completing the Adventure Mode once: the character, with their upgrades from the Adventure Mode applied, is thrusted into a gauntlet of bosses faced throughout the game. The player can take on different challenges, featuring different orders of the bosses, and with each mode varying in challenge level. Each gauntlet features a selection of four different difficulties—Mild, Spicy, Burning, and Infernal. The player has few opportunities to heal throughout the gauntlets, and must defeat bosses in succession to progress. After defeating the last boss of the selected gauntlet, the player wins the gauntlet, and their time to beat the gauntlet is recorded on an online leaderboard. Defeating a particular Gauntlet on Hellish also awards the player with a trophy, visible in the Hall of Hope on the Menu. After beating all of the default gauntlets on Infernal, the final Gauntlet, “Champion's Crowning” is unlocked, including every single boss back-to-back in a single, difficult final challenge. Playable with up to 2 players locally.

Hall of Hope

The Hall of Hope is a sub-menu holding their various in-game successes. This menu is where players can view in-game achievements they have earned, or read clues for the achievements they haven’t earned. Players can also read statistics of their games, such as how many enemies they’ve killed and their best character, their high scores for the minigames, and the trophies players have earned for mastering Gauntlets in Boss Bluster. Finally, after beating the game once, players gain the ability to read extensive biographies for all of the characters, which are more akin to trophies in the Super Smash Bros. series in detail.

Story Synopsis

Spoilers for the story below! Please read with caution!
Lucky Veridian is an anxious anthropomorphic feline from the multi-seasonal island of Quadrasera, living with his best friends; Karis, a spunky optimist who Lucky harbors feelings for, and Karis' older sister Sytha, who is idealistic and down-to-earth. Lucky struggles with the effects of a curse giving him uncontrollable dark magical abilities, as well as an apparent bout of bad luck—a curse given to him by a clan of mysterious dark sorcerers, after they attacked him and his now missing parents as a child. Lucky remembers very few clear details of the affair, but has frequent nightmares about it.

In the present, the same clan of sorcerers invade Lucky’s home island again. One soldier, a humanoid creature known as an Omnis, has a run-in with Lucky and Karis, but Lucky unintentionally blasts the sorcerer with his magic. The act is witnessed by Myortia, a dark sorceress Omnis, who follows Lucky home. Myortia explains to him and his friends that the sorcerers, a multi-elemental magical army known as the Omnis Clan, have returned to the island to invade and colonize the territory, under the direction of the Elemental Pioneers, their leaders. Myortia, an excommunicated Omnis Clan member, snuck onto their ship with plans to sabotage the army herself. Recognizing Lucky’s magical abilities, however, Myortia offers to train his powers in exchange for his help in disbanding the Omnis' plan. Lucky reluctantly agrees, hoping that an adventure will help in overcome his anxiety, and he and Myortia set out on their journey.

At the start of the adventure, the two work to build up Lucky’s magical prowess, developing his skills and learning to control them, taking down various Elemental Pioneers in the process. Along the way, Lucky encounters Valentine, the “Pioneer of Heart”, later revealed to be Myortia's ex-girlfriend, unbeknownst to Myortia. The two also meet and team up with Blitz Coronel, a roguish avian hunter who strikes up a strong friendship with Lucky. During the first stretch of the adventure, the three learn many things about each-other; in particular, Lucky’s struggles with an anxiety disorder.

Later, Lucky has a panic attack after defeating Pynamo, a pyrokinetic Elemental Pioneer, which leads to the three getting captured while their guard is down. They are taken and jailed in Omnitopia, the Omnis Clan’s base of operation, but are rescued by Erupide, Myortia’s associate and fellow rebel. With his help, the three are able to return to the Quadrasera Isle after stealing a teleportation device from the Omnis Urbans.

Upon returning to the island, the group reunites with Karis and Sytha, where they reveal they’ve been training to learn how to fight the Omnis themselves—Sytha insists she and Karis join the three on their adventure, to which Myortia is hesitant, but Lucky convinces her to agree. The four continue their adventure, where they meet several more important faces. These include Tarocles, the eccentric tactician of the Elemental Pioneers; Madame Irantia, the metal-bending second-in-command of the Clan; and the Omnis Clan’s leader, the tyrannical Lord Shacklebolt, an electrokinetic with the ability to drain the powers of others. Sytha grows suspicious of Myortia after she deduces that Myortia was a former Elemental Pioneer following a fight with Valentine, which Myortia admits to.

The five later fight and defeat Shacklebolt atop the highest mountain of the island, but are captured again by Tarocles while distracted with their victory. They are transported into the magic-imbued dungeons of Omnitopia, but manage to escape, to Tarocles’ fury. They defeat the tactician, and Myortia prepares to kill him, but Lucky convinces her to spare Tarocles, who, in shocked gratitude, escapes alongside the five and goes on the run.

After learning of the Pioneers' return to Omnitopia, as well as the capture and planned execution of Erupide, the five resolve to storm the city’s prison, but find themselves joined by the Obsidian Armageddon, a squadron of mutinied Omnis soldiers who, led by Valentine and Pynamo, have been stirring a rebellion behind the eyes of Shacklebolt. They break into the prison and free Erupide, along with many other rebelling Omnis. During the battle, Lucky squares off against Orbule, a Pioneer specializing in telekinesis, who unleashes a hallucinogenic attack on him. In the vision, Orbule taunts Lucky with the knowledge of his parents' disappearance and his curse, revealing that Myortia was the one who cursed him in his childhood during a raid years prior, and that she lied to him. Lucky breaks free of the trance and mistakenly kills Orbule by shattering their glass head, before fainting after being overcome with anxiety.

Following the end of the battle, Lucky comes to in Erupide’s base, where the group, now joined by Erupide, Pynamo, and Valentine, are now hiding out. Lucky confronts Myortia in the midst of a panic attack, divulging what Orbule revealed to him to everyone. Myortia, reluctantly, admits that Orbule was telling the truth: that she was tasked with assassinating Lucky's parents, who were the only known magicians on the island, to prepare for a future raid, and that she mistakenly cursed Lucky in her chase. In a tearful rage, Lucky nearly destroys the base when his magic appears to flare up against his control. Consumed by his own emotions, Lucky vanishes, vowing to defeat Shacklebolt on his own, as Myortia, Karis, Sytha, and Blitz give chase.

Lucky mows down Shacklebolt’s forces, only stopping after Madame Irantia warns him of Shacklebolt—he ignores her warning and enters the throne room, where he fights Shacklebolt, but is defeated. Rather than kill him, however, Shacklebolt has a long conversation with Lucky about his journey, acknowledging his dangerous powers and sympathizing with his struggles. He ends with an offer for Lucky to join Shacklebolt’s side as the new Pioneer of Shadows, to live a life of luxury and ease, at the cost of giving Shacklebolt some of his powers—an offer that Myortia refused. Lucky also declines, insisting on what he believes is right, but Shacklebolt knocks out the feline and begins to drain Lucky’s power for himself.

Myortia’s squadron arrives to the throne room to find a hyperpowered Shacklebolt, having drained most of Lucky’s energy and fused it with his own. Myortia, Karis, and Sytha wage battle with Shacklebolt once more, where he is defeated for the third and final time. Myortia forces Shacklebolt to return a weakened Lucky’s powers to him, but the overstimulation of his abilities, crossed with his fragile emotional state, causes his powers to finally get the better of him—his abilities flare up once more and begin to consume him, transforming him into a shadow-infused, monstrous creature. The "Black Cat" kills Shacklebolt and breaks out the throne room through the wall, as the others give chase once more.

After finding Black Cat ravaging what’s left of Shacklebolt’s army, the group fight him—a fight which they win, but doesn’t slow down the monster’s rampage. Realizing that Black Cat was manifested from Lucky’s emotions and not just the corruption of his magic, Myortia tries to communicate with Lucky from inside of Black Cat’s soul, and, slowly but surely, talks him into taking control of his body once more, reminding him that he is surrounded by people who love him. As he regains control, Black Cat fades away, leaving an incredibly weak Lucky in its wake. Despite the destruction, the end of the Omnis Clan’s regime is celebrated, with Lucky and his companions hailed as heroes.

Four months later, Lucky, Karis, and Sytha reunite with their partners from the war of Omnitopia after they come to visit them in Quadrasera, where they find out Irantia has taken over as ruler, and they have ended their acts of imperialism. Valentine (whose relationship with Myortia is implied to be on its way to rekindling) escorts Lucky to see Myortia, and the two have a heart-to-heart. Lucky tells Myortia that, although he saved his island and freed an entire city of a tyrannical rule, his adventure and relationship with her was detrimental to his well-being, and that he put himself through it solely because he was the only one who could step up. He also admits that the adventure also made Lucky realize he couldn’t shut himself out from the world anymore, and tells her that he’s working to help himself for real. Lucky admits he cannot decide if he can forgive Myortia for what she did, but the two decide to stay in touch.

At the end of their visit, Myortia, Valentine, and the others leave for Omnitopia, leaving Lucky, who tells Karis he feels hopeful for the future.

Playable Characters

Character Description

Lucky Veridian
Voiced by Sam Riegel
Lean, Green, Low Self-Esteem

"... I just wanna be able to walk into a room, and, for once, feel like I'm not just... taking up space by being there."

Lucky is the unassuming main protagonist of our story, an awkward, anxious feline with an apparent bout of bad luck. When Lucky was a child, an encounter with a band of mysterious magicians led to his separation from his birth parents, and left him with a strange curse that gave him uncontrollable abilities in dark magic. Since then, Lucky, now living with his best friend, has struggled with his anxieties of uncontrollable magical powers, with no outlet to learn how to utilize it. When the same clan of sorcerers return to the Quadrasera Isle, now hoping to colonize the island, Lucky finds himself swept up in the action, teaming up with sorceress Myortia to take down the army and learn to use his powers.

Lucky’s about as balanced as characters in this game get, as his stats are fairly in the middle all around. The only defining quirk he possesses in terms of stats is that his Luck stat flat-out does not exist; he cannot land critical hits. Lucky can pull off some basic claw-based attacks and maneuvers, but most of his learnset revolves around his ability to control and wield shadows, using them in attacks in a variety of different ways.

  • Health: 10
  • Attack: 5
  • Agility: 5
  • Aerial: 5
  • Luck: 0
  • Confidence: 0
Dusk Claws
Lucky lashes out with extracted claws, scratching enemies. Dusk Claws are utilized in a variety of different techniques: it’s an up-close physical slash attack that is also utilized in Dusk Dash and Dusk Uppercut. Can be upgraded to Piercing Dusk, which ups the power of the Dusk Claws by a margin.
Sombre Bullet
Lucky emits a shadow-infused burst of energy deep within his soul, firing it from his hand. The projectile flies straight forward in a bulletlike fashion to strike an enemy. The spell can be upgraded with the help of another sorcerer to Sombre Burst, increasing its power and hitbox. Another upgrade transforms it into Sombre Shriek, maximizing its already high power and adding a spooky aesthetic to the spell.
Twisted Dive
Lucky dives directly downwards, landing on the ground with such force that a shockwave of darkness surrounds him on impact, dealing damage. The attack can be used to break through weak floors. An upgrade transforms it into Twisted Crash, powering the attack up and increasing its versatility.
Fading Void
Allows Lucky to teleport himself a meager distance through shadows. Doing this requires setting a destination and “fading” through the shadows to move to said destination. The technique can’t be used soon after its used initially, due to how much energy needs to be exerted to perform it, so it’s typically saved for emergency situations. Lucky can also use Black Puddle to fade to the location of the puddle, which requires more precision but allows for more distance.
Black Puddle
Lucky releases an inky blast of darkness to strike the earth, forming a "puddle" of shadows where the blast lands. This puddle will slow down enemies and deal periodic damage while they tread through it. The puddle disappears after 15 seconds, and only one puddle can be on the ground at a time. The puddle can be gotten rid of early, however.
Ringing Howl
Lucky runs a claw over his signature bell, releasing an ear-splitting noise that sends a shadowy sound wave forward. The sound wave deals moderate damage and, if the enemy is struck with the full force of the attack, stuns them briefly. Has a 10 second cooldown.
Stygian Outburst
Lucky clasps his hands together, and a large burst of dark energy erupts from the ground in front of him, engulfing opponents who are trapped in the blast zone. Deals a good amount of damage, but requires getting up-close to actually hit opponents. Has a 13 second cooldown.
Character Description

Myortia Zavarell
Voiced by Anna Brisbin
Snarking Dark Sorceress

"You get manipulated. You rebel against your leader. You liberate your city and get a holiday named after you. Sest la vee, baby!"

Myortia Zavarell is a brash sorceress from Omnitopia, once a respected mage of the Omnis Clan, now reviled and excommunicated from her former allies. She snuck aboard the Omnis ships headed to the Quadrasera Isle to attempt to sabotage the cult of sorcerers' and their scavenge of others' territory. When she meets Lucky, a fellow (if less experienced) erebokinetic, she enlists the hesitant feline to help her with her cause, in exchange for saving his island and teaching him how to wield his dark magic competently. Myortia’s far more than just the rebellious nobody of Omnisian ilk she makes herself out to be, however...

Myortia acts as Lucky’s magical superior, as she’s, in technical terms, the most powerful of the four characters through her attacks. Though she has little reliable close-up attack potential, her attacks have great range and hit hard at the best times. Her agility is bested by Lucky’s, however, as she’s not incredibly graceful, and she isn’t the most reliable character for platforming.

  • Health: 10
  • Attack: 7
  • Agility: 2
  • Aerial: 2
  • Luck: 4
  • Recklessness: 10
Twilight Orb
Myortia fires an orb-shaped burst of dark energy, which floats forward and deals damage upon contact. The projectile does more damage than Lucky's Sombre Bullet, but it moves at a slower rate, meaning there’s less of a guarantee it’ll land. Twilight Spark is the first upgrade of this attack, which is slightly faster and more powerful, and Twilight’s Wrath slows the spell down again slightly, but massively ups the damage output.
Fade Away
Myortia fades into the shadows for a split second, bypassing damage. The fade can be used to dodge attacks and move through obstacles without a scratch, but can only be activated for a brief period of time. Upgrades include Fade Dash, which allows Myortia to travel a decent distance through the fade, and Faded Ascension, which propels Myortia upwards in the fade.
Matter Flail
A small, dark orb of energy appears next to Myortia, moving around her quickly. The orb damages everything within a small radius of Myortia, but disappears after dealing enough damage. Upgrading it turns it into Matterstar, which doesn’t increase its speed or damage, but, rather, allows Myortia to stop moving briefly to control its directional path freely.
Black Thorns
Myortia waves a hand at the ground, and thorns, manipulated out of dangerous shadows burst from the Earth, piercing opponents from below. The thorns remain on the battlefield doing damage, and remain for 10 seconds: the attack cannot be used again until they disappear.
Vitalistic Chant
Myortia utters an ancient Omnis spell, as dark energy builds up around her. If she completes the spell (which takes 5 seconds), the magic around her manifests into an energized aura, boosting her attack power and speed for the next 15 seconds. When the aura disappears, or if the spell is interrupted, it cannot be used before a 9 second cooldown.
Sucker Pound
Myortia braces herself for attack, shadows building up in her palms. If Myortia is struck by an enemy while bracing herself, she lashes out with a black tentacle-like lash of dark magic, dealing great damage and knocking the enemy back.
Abyssal Void
Myortia charges up and slams the ground with a clenched fist, and a large blackhole begins to form in the ground, building size and intensity over time. The void attracts enemies to its core, dealing sizable damage if the opponent is in its radius—large damage if they are in its core. If interrupted or used, the attack has a 25 second cooldown.
Character Description

Karis Nyjahh
Voiced by Joel McDonald
Sharp Mind, Sharper Claws

"Lucky, look around you. Nobody's screaming at you. We just want to know you're doing as well as you say you are."

Karis is Lucky's best friend, a spunky feline with dreams of opening his own bakery. He met Lucky at a young age, and the two have remained attached to the hip since, through every tumultuous moment of their lives. Karis seems to be the only one who understands Lucky’s anxieties, and has learned to help him through them; he's Lucky's rock, plain and simple. When he and Sytha reunite with Lucky after Lucky and Myortia return from Omnitopia, he’s fiercely determined to remain by his side until the conflict’s end.

Karis plays similarly to Lucky in terms of health and attack stats, but the similarities fizzle out after that. Karis, like Lucky, attacks with his claws, but, with no magic to utilize, scratching is the focal point of his attacks, and he has several intricate combos he can pull off with his claws. Karis is the fastest character, but he also has the lowest jump of the characters: to make up for this, Karis’s claws allow him to dig up items underground, and scale certain walls or trees.

*Karis is unlocked as a playable character after defeating Omnitroid for the first time. His Health and Attack stats are weighted based on the progress of Lucky and Myortia’s values on those respective stats: the values can be upgraded from there if necessary.

  • Health: 10*
  • Attack: 5*
  • Agility: 7
  • Aerial: 1
  • Luck: 2
  • Hopefulness: 10
Fury Claw
Karis scratches at his enemies with his claws, dealing damage. When the claws are extracted, it also allows him to scale specific tall structures for a brief distance, allowing him to access new areas. If he trains under Shonyen, he can upgrade this ability to Rapier Claw, increasing the range and speed of his attacks greatly.
Pouncing Slash
Karis leaps forward, pouncing on whatever enemy is within scratching distance. If he lands the attack, he slashes at the opponent he makes contact with, dealing damage.
Karis digs at whatever ground is at his feet. This has different effects depending on the terrain—while this will likely do nothing to hard surfaces, Karis can dig small holes in dirt or sand, potentially uncovering hidden items. He can also get rid of larger dirt piles by digging them up, revealing whatever is underneath.
Karis braces himself, clashing his extracted claws together. While Karis is left entirely immobile for a few seconds while using this technique, pulling it off successfully (without being damaged) results in his attack doubling temporarily. This effect lasts for 10 seconds, with a 13 second cooldown.
Slash Tornado
Karis flies into a frenzy, slashing rapidly while spinning. This technique deals great damage if it lands properly, but is hard to make the most out of due to its range. The attack has a 9 second cooldown.
Magna Slash
Karis reels back, and slashes forward forcefully, cutting down whatever is in front of him. The attack does great damage, but takes very precise placement, as Karis cannot move while charging it up. Regardless of if it lands or not, the technique has a 10 second cooldown.
Character Description

Sytha Nyjahh
Voiced by Jennifer Hale
Sister Dearest

"I'm starting to think this whole, ”liberating an entire island" thing isn't exactly the most soothing hobby."

Sytha is Karis's older sister, the owner of the home that they and Lucky live in. She got to know Lucky after the misfortuned feline moved in with her family, and is incredibly supportive of her friend as a result of getting to know him. While she isn’t as understanding of Lucky’s insecurities as Karis, she is, at the very least, willing to try. She doesn’t consider herself a masterful fighter, but has trained with a bō staff in the past, and utilizes it when she is obligated to combat others.

Sytha's stats are, more or less, slightly more balanced than other playable characters, though she’s certainly got her strengths and weaknesses. Her agility is mostly prominent in the air than on the ground, as she isn’t the fastest character on ground, but she's the only one out of all four of the characters who can perform a "double jump". Her combat, like Karis, is up-close, but, instead of claws, she utilizes her trusty bō staff, which has more range than Karis's class, but is less powerful.

*Sytha is unlocked as a playable character after defeating Omnitroid for the first time. Her Health and Attack stats are weighted based on the progress of Lucky and Myortia’s values on those respective stats: the values can be upgraded from there if necessary.

  • Health: 10*
  • Attack: 5*
  • Agility: 1
  • Aerial: 7
  • Luck: 2
  • Maturity: 10
Staff Jab
Sytha swings her bō staff, smacking enemies with it to deal damage. The staff can be used for other puzzles, such as using it as a handle for a zipline. With enough leveling, her staff will be upgraded to include a blade at one end, increasing its power and its uses.
Staff Whirl
Sytha spins her staff furiously, smacking opponents with her weapon in a rapid pattern. Deals small chunks of damage over a long period of time.
After performing Staff Whirl, aiming the spinning staff upwards allows Sytha to take off into the air, floating through the air for a brief period. Her direction can be aimed freely using the movement buttons, and opponents above Sytha can be damaged with the staff.
Arcing Staff
Sytha chucks her bō staff in a straight line, as it spins in the air, hitting enemies, before returning to her grasp. If the staff is hit by an enemy in midair, it will fall out of the boomerang arc, and Sytha must retrieve it to continue using it.
Blazing Swing
Sytha charges up an attack with her staff, imbued with a fiery energy, and swings, flames trailing the arc of the staff. The swing deals great damage, and leaves behind a trail of fire to deal extra burn damage to enemies..
Bonfire Blitz
Sytha, using both hands, swings her staff into the ground, and scorched earth erupts from the impact point in a short line, greatly damaging all enemies in its area of effect. The attack is Sytha’s strongest in combat, and has a cooldown of 9 seconds.


Name Info
Voiced by Sungwon Cho
Pioneer of Thunder
"You stand among the heroes, knowing you aren't happy doing so. Why is that, Lucky Veridian? Have you not once considered that, perhaps, you aren't doing what's right for yourself?"

Shacklebolt is the brooding leader of the Elemental Pioneers, and, by extension, the Omnis Clan. A thunderous tyrant with an imperialistic game-plan, the Pioneer of Thunder is a powerful figure, spending much of the game only being spoken of with great pride or great terror by his Omnisian underlings. He was responsible for Myortia's excommunication, and is the biggest threat to both her and Lucky's journey.

Upon learning of Lucky and Myortia's successful attempts at breaking down his army, his focus goes from conquering land to capturing the erebokinetic rebels. Near the end of the game, it is revealed that Myortia’s excommunication stemmed from her refusal to have Shacklebolt exploit and enhance her magic, which would result in Myortia's body essentially being used as a weapon for the Omnis Clan. Upon learning of Lucky’s involvement in Myortia’s plunderings, however, his interest in this experiment returns, with a new subject in mind.

Madame Irantia
Voiced by Hellena Taylor
Pioneer of Alchemy
"I lost my vision a long time ago, but, in doing so, I gained sight of what was important to me. I saw my inner truth. And I saw remarkable potential in you, Myortia. I must wonder what you see now, to have forsaken the trust we held."

Madame Irantia, known by her admirers as the "Iron Maiden", is the iron-clad Pioneer of Alchemy, and the "queen” to Shacklebolt's king. After being blinded when caught in a mineshaft explosion as a child, Irantia has transformed herself into a fierce warrior with nerves of steel, climbing the ranks through sheer skill, and eventually taking Shacklebolt's hand in marriage. Irantia is a master metalbender, and goes to battle by transmutating her body to turn her own limbs into weapons.

Despite being unable to see, Irantia's other senses are sharpened to a great degree—not to mention her instincts have very rarely failed her. This, combined with her mastery of blacksmithing and her affinity for varied weaponry, makes her perhaps the most terrifying Pioneer to face on the battlefield.

Voiced by Misty Lee
Pioneer of Heart
"I think I get it, actually. Emotions can be a tricky thing... I should know. But that doesn't mean your own feelings don't matter, especially if someone is sending that message to you."

Valentine is one of the Omnis Clan's Elemental Pioneers, the Pioneer of Heart. Valentine is regarded by many Omnisians as the upbeat, romantic Pioneer, a master of emotional balance. However, she seems to be anything but as of recently; once bright and bubbly, Valentine has since grown sullen and serious.

It is revealed later that Valentine and Myortia were, at one point, lovers, before Myortia was exiled from the Omnis Clan by Shacklebolt. When Valentine refused to run away with Myortia and abandon her leadership, the two suffered a bitter falling-out; since then, Valentine has grown embittered over the loss of her trust for her love, though she seems to regret having not helped Myortia in her time of need. This regret seems to have gotten the best of her by the endgame, in which it is revealed she, alongside Pynamo, have secretly led a rebellion against Shacklebolt’s forces under his nose.

Voiced by Griffin Burns
Pioneer of Infernos
"Look, I-I'm stranded on a foreign island, my artillery's falling apart, my higher-ups are judging me from afar, and, to be frank, I really wish I was in bed right now."

Pynamo is the nickname of the Omnis Clan’s Pioneer of Infernos, the self-appointed “pyrotechnic technologist” among the Elemental Pioneers. Despite the nature of his magic, Pynamo is anything but fiery. On the contrary, he’s reserved, skittish, and easily flustered, but he takes solace in his mechanical work of building explosives and machines... particularly th3rm0, his companion robot/roomba with a flamethrower.

Pioneer Pynamo is first encountered in the Sola Quadrant of the Quadrasera Isle, where he’s reluctant to square off against Myortia. Much later in the story, it is revealed that Pynamo is spearheading the Obsidian Federation, the rebellion against Omnitopia’s higher-ups, alongside Valentine.

Voiced by Alex Rochon
The Joker Disregarded
"Oh-hoo-hoo-ho! How utterly tyrannical, Lord Shacklebolt, and brilliant, too! Those shadowmongers won't know what thunderstruck them!"

Tarocles, sometimes referred to as Ace, is the Omnis Clan's appointed tactician, advisor, and moral support; an eccentric, playful jester Omnis with an affinity for cardistry. Ace is certainly a strange fellow; he’s quick to crack jokes at inopportune times, and treating war like a game seems to be his forte. This can make him seem like more of a nuisance, but he is insistent on being seen as important to the Elemental Pioneers.

While he’s the resident joker of the bunch, Tarocles is unequivocally devoted to his superiors, especially Shacklebolt, and suppresses his own moralities to earn the praise of his higher-ups. After all, a jester’s job is to make the king happy, right?

Other NPCs

Name Info
Blitz Coronel
Voiced by Ian Sinclair
"Listen, Veridian, you—wait, no. Lucky. Listen, Lucky... it doesn't matter if you're able to throw a decent punch. What matters is that you're a damn good person."

Real name Javier; a renowned avian hunter residing in the town of Sunsplit Junction, admired by many as Quadrasera Island's "hero"—considering his reputation, he’s quick to assist Lucky and Myortia in their plunderings in the Sola quadrant. Blitz's fiery disposition means he typically either charms or intimidates his admirers, something which the hunter is bluntly aware of, but has difficulty changing. He comes to be charmed somewhat by Lucky, and exhibits a playful friendship with him over the course of their adventure together.

Voiced by Gideon Emery
"Well, when you're waging war against an imperialistic electrokinetic with impressive manipulation skills, ya gotta learn to manipulate back."

Erupide is one of the few friendly Omnis you’ll encounter throughout the course of the story, a sleazy but brilliant freelancer who uses Masquerade Magic to spy on the Omnis' operations. Erupide is a friend of Myortia's, and he "rescues" her and Lucky from imprisonment in the Obsidian Dungeons. From there, he assists the two in sneaking around the Omnis Urbans and, later, storming the Wormhole Access Station to return to Quadrasera.

Voiced by Matthew Patrick
"You're the best, Lucky! I'll be sure to list your name in the Special Thanks section! Below my mother's, of course."

A knowledgeable friend of Lucky’s who works in the local library. He’s gathered a lot of information on the Omnis ever since their invasion, so if you ever want to learn about an Omnis soldier you’ve met, you can talk to him to update your Bestiary Book! It’s an ongoing project spearheaded by him, a booklet full of information on all of the people you’ve encountered and fought on your long, hard journey. After he completes the Bestiary, he gives you a signed complete copy of his completed book, which you can take on the go and read anytime after!

Sully & Mac "And what can ah getcha, honeycakes? Somethin' for the road?"

The married owners of the Sunflower Seed, the homely little coffee shop that Karis works at. Sully's a down-to-earth, collected baker, while Mac, who runs finances, is more jolly and affable. The two share a love for two things in particular; banana bread, and each-other. Stop by their shop in Clovertown, and they’re more than happy to offer some baked goods for the road... at a price, of course.

Elfie "Abra-cat-abra! Check it out!"

Elfie is a feline friend of Sytha, one of the only citizens of the Quadrasera Island who knows magic similar to Lucky’s. Elfie’s magic abilities are basic, but she excels in potion-making, and can make concoctions that can help you on your journey. So, check back at her hut every couple of levels to see what new potion she’s cooked up! She’ll sell it to you for usage.

Periwinkle "It's real simple, actually! You hook the bait, throw it out, wait for a tug, reel it in, and voila! You've got the tools to feed a small country!"

An amicable fisherwoman, floating around the lakes, rivers, and ocean banks scattered around Quadrasera Island. If you haven’t a clue on how to fish, she’s who you want to look for! She’ll give you some tips and tricks, sell you some harder-to-find fish if you really can’t catch 'em, and she may even lend you a fishing rod to make your life easier!

Aslan "Truth be told, I've got a bone to pick with you, Veridian! If you’re as heroic as everyone says, then prove it in a duel! Unless you’re a coward, coward."

A combative feline from the raging heights of Mt. Frostbite, Aslan always seems to want to pick a fight with someone. He roams the different overworlds once a day, and, if you happen to run into him, he's bound to challenge you to a duel. If you defeat him, he’ll do the “honorable” deed and pay you a certain amount of Bells for your win. You can battle him in eight unique settings, depending on the world you're in in Quadrasera Island; beating him in all eight worlds will send him to Merciless Mountainside for the remainder of the game, where he can be rematched daily. You can do this once a day to grind for Bells, if you feel the need to.

Marigold "Hiya! Did you know plants emit high-frequency noises when injured, meaning that they're actually screaming every time you step on them? Anyways, what can I get you guys today?"

Deep within the depths of Fauxbloom Forest lives Marigold, a large, happy-go-lucky caterpillar trying to start her own gardening business. This many-legged merchandiser is more than happy to sell various herbal products to Lucky and co., but she never sells the same thing on any particular day of the week, due to the random nature of the forest's flora. Still, it’s worth stopping by to see what she has to offer!

Grecco "What's poppin’, kitkat? Aye, you lookin' to do me a solid?"

One of several residents of Quadrasera Island to be neither feline nor Omnis, a literal street rat who hangs around the outskirts of the Galesong Plateau. When Lucky first meets him, he offers his own patented service of taking missions for his other rat friends-missions that aren’t important to the story, taking place in levels you’ve already completed. While these missions are different than the original level’s objectives, and they’re certainly unorthodox, the guy pays well. If you’re not here for the service, though, Grecco's a conversationalist—he wouldn’t mind having someone to talk to.

World Map

Galesong Plateau

Lucky and co.'s Quadrant Vera homeland, a verdant mainland with greenery as far as the eye can see. In its center is Clovertown, a bustling little village where many folks like Lucky live. Surrounding Clovertown is miles upon miles of farms and forests. Around here, the Omnis soldiers have hardly begun their plunderings, and Clovertown has yet to be more than threatened by these new threats, so now is a better time than ever for Lucky to start getting a handle on how his powers work, with such a minimal threat limit.

# Level Name Description
1-1 Training Valley The first level of the game, a relatively peaceful romp through a nostalgically generic verdant valley. This level is less about traversing the area or fighting enemies, and more about learning game mechanics, as Myortia teaches Lucky the basics of his magic. This tutorial-esque level ends with a run-in with two Omnis soldiers, however, who Lucky must take on.
1-2 Dandelion Hills The first regular level of the game, a trek through a series of hills covered head-to-toe in, you guessed it, dandelions! Several Omnis soldiers are also harassing some farmers at the base of the hills, so confrontation with the mages are imminent. The level tests what the player has learned thus far in a simple, condensed manner, ending with another combat sequence with the aforementioned attackers.
1-3 Abandoned Farmhouse As night falls in the Vera Quadrant, the duo come across an old barn, seemingly having fallen out of use. Hoping to find some shelter in the night, the two are only met with an ambush from Omnis soldiers, sentient corn monsters, and a massive crop-grazing worm emerging from the fields. All you gotta do is survive the night...

Miniboss: Cornchewing Wheatworm

1-4 Acacia Archway Now en route to Clovertown after fleeing the abandoned barnyard, one must cross through this verdant woodland, with a lush river flowing in between the miles and miles of trees. No forest is complete without some peril, though, and, between the bumbling Omnis underlings and an angry family of dog-sized centipedes, there’s something to be wary of at every turn.
1-5 Clovertown Invasion Clovertown is the bustling village in the heart of the Vera Quadrant’s everlasting spring, a homely little town with a strong sense of community. The peace of Clovertown is soon to be shaken, however, when Pioneer of Nature Chrysanthemum arrives with her floral artillery to stir up trouble. Little does she know that a scheming erebokinetic and her uncertain new ally are due to foil her plans... hopefully.

World Boss: Pioneer Chrysanthemum

Fauxbloom Forest

The murkier side of the Vera Quadrant, a steaming, snargling swampland forest dealing with the worst spider infestation of your life. Combine those with angry flowers, ravenous fruit bats, and a caterpillar who just wants a cool garden, this is no ordinary woodland. There aren't as many Omnis as you'd expect by now, likely because the flora and fauna of the forest weren't exactly happy with their home being invaded. This outside stimulation is only making them angrier towards trespassers, so stay on your toes.

# Level Name Description
2-1 Millipede Moor
2-2 Creepy-Crawly Keep
2-3 Lake Murk Miniboss: Lurking Marshmaw
2-4 Brewing Hollow
2-5 Poison and Love World Boss: Pioneer Serpentina

Butterfly Beachside

Cats don't like water; it's not exactly rocket science. But some kitties just need a vacation, and others want to learn to appreciate the water of the world, which makes Butterfly Beachside a perfect spot for both. Bright and sunny most of the day, it's said that even stepping foot onto the sands of this oceanic part of the island ups your dopamine tenfold.

Summerside City

The bustling heart of Quadrasera Island, a sprawling cityscape surrounded by sand and ocean. Summerside City is a rather recreational, active community; a day spent doing nothing is a day wasted. The sheer size, population, and wealth of the City makes it an easy target for the Omnis' plunders, and it's already starting to be under siege by these mysterious sorcerers.

Omnis Urbans

In the magical city of Omnitopia, the ring surrounding the gigantic city is made up of a network of less advanced buildings and streets, and where only a fraction of the locales practice extensive magic. After Lucky, Myortia, and Blitz are captured and taken to Omnitopia, they escape and must evade the Omnis Clan by navigating the outer urbans, clawing their way towards the Teleportation Access Hall, inside the higher-class inner circle of the city. Now to avoid any and every Omnis soldier you can...

Foggy Furors

Lucky, Karis, Sytha, and Myortia return home to a Quadrasera Island with clear signs of Omnis territorial progression, so it’s time to get a move on! The Foggy Furors is a cloudy wetlands that seems to be a bit more...congested than usual. There’s a spooky aura to this place, but there aren’t actual ghosts here, right?... right? The Omnis sorcerers are all over the place now, and, as such, they’ll be your primary enemy here. That said, keep an additional eye out for wind enemies, strange spirits, and a general sense of unease.

Autumnwood Grove

Lucky's childhood home, a sprawling red-leaved woodland where the sun shines through the leaves of gold. Having lived here as a child, Lucky hasn't exactly the fondest memories of the grove, but it's not an intensely dangerous trek. Omnis soldiers crowd the forest paths, as well as overpowering the denizens of Goldleaf Hideaway, the village within the heart of the forest, but some mysterious creatures are more than willing to hide out in leaf piles, waiting to strike at any given moment.

Merciless Mountainside

At the heart of Quadrasera Island is the Heima Quadrant, the grueling epicenter of the Omnis's escapades, where both the most powerful monsters and Omnitopia's finest artillery awaits our heroes. Before the cold can really begin to hit, however, one must claw their way across the Merciless Mountainside, and begin to make their climb up Mt. Frostbite, a mysterious mountain where snow and hail quite literally reign supreme.

Blizzard Backdown

With Madame Irantia and her reinforcements defeated, what stands before you now is the final chapter of your Quadraserian journey; Mt. Frostbite's summit. The climb will be treacherous, frigid, and filled with internal tension, as you face off against Shacklebolt's highest-class soldiers, the Heima Quadrant's most terrifying icy beasts, and, perhaps the scariest thing of them all, the slow falling-apart of the trust of your allies.

Tarot Avenue

Welcome back to Omnitopia! We missed you dearly. Defeating Shacklebolt in a battle wasn't enough to evade capture a second time, so, when Tarocles kidnaps the four and holds them in his personal lair within Omnitopia, there's only one measure to take—forceful escape! Tarot Avenue is an effective labyrinth, with Omnis drudges, uncomfortable gravity, dangerously sharp playing cards, and abstract thought at every turn. It seems like this place means more to Tarocles than just a hidey-hole for his prisoners, however...

Omnitopia Capital

The convicts have escaped. Tarocles has abandoned his mission. The Obsidian Federation is becoming more of a prominent threat to the government, spearheaded by mutinied clan members. Madame Irantia is nowhere to be found. Shacklebolt has been backed into a corner, and, in the final showdown at the heart of Omnitopia, its up to you to push him even further. It’s time to finish this, once and for all!


Character Description
Difficulty: Star full.svg Star full.svg Star empty.svg Star empty.svg Star empty.svg
Pioneer of Nature

"Too bad I'm the early bird here! And you two are looking awfully wormy right now, tee-hee!~"

World Boss of Galesong Plateau. A young Elemental Pioneer taking inspiration from butterflies and moths, specializing in nature-based magic. Despite her fluttery disposition and her delicate appearance, Chrysanthemum has a penchant for committing bloody murder, hence why her presence in Clovertown is quite the concern.

Chrysanthemum spends much of the battle suspended in the air, flying around the battlefield; the player must rely on their projectiles to whittle down her health. Her attacks include firing a barrage of sharp petals to fire at the player, hurling grass-blade boomerangs, and swooping down at the ground. Additionally, Chrysanthemum can summon roots to cover the arena, making it harder to traverse. At half health, Chrysanthemum “cocoons” herself, which transforms into a giant tree that sits in the middle of the arena, and attacks with apples, gusts of wind, more sharpened petals, and even trying to crush the player.

Difficulty: Star full.svg Star full.svg Star half.svg Star empty.svg Star empty.svg
Pioneer of Venom

"Oh, why the hissy fit? Scared of a little snake bite?"

World Boss of Fauxbloom Forest. A sultry, saccharine sorceress with a snake on her shoulder and venom on her fingertips. Don't be fooled by her relentless flirting—Serpentina is a relentless beast whose hypnotic glare can sink any weak-willed wandered into a trance they'll struggle to escape from.

Serpentina is fought in the middle of a muddy bog, where there are only a few patches of land amidst the swampy earth. Serpentina can release acidic bubbles to pop and burn the player, summon toxic spikes to stick through the earth, and transform her arm into jaws to bite the player with. Serpentina isn't afraid to get up close and personal with the player, to jab them and drain their health. Halfway through the battle, Serpentina poisons the mud, turning it from difficult to navigate to impossible without sustaining major injury.

Bluebeard the Mighty
Difficulty: Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star half.svg Star empty.svg
Pioneer of Fluidity

"I would tell ya to walk the plank, but killing ya meself sounds a whole lot more promising!"

World Boss of Butterfly Beachside. The piratical captain of the Omnis' transatlantic travel force, manning his own personal ship, the Atlantic Crossbow. This swashbuckler has his sights set on conquering the seven (or so) seas, but is more than happy to jumpstart by taking over a few islands along the way, alongside his hearty crew.

Bluebeard's boss fight is the first to have different phases taking place on different arenas—the first takes place on the Atlantic Crossbow, where he commands his pirate crew to fight in his place, while firing bubble cannonballs at the player. In the second phase, Lucky and Myortia flee from the ship on a motorboat, avoiding cannonballs and anchors. In the third phase, after Blitz puts a hole through the boat, Bluebeard confronts the three directly on the beachside, attacking with kinetic gushes of water, a bubble pistol, cutlasses, and a massive water anchor.

Difficulty: Star full.svg Star full.svg Star empty.svg Star empty.svg Star empty.svg
Pioneer of Infernos

"*sigh*... let's just... let's just get this over with, o-okay?"

World Boss of Summerside City. The Omnis Clan's appointed "pyrotechnic technologist", a docile engineer whose prowess in fire magic coun.teracts his reserved, nervous demeanor. He’d rather be anywhere else than Quadrasera, clearly—almost like he's fighting on the wrong side...

Pynamo's fight, ironically, consists very little of direct combat with the pyrokinetic. Rather, Pynamo utilizes a variety of machines and robots with fiery capabilities, such as rockets, explosives, and even fireworks. The last of his robots to fight is th3rm0, who transforms into a mech suit that Pynamo sits in, firing the weapons himself. When all of his robots have fallen, Pynamo reluctantly steps in himself, fighting with projectiles with explosive firepower—Pynamo himself has very little health, however.

Difficulty: Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star empty.svg Star empty.svg
Omnitopian Security Bot


World Boss of Omnis Urbans. A chunky mecha built by Pynamo, programmed to act as the robotic guardian of the streets of Omnitopia. While it was built with benevolence in mind, minor reprogramming has repurposed it to have an artillery of dangerous weapons to target potential threats with. It wasn’t built with action in mind, but there really isn’t any turning back from here.

Omnitroid's fight is fairly straightforward, as, compared to previous bosses, it is far more clunky and slow, while also having much more health than the other bosses. It’s a damage sponge, in short. While you lob your attacks at it, it’ll try and strike you down with its extensive arsenal of technological weapons—a thin red laser, homing missiles, a claw-arm, a flamethrower, and even a built-in jetpack to allow for some movement.

Difficulty: Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star half.svg
Pioneer of Phenomenon


World Boss of Foggy Furors. A mysteriously bizarre telekinetic creature with a crystal ball for a head. Not much is known about this particular Pioneer—"he" only seems to be a few years old, but his power and intellect may even surpass Shacklebolt's. He speaks in a language that seems to change every sentence—some speculate that he may not even be an Omnis.

Orbule's battle takes place on a perpetually shifting graveyard, where the battlefield is constantly changing as a result of the tombstones regularly changing positions. Orbule relies heavily on telekinesis, and many of his attacks involve using it to hurl objects at the player—bones, rocks, tombstones, skulls, and even an entire tree. Orbule also attacks with swift “blades” of psychic energy, large projections of hands, and abstract bursts of light that can instigate hallucinations, changing the view of the screen for the player.

Difficulty (Lucky): Star full.svg Star full.svg Star half.svg Star empty.svg Star empty.svg
Difficulty (Karis / Sytha): Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star half.svg Star empty.svg
Difficulty (Myortia): Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star half.svg
Pioneer of Heart

"Hey, no hard feelings, love. Just remember it isn't personal."

World Boss of Autumnwood Grove. A well-liked socialite from Omnitopia's higher ranks, known for her unorthodox specialization in "Heart Magic"; magic centered around the weaponization of emotions, that’s fun! She seems to be more of a personal case for Myortia, as the two had a fairly close relationship before Myortia’s ex-communication. Since then, though, the two have maintained a tense dynamic. Unfortunate.

Valentine's battle is unique as its difficulty is entirely dependent on the character you've selected. The default fight with Karis and Sytha involves her basic arsenal of attacks—heart bombs, blasting rays from her Heart Rings, sending out "heartbeat waves", and whatnot. Lucky's battle is notably slower and less difficult, as Valentine intentionally goes easy on him, while against Myortia, Valentine pulls out her entire artillery of attacks, utilizing different emotions to give her attacks different effects and elements. Metaphor much?

Madame Irantia
Difficulty: Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star empty.svg
Pioneer of Alchemy

"I've no desire to wage war with one who bleeds the same color as I. But the place you stand is in a burning crossfire, and I cannot let you stay while the flames burn beneath you. If you were wise enough, you would turn around."

World Boss of Merciless Mountainside. The second-in-command of the Omnis Clan, Lord Shacklebolt's spouse. Irantia's story is one that has inspired many of her people—after losing her sight in a brutal mineshaft accident as a child, Irantia climbed up the political ranks of Omnitopia while training herself as a blind samurai. Eventually, she reached the top, while gaining Shacklebolt's hand in marriage.

Madame Irantia, the Iron Maiden, is a truly skilled warrior, especially considering her loss of a major sense—sight. Although Irantia cannot see her opponent, she can sense them in every other sense of the word—with her instinct, her hindsight pushing her forward. Irantia's battle is an honorable one, in which she fights with no magic—only with the Cobalt Falchion, a sword she has been using for centuries of war. She uses every technique she's ever learned over her years of training, and she is by no means easy to read, making her battle one of pure skill and instinct.

Lord Shacklebolt
Difficulty: Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star half.svg
Pioneer of Thunder

"My command has led the Omnis down the path to prosperity. To think, that you can undo thousands of years of pure advancement... your foolishness will be the very thing to struck you down."

World Boss of Blizzard Backdown.

Difficulty: Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star half.svg Star empty.svg
A Deck Full of Discards

"You... YOU! I refuse... I REFUSE to let myself fall apart once more by your hand! I cannot let my m-m-master down... I will not be d-discarded... ONE SECOND LONGER!!"

World Boss of Tarot Avenue.

Omnitroid Sigma
Difficulty: Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star empty.svg
Unwilling Omnitopian War Machine

"C̷͍̎L̶̘̿A̸̡͙͋͠S̵̭̖̊̀S̸̨͍̎ ̴͈̿Z̶̧͎̅̈́ ̷̗̫̀T̷̙́̃H̷̤̫̓R̴̹̉͑ͅÈ̷͔͝A̷̙̓T̶̫̣͘ ̴̢̌͒D̵̻̭̔́Ẻ̴̘͎͘T̴̻͉̏͐E̴̙̊C̵̜͙̈T̵͎͚̂E̴̟̓D̶̩̟̎.̵̖͋ ̶̧̒C̸̨̏̾Ọ̶̍͆M̸̢̥̄M̵͖̀͌Ȩ̷͈̈́̿N̵͖͉͋͠C̵̣̏I̸̺̓̚N̴͈͑̽G̷̤͔͝͝ ̷̟̿C̷͔̜̍̔L̶͚̓͝Ë̶̜͕́Á̴͖̅N̷̰̆̍S̶̨̀I̷̲̅N̴̖̠̍́G̵̳̻͌̏ ̶̯̥́Ȍ̴̖̺̉F̶̺͐̓ ̵̱̠͠Ṯ̶͈̆́H̸̡̏̄R̷̡̭̽̒É̶͍̀A̵͖͋͒T̴͙̋̀.̵͙͆ ̵͈̦̓̕L̶̪̆Ȅ̵̪̀T̷͓̭͑̆ ̵͇̯͐̕T̶̙̟͑͑H̸̨̗̄E̶̼͒ ̶̢̈́R̵͖̕A̵̧̙͋̓Ȋ̸͍̏N̷̻̠̉ ̵͉͆F̶̝̋A̷̗̍L̶̜͖̎̽L̵̖̑.̴̟̀ ̶̘̗̈́͐L̸̰͋͝E̶̗̜̓̚T̵͍͊͂ ̸͎͋̍͜T̷̡͇͊̅H̵̺̠͠Ė̸̓ͅ ̵̻̀̐R̶̺͇̚Á̴̙̩͘Ǐ̴͉͗Ǹ̶̡̰͠ ̷͋ͅF̷͍̋̒ͅA̶̙̺̅̏L̴̟̞̾Ļ̸̀͝.̸͕̗͊ ̴̝̝͗͑L̶̻̈̔E̴̳̋́Ṱ̷̢̉ ̴̨̣̊͊T̴͓͔͗H̴̦̑E̷̗̦̎͊ ̷̘̓́R̸̢̺̾̈́Ả̴̪̇I̷̦̅N̸̜̋͘ͅ ̴̯͂̕F̵̖̎̂A̷͉͙͝L̷̈́͜L̵̰̻̽͂.̴̣̽"

Checkpoint Boss of Omnitopia Capital.

Hurricane Iroh
Difficulty: Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg
God of Thunder

"I can feel it... the darkness surging through my soul... the electricity crackling in my veins... your friend has been the key to my godhood. My kingdom will not fall, lest you fall alongside it!"

World Boss of Omnitopia Capital.

Black Cat
Difficulty: Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg Star full.svg
The Abyssal Bellringer


The final enemy to conquer.

In-Game Items

Items can be picked up from the overworld, in levels, or purchased in shops, and can be equipped to be held or used from the menu.

Yarnball Weighted Yarnball Fleece Ball
Is a ball of yarn a cat's best friend, or an insult to their culture? Hard to say, but chucking one of these bad boys at someone cause it to unravel on anyone who's unlucky enough to be in its way, tying them up and disarming them. Come in a variety of flavors. A ball of yarn, but more of a unit. These things are slightly bigger and heavier, making them harder to throw, but hurling a Weighted Yarnball offers 25% more bonk, as well as a thicker rope to escape from. Again, comes in a variety of colorful varieties. Who needs yarn when you have a perky little ball of mischief and color? No fleece ball can tie up any unsuspecting enemies, but there’s no denying these things have some bonk in their bounce. They offer more damage in exchange for being unable to disarm enemies.
Worm on a String Feather on a Stick Catnip
Worm on a string! Gotta love these things. It’s like a worm that’s attached to a string! Crazy, right? The peak method of distracting enemies with a fuzzy little plush worm that’s moving on its own. Comes in ten crazy colors. If you’re one of millions who just eventually get bored of worms, this feather is a nice upgrade! Not only can it distract enemies like the worm, but it can be utilized as a whacking stick, doing minimal damage, but making for a great projectile reflector. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH
Rabbit's Foot Green Tea Cowbell
In some cultures, people carry around rabbits' feet as amulets. Y'know, for good luck. Well, bad news; apparently that was a load of bollocks. Your Bells haven't necessarily been wasted, though! These keepsakes may not stimulate good luck, but they'll definitely make it easier to dodge attacks for some time. A canister of Lucky's favorite tea, made from leaves of the Fauxbloom Forest. When stewed to perfection, there's a sweet, almost spring-like taste to it. Will partially heal most characters when consumed, but will fully heal Lucky. Lucky's collar has a particular gold bell attached to it—we still don’t really know why he still wears this thing. If you're looking for a heavier change of pace, though, than a cowbell will do the trick! You may be slowed down, but getting damaged by melee attacks will unleash a protective sound wave that damage enemies.
Umbre Charm Raspberry Tea Combat Heels
This Omnisian relic gives off an uncomfortable energy, no matter if you're wearing it or simply standing in front of it. The charm was made by Omnisian erebokinetics, meant to amplify dark magical prowess. When worn by Myortia, increases the range and power of magical attacks for a brief period of time. Red raspberry leaf tea... foreign, right? It's got a strange, summery and taste for sure, but there's something hypnotic about it's tangy flavor. Perhaps it’s just an acquired taste. Will partially heal most characters when consumed, but will fully heal Myortia. Have you ever wanted to kick some Omnisian ass... in style? Fear not, for these stilettos are more than just a fashionable distraction. Donning this pair of haphazard heels gives Myortia increased movement ability, helping her traverse the world with more stability... at the cost of less power.
Claw File Pomegranate Tea Bandana
You may be on a mission to save your home, and possibly the world, but you gotta keep those claws in shape somehow, right? The Claw File is a single-use item that sharpens Karis' claws, giving him stronger attacks and more hangtime while climbing walls Karis's tea of choice, a particularly flavorful brew, with a dash of mint for character. Perfect for a cozy winter’s afternoon, but pretty decent otherwise. Will partially heal most characters when consumed, but will fully heal Karis. It's certainly true that Karis's scarf, while both cozy and utterly fabulous, can be a pain to haul around during adventures like these sometimes. So why not settle for a Bandana instead? Wearing one of these, more or less, balances out Karis' stats a bit, making him slightly slower, but improving his jump.
Extrasensory Embers Chai Tea Velocity Belt
Some of the more pyrokinetic-leading Omnisians have imported a strange powder-like substance that, when sprinkled on something, gives it fire-based properties. Using this on Sytha's staff gives it an added “fire aspect” for the remainder of the level, giving it as an elemental weapon. A favorite tea variety of Sytha's, in all of its spicy, warm glory. Fun fact: its name literally translates to "tea tea". A perfect companion for the changing of the seasons. Will partially heal most characters when consumed, but will fully heal Sytha. A belt of unknown origin, having been found on the island and sold as weird merchandise. If you’re willing to embarrass yourself in public, you can throw this bad boy on to increase your movement speed—even though it’s weight will pull you down somewhat.
Crimfish Tealfish Purpfish
A common species of fish swimming in the seas of Quadrasera. They’ll heal you by a heart or two looking to eat them raw, but if you find a way to cook them, then chow down! They’ll heal you by 3 health points and make for a nice quick snack. A semi-common species of fish inhabiting the rivers of Quadrasera. Their blue color make them hard to spot in broad daylight, but catching one is more than satisfying. Eat them raw to gain 3 health points, but cook them to heal by 7. A somewhat uncommon species of fish hiding in the lakes of Quadrasera. Their population isn’t nearly as big as their predecessors, and they typically come out only at night. Catching one and eating it off the bat can heal you by 7 health points, but cooking them garners a whopping 15. Delicioso!
Magifish Scalefish Bonefish
A thoroughly ethereal species of Quadraserian fish, possibly charmed into existence by a sorcerer. These things are rumored to taste like heaven, healing you by 20 health points (cooked or uncooked) and boosting the consumer's magical capabilities. Have fun catching one! A thoroughly reptilian species of Quadraserian fish, with scales covering every inch of its body. If you’re eating these things, it isn’t for the taste, probably. But rumor has it that munching on one will reduce the damage you take from enemies! Fun, huh? A thoroughly skeletal species of Quadraserian fish, a reanimated skeleton of a Crimfish. Instead of breaking a tooth on trying to bite into a bone, throwing one to deal decent damage is often recommended. Because why on Earth would you eat this?
Pepperfish Breadfish Goldfish
A rare Quadraserian fish with a body shaped like a jalapeño. As expected, eating one of these offers you more than just a kick! Hoo, mama! Your eyes may water a bit, but it may be worth it for the boost in attack power and speed for thirty seconds. A rare Quadraserian fish with a body shaped like a lump of dough. ABSOLUTELY cook before consumption, to allow it to rise like bread and heal you fully upon eating. Eating one raw is eating a wet chunk of dough, but if you want to feel bad about yourself, go right ahead. The uncontested rarest fish of them all, seldom seen in the far reaches of the Quadrasera Island. Catching one gives you a strong sense of fulfillment, and eating one will heal you fully, as WELL as briefly boosting your stats. Now THAT's a meal!

Macaroon's Bestiary Book

In the game, Macaroon, a friend of Lucky and Karis' who works at a library, begins to work on something called a "Bestiary Book" when Lucky begins his journey. Throughout his journey, Macaroon updates the bestiary, writing biographies for the friends and enemies Lucky meets throughout the game. Lucky can access the bestiary at any time, but must go to Macaroon to update it based on new findings in his journeys. When the bestiary is 100% completed, Macaroon will give you a signed copy of the finished book, which you can take with you on the go.


In The V² and PlayStation 4 versions of this game, Superstition has in-game achievements, unlocked by completing specific tasks throughout the game. These exist in the Nintendo Switch version of the game as "Accomplishments", and are accessible exclusively in the Hall of Hope. In all versions of the game, collecting every achievement will award players with an alternative title screen.

Colors indicate the "rank" of the achievement in the PlayStation 4 version. This table includes spoilers; collapse table if you do not wish to be spoiled on the game's story!

Achievement Name Requirements
The Future "I saw the future. I did. And in it, I was alive."
Standing on the Brink of The Future "The future is a blue sky and a full tank of gas."
Please Go Outside. Play Superstition for 100 hours or more.
A Lonely Game of Canasta Defeat Ace the Jester and escape Tarot Avenue.
My White Lie Survive the battle of Obsidian Dungeons and learn the truth.
Your Dark Truth Defeat Hurricane Iroh and save Omnitopia from his reign.
I don't want to feel bad anymore. Banish Black Cat and save Lucky from himself.
The Conversationalist Talk to every possible NPC in the game at least once.
Consumption Connoisseur Eat every food in the game.
Learning Well Max out Lucky's stats.
Never Stop Learning Max out Myortia's stats.
Sharpen Your Mind Max out Karis's stats.
What Color Belt Do I Get? Max out Sytha's stats.
Now on Fine Print! Complete Macaroon's bestiary book... and buy a signed copy.
Baby's First Trophy Complete a gauntlet in Boss Bluster.
If You Can't Take The Heat... Complete a gauntlet in Boss Bluster on Infernal difficulty.
... Evacuate the Kitchen Immediately. Complete every gauntlet in Boss Bluster on Infernal difficulty.
A Crown Fit For a Cat Overcome the Champion's Crowning.
What Is The Future? Begin your fateful adventure.
Spring Showers Defeat Chrysanthemum and save Clovertown.
Base Instincts Defeat Serpentina and banish the Omnis in the Vera quadrant.
Walk the Plank Defeat Bluebeard the Mighty and destroy the Atlantic Crossbow.
Take a Deep Breath Defeat Pynamo and save the Sola quadrant.
Make a Break For It Escape captivity in the Omnis Urbans and return home.
A Fragile Mind Defeat Orbule and his minions.
</3 Defeat Valentine and save the Hara quadrant.
The Maiden Defeat Madame Irantia and vanquish the Omnis Clan troops.
Lightning atop the Mountain Defeat Lord Shacklebolt and save your island.
A Proper Fighter Defeat 100 enemies.
A True Hunter Defeat 500 enemies.
Like a Bear! Catch a fish with your bare hands.
Not Like a Bear! Catch a fish with a fishing rod.
Like a Bear... With Class! Catch at least one of every fish in the game.
Note: Don't Become a Freelancer Complete a job for Grecco and co.
Note: Maybe Become a Freelancer Complete every job for Grecco and co.
Note: Tell People You Love Them More Often Convince Grecco to go home.
Gotta Scratch 'em All! Complete a quarter of Macaroon's bestiary book.
Filling the Pages Complete half of Macaroon's bestiary book.
A Worthy Foe Defeat Aslan in a duel.
Bow to your Superior Defeat Aslan once in all eight unique duels.
Flowers for Javi Send a gift to your biggest fan.
WOOOOOOOOOO Try some catnip.
Questions for Another Day Pet the stray cat you find in the forest.

Early Development and Unused Content

Ideas surrounding Superstition date back to as early as October 2015, when the character of Lucky Veridian was first thought up. Since then, the game has seen many ideas that have been readjusted, reworked, or flat-out removed from the final product—while some never even made it to the first iteration of the game, others have been only missing from this current iteration. Below is a list of content from Superstition that has since been altered, reimagined, built upon, or removed in the finale project. Spoiler warning for the game's ending!

  • The original "ideas" surrounding Lucky's character originated from Shadowplay, a failed ARG the user ran in an attempt to mimic the success of TRICK. Lucky was one of two characters revealed during the series' one episode run, initially introduced as a housecat with bad luck.
    • After realizing that Lucky, on his own, would be far more interesting in his own story separate from Shadowplay, the first iteration of the story, "Lucky Charm", came to fruition. The original story's premise was more about Lucky getting rid of his curse, as opposed to learning how to control it—the curse was originally able to be "spread“ between users, which would be done so by Felix, a sorcerer character who acted as the predecessor to Myortia. The later half of the story would involve a battle of some kind, which was never elaborated on.
    • Felix was the other character in Shadowplay, and originally the main character—in an effort to make sure his character wasn’t wasted, he was introduced to Lucky's universe. He was eventually removed in later iterations in favor of a character that not only had personality, but one that bounce off of Lucky's—that being Myortia.
    • Lucky's old personality originally leaned more on his bad luck, and the caution he exhibited as a direct result of it. He was originally incredibly superstitious, clumsy, and generally getting himself hurt much more often. While these traits were never necessarily removed, they were mitigated in order to give Lucky a personality; rather than having his personality be his curse, he was instead given a anxious disposition that was, theoretically, worsened by the presence of the curse.
    • The themes of anxiety and negative thought weren't originally even touched upon in the original story, but were introduced to give the story, and Lucky himself, some meaning and depth. These were later elaborated on further thanks to input from other writers.
  • Ideas for different “Pioneer” characters were considered, but some were scrapped for the sake of keeping the “elemental” theme consistent, while others were cut as to keep the number of Pioneers balanced. Elemental Pioneers themed around earth, sand, ice, and light were considered, as well as chef-themed, circus-themed, and dragon-themed Pioneers. One particular Pioneer, Callum, was initially part of the game, meant to be themed around wind and being a more passive Pioneer who had less interest in fighting. He was eventually replaced with Orbule in the final version, who was considered more interesting and impactful in the long run.
  • Karis and Sytha were originally only going to be playable in a postgame campaign where they travelled through worlds in a different order to Lucky and Myortia. This was scrapped to have them play a role in the main story, to give the player more options for playable characters, and for the sake of advancing the arcs of the characters as a whole.
  • The game was originally going to have a much less linear storyline, where dialogue "options" were much more common and had a greater impact on the story. One possible example would be the choice to kill or spare Tarocles after his battle, where, in the original game, Lucky always steps in and spares him. This idea was toyed with, but eventually cut.
  • Sytha's name was originally Shudi, Irantia's name was originally Fethelda, Erupide was originally Pietre, and Tarocles originally only went by Ace.
  • Chrysanthemum was originally more childlike in appearance and had a "flower girl" theme to her design, though her murderous personality remained intact.
  • Lucky was at once planned on confessing his feelings to Karis in earlier versions of the story. This was cut for various reasons, ranging from the author's belief that a relationship between the two wouldn't necessarily work, to the idea that Lucky wouldn't be able to work up the courage to do so, to the introduction of a different love interest later in development; that being Blitz Coronel.
  • Blitz Coronel was a late addition, and was originally intended to be an NPC similar to Aslan, who wasn't important to the ongoing story, but rather could be encountered several times in the game and interacted with. However, the author, recognizing the character's potential, later upgraded his role to minor involvement in the story, as an ally of the group, and a character that could impact Lucky in a positive light (as a love interest), as opposed to how Myortia is a negative influence.
    • Late in development, .peachfuz considered upgrading Blitz to playable character status, likely in place of Karis; however, things were too late in the development cycle to make such major last minute changes.
  • Unused character icons seem to imply that the game was originally going to feature two additional playable characters in the main story: Valentine and Pynamo, likely in the final stretch of the game. This was later confirmed by the author, the reason for their removal being the fact that it would be redundant to introduce more playable characters in the final hour of the game.
  • The game's final sequence (the battle against Hurricane Iroh and onward) has gone through major changes, even since the elements of the ending were detailed;
    • Black Cat was initially designed to be an "endgame power-up" for Lucky, with Shacklebolt acting as the final boss instead. This was scrapped to give the story a more interesting, disturbing twist, particularly with Black Cat killing Shacklebolt. Additionally, the author wanted to use the form to emphasize the state in which Lucky was in at this point in the story.
    • Originally, Karis was intended to be the one who "restored" Black Cat and turned it back into Lucky—this was changed to Myortia doing the deed, as means to help partially redeem herself, and reinforce her character growth since she first met Lucky.
    • The idea of Karis getting killed off in the game's ending at the hands of Black Cat was considered very briefly, before it was decided that this would be a terrible idea in the grand scheme of the ending, as the creator wanted the game to not necessarily have a happy ending, but at least have a hopeful one.
    • The game's epilogue, in which Lucky and Myortia have a final heart-to-heart months after the end of the Battle of Omnitopia, was originally going to end with Lucky definitively forgiving Myortia. Due to the circumstances of Myortia and Lucky's relationship, her poor attitude towards his anxiety throughout the game, and the general feeling that this approach was too sudden and out-of-character, this was changed to Lucky being unable to decide whether or not to forgive her, as this decision felt more fitting for the situation.
    • Ideas for post-credits sequences were played with, before the creator realized he didn't want to create a proper “sequel game” to Superstition, at least until he had a concrete idea and story to go with it.
  • Zellen Harley Quimbleson was, at one point, considered to appear in relation to Amiibo, but Superstition amiibo was never released, rendering her role obsolete.

Release and Critical Reception

Aggregate Scores
Metacritic 83/100 (V²)
85/100 (PS4)
82/100 (NS)
Review Scores
Destructoid 9/10
GameInformer 8/10
GameSpot 9/10
IGN 8.7/10
Nintendo Life Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar half.svg
PC Gamer 92/100
Polygon 9/10 7/10

Credit to FuchsiaPanacea (tbc) for the template!
The initial release of Superstition received "generally favorable" reviews according to review aggregator Metacritic, with the V² release of the game accumulating an average aggregate score of 83/100–the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch ports garnered scores of 85/100 and 82/100, respectively. As a whole, reception towards the game was largely positive.

Kevin Mersereau of Destructoid gave the game a 9/10, spotlighting the game's thematic narrative and characters; "[Superstition's] story, with all of its cartoony charm, is shockingly human for a game with characters that are mostly animals ... It's rare for me to hope so much for a happy ending for a fictional character this much." Tom Marks of IGN rewarded the game an 8.7/10, citing fun gameplay, a well-rounded soundtrack, and a uniquely strong narrative. "I felt a plethora of emotions during my first playthrough of Superstition, but it never left a feeling of emptiness—its package is nothing short of fulfilling."

The characters of Lucky and Myortia, coupled with their onscreen dynamic, was regarded as among the game's strongest points. Destructoid and Polygon reviewers considered the two's dialogue to be a highlight of the game; Vikki Blake of Eurogamer stated, "Lucky is refreshingly multifaceted, for a game that seems so colorful and light. His struggles feel incredibly real, and the game isn't afraid to paint both his internal conflict and his flaws with brutal honesty—but he's such a lovable character, one that I couldn't help but root for in the end." Marks stated, "[Lucky and Myortia]'s dynamic isn't just entertaining and deep-rooted in meaning—it's very real. It’s very rare for a game such as this to be so viscerally honest about an unhealthy relationship like theirs, and, through all of the banter and teasing, the game unapologetically lampshades the tropes of this type of dynamic. And they did all of this while also developing these characters outside of this partnership—something that I find particularly commendable."

Reception for the gameplay and combat of Superstition was generally positive, although it wasn't without its criticism. Blake took note of the game's level progression, noting, "It's certainly different for the genre, but I always felt like leveling up my characters was more of an obligation than an option—at some points, it was even tedious." Others refuted this point, claiming that the game opened doors to allow the leveling up to feel faster and more fluent—Merserau noted, "Superstition's Super Paper Mario-inspired leveling system never felt stagnating, if not thanks to the distribution of experience, combined with only allowing new skills to be learned if you actually use the characters, enforcing a fun amount of variety, and encouraging the player to branch out and play different characters. Making all four characters fun in their own right helps a lot, of course."



  • This is the second incarnation of Superstition to exist, with the first incarnation having different ideas and formatting within the game. The original version can be found here!
  • The gameplay as a whole takes inspiration from classic 3D platformers on Nintendo consoles, such as Banjo-Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot, Conker's Bad Fur Day, the Pac-Man World titles, and, more recently, A Hat In Time, coupled with a more serious tone and story. The level progression of the game was inspired by Super Paper Mario.
    • Celeste also served as a major inspiration for the game's tone and thematics.

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